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Jonas Bros Infiltrated by Teenie Stalkers

8/6/2008 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers may want to send this letter to their fan club: "Dear crazy girls, Get a life. Leave us the hell alone. XOXO." It should be addressed to the two tween wackadoodles who tried entering their home turf yesterday.

These Jonas Brothers loons tried to get a glimpse of the teen phenoms by climbing on to their Toluca Lake, Calif. home -- one even got up on the roof. Shouldn't you be in summer school?!?

If you're not willing to get arrested for the Jonas Brothers, then you aren't really a fan.


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how pathetic!!!!!!!!!!they are not worth that!!!!!ugh arent ya a lil 2 old 2 b listenin 2 a 7 yr olds music?

2269 days ago


Lil Tramps!

2269 days ago


Okay seriously I am a HUGE Jonas fan (I have been to two of there outside concerts when it was about 103 degrees outside) but i would never ever ever climb on a roof to see them. Why in gods name would you climb on there roof to get a glimpse at them!? And for god sakes they are on freakin tour!

2269 days ago


OMG silly embarrassing girls.

Jonas Brothers are awesome....despite what you've all been told, most of their fans are 16-plus. They are big in the little kid Disney market, but that was a foot in the door. And while they are grossly overmarketed, they are not "prefabricated"....I have been seeing them in concert for years, before Disney found them and realized they had tripped upon the Holy Grail. I am besotted with them, too...but whoever said they are not the best-looking guys, I would agree - the reason they are a big deal is because they are, simply, really talented performers - songwriters, musicians, singers, et al. They really pull it off. They are funny, dorky, they don't take themselves that seriously. That's why we fall in love with them. I hope Disney doesn't burn them out and ruin them!!!

I can understand people who don't like their style of music and stuff, there are lots of bands I don't like but I wouldn't call them terrible - just not for me. You all are going to have to admit it's a matter of taste, not suckage. The boys are GOOD. And they aren't peddling the same crap the other groups are peddling...they are NOT an R&B boy band. They don't dance or that other crap (I never liked that stuff.) They are a pop rock group, with background in soul, blues, country and rock that comes through.

2269 days ago


im OBSESSED with the jonas brothers, but i wouldn't do that...i dont really think it makes them bigger fans. their envading their privacy, and its not like the jonas brothers are gonna like that they did that.

2269 days ago


wow this is BEYOND ridiculous.
i mean im in love with the jonas brothers and they are completley amazing but to get on their roof is very immature and dumb.
they are JUST people who don't appreciate people entering into their property.
this is amazingly dumb.
and that's why their probably going to move
for all of you reading this... THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST LIKE YOU.
i dont think you would like if someone jumped on ur roof.

2269 days ago


Isn't this what people do for a job?
What's the difference?

Even thouugh I would NEVER go that far to see them. Sorry girls.
But getting on their roof, especially when they're not even in town, i would never do that.

2269 days ago

purple cows    

wow just wow what is wrong with these girls i feel bad for the boys

2269 days ago


What a waste of time, I love those boyss, but seriously,,,they don't want you on their roof stalking the heck outta them. Those girls have mental obsessive problems. Plus, they were in NYC...that shows how much of a fan they both one.

2269 days ago


go emi i think ur an awesome deticated fan every1 who said that they shouldnt hav done it boo hoo hoo emi the girl on the roof got a meet and greet 4 the jonas brothers!!!! so hahaha!!! plus i know that girl

2269 days ago

jen jen    

these girls are not dumbasses (#4). they are kids. i would have done the same thing when i was that age. i think its cute.

2269 days ago

Aly J    

The Jonas Brothers are amazing! I would want to climb their wall but i know that they wouldnt want that so i wouldnt...and
people need to stop saying that they are gay and my eyes they are the best looking males ever and they are also the most talented men ever. I LOVE THEM...DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!! btw..most of their fans are like 15 years of age to 17...i only saw like 2 kids under the age of 12 at their concert

2269 days ago

jen jen    

#37 and #4, those are prety harsh words. these are chidren. kids do dumb things. havent either of you ever done anything silly or crazy as kids? if not i am sorry, you missed out.

2269 days ago


I am also totally obsessed with them but never, NEVER, would i do stand by it and stare at 4 hours on end, but not climb on there roof, although this is hilarious, now they need a higher fence...hahaha

2269 days ago


o em gee. you how am i not suprised? this makes stalking zac seem like pre-k!!!

2269 days ago
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