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Freeman -- "Unconscious" When Found

8/5/2008 7:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are more details this morning on Morgan Freeman's scary crash –- and it looks like rain could be to blame.

A neighbor tells the Memphis Commercial-Appeal that he saw the car actually flip several times on the very narrow road made slick from heavy rain, and that the 1997 Nissan Maxima came to rest upright in a ditch eight inches deep with water. Freeman was initially unconscious, says the person who found him, but was talking with paramedics afterward.

According to witnesses, there were garden tools, "lots of recipes," herbs and spices found near the car. Freeman is still in the hospital being treated for a broken arm and other injuries.

Bianca Takes On "White Bitch" Blonsky

That crazazy bitchfight in a Caribbean airport between "Hairspray" and "America's Next Top Model" stars is still stewing – and blew up because of N-bombs.

"Top Model" Bianca Golden's mom Eleine remains in a Miami ICU with a broken nose and cracked skull, relatives tell the New York Post, after allegedly being slugged by Nikki Blonsky's dad, Carl. Carl is still in a jail cell in the Turks & Caicos, and the family hasn't been able to pony up the $75K bail.

Bianca's fam claims that Nikki's crew dropped the N-word, and that one of Bianca's peeps said she wouldn't sit next to "any white bitch."

Sanjaya Really Makes the Girls Cry

Maybe the most shocking news of the morning: Sanjaya Malakar has a girlfriend. And he says she's actually "standing behind him."

He tells the Hartford Courant that he's dating a girl "who's still in school" – high school, we're presuming – and that they'll be doing the long distance thing. He clears up some of the urban fables about him, but does reveal that he has a guinea pig named Miss McGillicuddy and that he just got a NYC pad.

Party Favors: Oprah Still the Queen ... Shaq Picks It Up at Reebok ... Da: Edward Mermelstein Knows Russians Are Coming

Yes, by any measure, Oprah makes more money than you do. A TV Guide survey reveals that she pulls in a ridiculous $384 mil per year –- more than ten times what David Letterman makes ($32 mil). ... TMZ spies spotted Shaquille O'Neal getting a taste of the Reebok Club last night playing ball with just random guys. ... If you didn't know, the Russians are coming: Uber lawyer-broker Edward Mermelstein celebrated another big closing with Russian clients at the luxe digs at 15 CPW with a dinner at Phillipe Chow.


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On to Morgan Freeman, I love that he drives an older Maxima.. that is exactly what I would expect from him. After all the movies he is been in - you know he's a millionaire but just an unpretentious, down-to-earth one. It sounds like he's going to be okay. At least that's what I have been reading.. I love him and hope he heals quickly. It won't be easy due to his age, but if it's just broken bones -- they will heal.

any word on Bernie Mac's condition? Last night I read that he is in "very, very critical condition"........??

2235 days ago

Wc from Sc    

Bianca is very GHETTO and thinks she can beat everyboby, at least she thought she can on ANTM, so where was her when her MOM head was being beat in? wasn't too bad then. LOL

2235 days ago


I hope Blonsky got off a few head shots to that so-called model. Make her eat the "white bitch" comment. She's a common ghetto skeezer, and her family is not far behind.

2235 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Why is it that black always throw out the "Oh they called us the N word?" Please bitches get over yourself. As for the chicks Daddy. His ass should remain in jail. Real loser hitting a woman like that. Mr. Freeman get well soon and Bernie speedy recovery to you as well. Both very talented and amazing men and actors.

2235 days ago


I'm sure Sanjaya's girlfriend is standing behind him...with a strap on! This homo is only fooling himself.

2235 days ago


Sanjaya would do just as well if not better than most of the actors or singers out there now. He is at least some of the best eye candy you'll see, he's still got innocence about him, bad move on Disney's part not to pick this kid up, he has taste and he can carry on an intelligent conversation. Those are attributes the young celebs today do NOT have so give the kid his mic (you gave Britney one and that bitch has no talent)

2234 days ago

it takes a molester    

14. Bianca is very GHETTO and thinks she can beat everyboby, at least she thought she can on ANTM, so where was her when her MOM head was being beat in? wasn't too bad then. LOL

Posted at 12:51PM on Aug 5th 2008 by W.C FROM S.C.

I talk about the GHETTO since I know about the GHETTO. I live in the GHETTO with Bianca. LOLAM

2234 days ago

it takes a molester    

8. Sounds like a pathetic excuse to always sayng someone used the N-word. Really?? Because in the video all I heard was white bitch. Normally if one is so low to result to using racial insults I think one would be ignorant enough to say several times for all to hear. Only repeated word I heard was "white bitch". That leads me to believe that Bianca family were the only pathetic ones to use racial slurs and now they feel dumb and want to throw in the N-word. I think her mom has a cracked skull bc she tried to put her hands on Nikki and her father stepped in and cracked her one good. Which is self defense. Im sure they were all crowding around screaming in her face acting like banchis. I have no sympathy except for Nikki at how she is being wrongfully accused.

Posted at 10:50AM on Aug 5th 2008 by kiki

I hear racial slurs here all the time but the only time I get upset is when it's my race that's being slurred. I am a hypocrite.

2234 days ago


5. Really isn't it interesting that Nikki is the one who supposedly was using racial slurs yet it was Bianca's group calling her a "White Bitch". Additionally in the video footage of the incident, the woman holding the camera is black, and is saying during the entire thing that Bianca started it and "People like her give all black people a bad name" I seriously doubt that if Nikki was sitting there making anti-black racial slurs that the black woman taking the video would have been on her side.

Lastly, it sounds like Bianca is admitting that her side threw the first punch, you only claim that people were calling you names if you need an excuse as to why you hit them....girl needs to be in jail.

Posted at 9:56AM on Aug 5th 2008 by spindoc

agreed. and what kind of man hits a woman regardless?

both parties are at fault. but then again, if anyone has toured any island in the caribbean (especially st john or other virgin islands) you will see how bad the reverse descrimination is. i went down there and was treated like crap because i was white. there was even one case where my grandma (who is 85) was trying to get her luggage into the back of a tall taxi trolly on a 100 degree day. she was very sweet and the taxi driver took her bags and threw them to the ground and said "you can do it yourself." there were many other occurances, but that one stuck out to me the most.

sorry that my grandmother's father was a pioneering legal defendant of minorities before civil rights and that my grandmother has always been one of the most beautiful and accepting retired nurses ive ever known.

in her words all i will say is: "none of us are different from anyone else. we all hurt. and we all need help."

this one is for you, mamaw.

2234 days ago


This is so weird...all these comments and not a single one Sanjaya related - now that's strange. Let me start - Long Live Sanjaya!

2209 days ago
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