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Gets Snippy at Snipes

8/5/2008 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes is running ... out of legal appeals.

The convicted tax cheat asked a judge last month to excuse him from paying the Feds' legal fees of more than $200K for his tax evasion case. The judge just ruled on that part of the case last week, and he slammed the door on Snipes, calling his objections MOOT (his capitalization). So now he'll have to pay.

Snipes was sentenced to three years in the big house for tax evasion, but he's free on bail while his case is being appealed. He recently was allowed to leave the country to work on a movie.


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bitch!!pay your taxes!!!!

1558 days ago


Passenger 57 bitch!

1558 days ago


Just another black guy going to jail.
When will they learn.

1558 days ago


Hey, I'm 56, and I've been unemployed for over a year now, and I can tell you hoestly that you are taxed on unemployment, as absurd as that sounds, so ok, whatchagointodo, right...
So, I understand, how you all feel, I started working when I was 16 to help out my mom when my dad went for divorce, and the house was in his name only and sold it to his mom before he filed papers, so we all had to get out and my mom didn't make that much, and I have been paying my taxes since then. I know what you're feeling, angry, frustrated, and he plays mean parts in movies and he even has a mean face, so we all want to take down Mr. Snipes...

But, you know what, he's just a drop in a great big bucket of American millionaires and billionaires who hide great amounts of their monies in offshore accounts that it cannot be counted and they cannot be caught to be the tax evasion felons that they are, and have been evading their taxes for years after decades, and just what has our Supreme Court, our Senate, our House of Representatives done about pursuing these felons...well, as we can see, absolutely nothing.

Now had Mr. Snipes been more clever, he would have opened an offshore account like these other wealthy people and no one would even have known about this money, but as we can see, he wasn't planning on making a living out of tax evasion, he just wasn't planning on paying taxes for those specific 3 years, has been since and had been before. And, quite frankly, since it has become an American tradition to leave off any pursuit of or punishment of tax evasion of the rich and wealthy who are more subdued and not a flashy Hollywood Star, I really do think that his sentence is way out of line. He got pursued (something they don't do to the rich and wealthy), and so he got caught ( for an amount way, way far less that these rich and wealthy people have ac***ulated in their offshore accounts, and is given jail time that is incredibly off balance relative to, oh, say, Columba Bush, Jeb Bush's wife, who got caught smuggling $19,000 worth of haute couture Paris fashions through customs after declaring only $500 and given her status, delicately asked her, again, if she would like to amend her declaration after opening her luggage, and yet she stood by her original figure of $500, so she was escourted to another room where they found her receipts for her purchases to total approximately $19,000, which the case was counseled for procedure, and Mrs. Bush was given an apology and fined $4,100 for her "miscalculation."

Jeb's daughter, Noelle, herself committed her own felony, after trying to illegally gain a prescription for Xanax, at the age of 25, WOW, you know as a mother you always worry about these things, but I thought when my son graduated from college with Honors and got a job in his area of Marketing, I had "no worries", but I guess for some spouses or parents you just cannot worry enough.

You know, I think it must be hard for Jeb, what can it be in these Bush peoples' minds to allows them to even consider the things that they do, you just have to wonder. I could go on with other insinuations and their bibliographic notations, they are surely one wild bunch, but no more for today, my fingers are getting tired. Anyway you can google as well as I can if you want.

1544 days ago


Hey, that word with the astericks in it that was ac***ulated... I have no idea how those astericks got there, but I saw the change and didn't want anyone to get a misunderstanding =)

1544 days ago


Hey, the word that keeps coming out with the astericks is if this works a c c u m u l a t e d or otherwise know as to collect over a period of time. I have absolutely no idea how the word keeps getting changed. This has happened to me often and I have coomplained to AOL who keeps telling me its my cookies, well as far as I'm concerned it is their cookies need to be a little more watched and a little less burnt around the edges. Thanks for your patience.

1544 days ago
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