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Spotted: Another Grim Gossip Girl

8/5/2008 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being a twentysometing hottie in a low-rated-but-much-hyped show must be tough -- because the cast of "Gossip Girl" is always POed every time a papper's camera is on 'em.

Leighton Meester looked like she'd rather have yogurt thrown in her hair than deal with the photogs at JFK. Penn, Blake and Chace are always in a nasty mood, too. The only one who's nice is Ed Westwick -- but he's just being British.


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john wayne gacy    

upset that their careers are flashing

away with each given camera snap.........

2239 days ago


screw 'em, ungrateful twinks. better enjoy their fame now 'cause in 10 years, their only hope will be dancing with the has-beens or "celebrity" reality shows.

2239 days ago

paps suck    

Wouldn't you be in a pissy mood too if you always had a camera shoved in your face? These people can't even breathe without you following their every footsteps! Honestly, I don't even know who these people are, and I don't watch this show, but I think the whole papparazi thing has gotten out of control! Just my opinion!

2239 days ago


hahaha he's just being british!

2239 days ago


In her defense these Paparazzi are really annoying! I know it comes with the fame but still, they're annoying!

2239 days ago


#3 I agree, plus she just got off a 5 -6 hour flight. I'd be ina bad mood too.

2239 days ago


Ok...I think this is ridiculous...I understand that sometime paps can cross the line but celebreties know that this is what happens and they still sign up for it so maybe they should stop acting like snotty b*tches about it. Its part of the business...the bigger you get the more press and paparazzi you get! Thank god for the good celebs that know being followed by paps IS part of the busines. Its simple people...dont piss off the paps because basically they make you or break you in the long run.

2239 days ago


It's cause Ed Westwick is the hottest one of them all!

2239 days ago


I'm sure most celebrities know they are going to be followed by paps when they become famous but I'm sure most people don't realize how bad its going to be till it actually starts happening. And everyone is gonna have bad days when the paps are extra annoying so cut these kids some slack.

2239 days ago


Being completely swallowed by paps IS NOT part of the business. Yes i understand that having your picture takin outside is to be expected but Do we really need to know what kind of coffee Kate Hudson drinks, or what see George Clooney coming out of McDonald? Will pictures like that REALLY go make you see there movies? If so, then you have a really unhealthy obsession with celebrities.

They have EVERY RIGHT to cover there face if they don't want to have there picture taken.

2239 days ago


First of all, the camera man cant even pronounce her name right...
He says its all wrong.
Hardly even sounds like he's pronouncing the T in it.

2227 days ago

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