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Morgan Freeman Driving to Splitsville

8/7/2008 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just a few days after flipping his car on a rural Mississippi highway with a female friend in the car, Morgan Freeman is headed for divorce.

Freeman's lawyer and business partner tells a Memphis paper that Freeman and his wife of 24 years are divorcing. Several sources have indicated to TMZ that the marriage between the two has been over for some time.

Multiple calls to Freeman's rep were not returned.

Freeman and friend Demaris Meyer were injured when the car they were in ran off the road Sunday night.


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Its funny because when it was 1st mentioned that he was in the car with a friend of his wife... I was like hmmmmmm
where was his wife?
Then I thought, well maybe she had been over the house and he offered her a ride home.
Looks like she may have been getting a littttttle bit more than a ride in the car,,,,,

2235 days ago


this is truely a travesty. another black man who had the support of a black woman, only hit the trail when he hits the pinnacle of his career. but it's not about black and white, or black and asian (chris rock) or black and anything. it's about men who leave the women who stood beside them when they were on the 'down-n-outs', struggling to make it in the industry, only to 'upgrade' when they become successful. it sucks!

2235 days ago

reality 101    

Am I the only one who sees a problem with the top story in the country being about a celebrities private life when we are facing the worst economic crisis in decades?

2234 days ago


reality 101,
You're on Not a whole lot of economy stories here dimwit.

2234 days ago


reality 101..where are you getting your news..On google news this story doesn'r make the top's even number four in the 'entertainment" section. You may be facing your worst economic crisis in decades, but I'm not. Chitownstylechild..She is probably looking for an upgrade, MF doesn't seem like a loving husband to me. I wish her well and I hope MF gets his act together, 'cause I like his acting...

2234 days ago


MarkD, too funny!! I was thinking the same thing!! Hahaha....

2234 days ago


He's a great actor but he should strived on being a great husband also.

2234 days ago

who cares    

#4 reality 101: obviously you are on the wrong site! this site is for TMZ lovers only

Go and read Paris Hilton new ad: it talks about "fixing the economy"!

2234 days ago

Moral FiberCharacterKarma vs. The Economy    

I was sad to hear about Mr. Freeman’s car accident because he has been a part of my media landscape for as far back as I can remember. However, I was even more disappointed to hear about his 48 year old companion/former friend of Mr. Freeman’s soon-to-be ex-wife. I’m not a religious person but I do believe that Mr. Freeman got a little something something for not living right. Mr. Freeman... Check out Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" and get your ego in check.

2234 days ago


Yes it is TMZ, yes the economy sucks unless you have saved and prepared and yes rich hollywood men cheat like dogs. No news there, get some get stuff! The economy is important but you can only take so much crap news. Some times you need a beer and some stupid gossip. Lucky for all most of Hollywood are messed up the all of us put together!

2234 days ago

Moral FiberCharacterKarma vs. The Economy    

...If Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" is too heady for you Mr. Freeman... Try Chris Rock's bit on making old p**** new again...

2234 days ago


Morgan Freeman alone with a white woman in rual Mississippi, late at night, riding in a car, apparently the brother has forgotten they still hang Black folks for far less than that in MS. MF is either very brave or very stupid. His Hollywood star status would not have saved his black butt, if one of the "good ole boys" from the KKK had happen along after his accident. What his wife is going to do to him is nothing compared to what they would have done....

2234 days ago

Manfred Freedman    

The best part of this "Driving Miss Tressy" debacle is not [yet] being reported by TMZ: that police found a couple of shovels thrown from the trunk of the car. So now the media say the female friend (Demaris Meyer, 48, of Memphis, TN) is "an avid gardner." Don't know what they were going to plant that night, but the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Freeman is probably feeling mighty lucky right now. Apparently, there will be no Shaw-shag Redemption for this Dark Knight.

2234 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Old rich black man caught with younger white woman. At least he wasn't drugging her like Bill Cosby, Whatever happened to hitting it and forgetting it? Pay the 23 year old hooker well (in cash) and don't shoot your mouth off: "Everyone says I look like Morgan Freeman!" as opposed to "How does it feel to be doing the Governor of New York?" Jerks.

2234 days ago


I knew there was something fishy about that story. Morgan should know by know, "What comes around goes around" It's karma baby! The Dark Knight is a good movie, but maybe it was kinda of jinx. With Heath overdosing and know Freeman almost being killed. I think Morgan might want to visit the little white house in West Memphis (Arkansas house that was known for getting rid of hexes) or the church house, before he visits the court house!

2234 days ago
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