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Paris: I Wasn't Doing Lines

8/6/2008 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're amazed Paris Hilton remembers who John McCain even is -- so it's hard to believe she belted out all the lines in her new McCain video without the use of cue cards.

It sure looks like Paris is reading her lines off of something, but sources tell us Paris memorized all her lines -- in fact, she was quite insistent on it. You buyin' it?


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The joke is on all of you people who are taking this so seriously...ROTFLMAO!!!! You have all taken the bait. She thrives on publicity, and as of late, she hasnt been on the radar much...She couldnt possibly remembered those lines....McCain's using her in his add was true, she is famous for what???? NOTHING....but coming from a wealthy family. All McCains ad said she was a celebrity, she does consider herself that doesnt she? All this over an add that thrust Spears and Her majesty into the tabloid rags again....she is jumping for joy...remember she obviously heard her parents talking about how if Obama is elected he will take her parents money away...dont even tell me she is smart enuf to think of that she has a reason to make a mountain out of a molehill, and for the record, I hope Obama taxes them to the Hilty........what has she done since she got of of jail??? nothing.....who has she helped...nobody...what charity does she represent? none, what has she done beside shop and shop? nothing...The only reason she remembers President Bush's name because it is by word association....Bush...president...bush...what I shave and use quite often......sorry but I got to call it how I see it.........and dont think her parents are going to vote for Obama because of this....opps I forgot, Paris was supposed to vote last election and had better things to do...dont count on her using that arm for anything but carrying a purse......pulling a lever is it isn't HOT enuf........

2185 days ago


Is it just me, or does she make more sense than the canidates? That's scary.

2185 days ago


I AM SO SICK OF HER PLEASE LEAVE HER IN PARIS.............................................................

2185 days ago


Memorizing lines "isn't" rocket science! People memorize all sorts of things like lyrics to songs, and prayers etc. It doesn't signify anything special or out of the ordinary. It probably took her about a week to get this into her skull. I can see Benji drilling her over and over until she got just the right inflection.

She's, once again, enjoying her "limelight" even though she's really done NOTHING to deserve her notearity EXCEPT be born a female child to Rick Hilton, Oh, yes, she did live the wild life and get caught on tape over and over with little or no cloths. It seems that all Paris has to offer is her naked or near nakedness.

2185 days ago


Do you really think that Hechy & McKay are going to go on CNN and say she didn't memorize her lines???common now even I am not that gullable....What would of happened if they said she didnt remember the lines? LOL what a nightmare they would have on their hands......they aren't that stupid they are promoting a website arent they???? It is bad enough she is back in the news but I am suspect to the timing of her announcing the presidency, she is pushing her purses in another country, BTW a country that she is in absolutely loves her which goes to show you how incredibly challenged her fans there are, they are french now arent they. I guess most french people just hate us average joes, Paris on the other hand is royalty, afterall she is named Paris....I dont believe anything a celebrity says or any of them associated with them....they are only in it to make money...btw Miss Majesty is pushing her purses, which comes to a previous post.....her arm is going to be too tired to pull a lever or pick up anything to vote this election....

2183 days ago
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