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Sam Ronson Has Giant Huevos to Boot

8/5/2008 9:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can't make a Denver boot omelette without crackin' some eggs -- and fortunately, Samantha Ronson's car has all the ingredients!
Samanatha Ronson's Car
While SamRo has been enjoying the beaches of Miami with her "special friend" Lindsay Lohan, authorities here in L.A. put the ol' Denver boot on her black Cadillac, which she left parked in front of her home.


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HUEVOS, not JUEVOS!!!!!!!!!

2268 days ago



2268 days ago

Lou Reed    

That dumb selfish lesbo. Dont the fine people of Hollywood have enough trouble parking their cars without this stupid pig leaving her car on the street . You know the law says no more than three days without moving the car. Next time take a cab to Lindsays house or park your cadi in lindsays garage. You know garages are for cars not the street. Think of Lindsays gardner, pool guy, dog groomer,the UPS guy delivering dildos......Where are they guna park???Way down the street...Thats where...I hope TMZ gets some video of sam down at parking enforcement having to pay up....Then the poor bastard tow truck driver bent over showing his underware to the world...SAM and LINDSY are selfish

2268 days ago


Maybe she deserves the boot, but the eggs are just plain nasty.

2268 days ago

The Truth    

r13, Samantha Ronson does have a dad, he's the infamous Mick Ronson - a Brit who was in David Bowie's band, Spiders From Mars. Great guitarist.

However, I'm not actually SURE that she's actually his progency, since her and her twin sister are olive complected, and dark haired, whereas the mother is pale and father was also really pale. Hmmmmm.

Anyways, Ronson's mother was a bit of a Jewish groupie, from a wealthy family, and dhe dumped Ronson for some other Brit in a super group Mick Jones, and had 2 or more children with him. Not the Mick Jones from the Clash, but from a British 70's supergroup.

I don't think Samantha saw much of her bio-dad, who lived in the UK, and has another much more normal family, then Sam/ + twin and Mark. Mark Ronson is hot looking though.

I wonder if their mother used primitive IVF, which used sperm from other men without telling them that they conceived a child?

2268 days ago


You ignorant American, is HUEVOS with an "H", not JUEVOS

2268 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I hope you do not throw eggs at me But: If you go to Samanatha's website and listen to her
music it is really not that bad. It is not rap or hard rock but I guess "soft rock" (whatever that means).
I have stated this before, "I could listen to her music for a couple of hours if I was stuck in an
elevator and not go insane, were with rap or speed metal I would go INSANE!" Nice info about
who her dad was by the way. Now, back to the sarcastic remarks!!!

2268 days ago

Jusst saying    

So good to see a (so-called) "celebrity" get treated like the rest of us.

2268 days ago


TMZ, your website really attracts inbred morons. Some of you actually leave your house? I bet you are all geeks.

2268 days ago


Karen Karen Karen.... Bet you are a geek too. I mean you are posting on the this site. So get a grip!

2268 days ago


Way to go Karen Karen Karen, loved the comments. Some of you losers should get a life. Who the hell cares if she parked her car in one place for more then a week. You idiots remind me of the old lady that used to live across the street, eyeballing anyone who parked in front of her house. TMZ does attract inbred losers. Everyone who really is complaining about this should get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2268 days ago

john wayne gacy    

senor mister;

although we " took " this country from the mexicans,

it's NOT our responsibility to learn YOUR language.

so beso mi peto, PUTO..........

2268 days ago


well it seems Chuck is jealous?

2268 days ago


of course Lindsay is gonna go for girls now cause no guy in his right state of mind wants her nasty ass

2268 days ago

it takes a molester    

24. TMZ, your website really attracts inbred morons. Some of you actually leave your house? I bet you are all geeks.

Posted at 11:44PM on Aug 5th 2008 by karen karen karen

Ask me how I know this. It takes one to know one. I'm one of them, too.

2268 days ago
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