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L'Oréal: Get Réal

8/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceBeyonce, or L'Oréal for that matter, probably had no idea that an ad for hair color would cause so much controversy. I am an African-American woman and I work for TMZ. Yes, TMZ hires Black people.

I saw the new L'Oréal ad a few days ago, and it struck a nerve. There's still a stigma of Black celebs acting "too Black." This ad re-enforces that negative portrayal.

Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? L'Oréal claims they didn't change Beyonce's appearance, but who are they fooling? L'Oreal obviously wanted to make Beyonce look White.

The L'Oréal ad is disrespectful and dismissive to the Black community. And L'Oréal's explanation is lame.

My name is Nina and I approved (and wrote) this message.


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i would like to know how Beyonce feels about this after all she is the one who posed for it. i'm so tired of anything anybody does these days they think it is racism. you can't say anything or voice your oppion with out the fear of being sued because you offended someone. all i have to say is get over it. it is a add for changing your hair color and if its that offending take it up with Beyonce not L'Oreal.

2270 days ago

danny c    

13. I agree with you 100%, but I'm just wondering why you capitalized "Black" throughout your comments but not "white"?

Posted at 12:50PM on Aug 8th 2008 by curious


2270 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

I can't help but to laugh at this fabricated controversy. Am I the only person who sees the irony of someone complaining about people not looking "natural" in an advertisement for a product that CHANGES HAIR COLOR? It's a COSMETICS ad... DUH!!! Who in the hell looks "natural" in an ADVERTISEMENT?!

I would be more concerned about the people who have this odd need to be offended by anything and everything. Get over it people. There are far more important things in this world to be offended by than a stupid beauty product commercial.

2270 days ago


Are you serious... thats why white people look down upon blacks.. its a freakin photoshoot...You guys are always looking for some way to say whites are disrespecting blacks..

2270 days ago


Having worked for an international commercial printing company, I know for a fact that it is up to the printing press operator to constantly monitor and adjust the color on the press. It has to be constantly watched and adjusted or it can easily change from the original print plate.

Seems to me that either the press operator wasn't paying attention, or the press operator prefers his/her black women light skinned.

I seriously doubt L'Oreal had anything to do with it. Talk to the printer.

2270 days ago


As a black woman I have seen Beyonce in person more than once and she is quite light skinned. She is almost clear, so I don't think they did anything but add some serious camera flash to get that picture.

2270 days ago


That's true. I heard that Tina has some royal blood in her.

2270 days ago

Frank Davis    

Well, Nina, it sounds like you are wearing your race on your sleeve. Why does TMZ have to round up a black employee to make this statement, and why the snarky "Yes, TMZ does hire black people" remark? Interesting how you automatically assume the role of speaking for the black community; I don't think the community knew who you were until this article. The only person trying to make this a racial issue is you.


2270 days ago


whatever, they finally let you write a post and you write this?? What a waste of an article.

2270 days ago


No offense, but Beyonce does not like white at all

2270 days ago


Everyone who is commenting on tmz's africian american writer sounds just as stupid as you say she sounds! First of all she is stating her opinion and you all know tmz's writers do that. If this woman wants to be angry LET HER! If anything people should question Beyonce and see what her opinion is. Who knows maybe SHE asked them to alter her picture. She does have a history of wanting to be another race (for whatever reason) If she isnt commenting on the situation, you have to ask yourselves why. And people quit being so ignorant!

2270 days ago


You know this is nothing new. It happens all the time. It could be the hue.

I ahve seen many pictures of janet jackson and i thought she looked "black", same with bobby brown. When I have seen them in person I always thought, wow they are "blacker" than on tv. It happens. Get over it, she looks black to me, beyonce was never really one that was the epitome of what a black person looks like anyway.

2270 days ago


yeah, i'm sure that Beyonce feels the same way....(snicker)....yeah, crying all the way to the back with her big, fat paychecks....

2270 days ago


Shut up Nina.

Do you know how many times in my life I was told I am too pale?

What people are sick of is the victim games. And it is not about acting "too black." It is about being too hostile, aggresive, confrontational, gangsta, loud, and in your-face. An all out worship of aggresion and many times, gangsta violence.

Then the minute someone calls this out, the racist finger pointing starts.

The product was to dye your hair blonde. What do you expect? Stop looking for something for a fight or something to get angry about. Beyonce is making a pretty penny from Loreal.

2270 days ago


First of all Beyonce is beautiful girl. Shes not extremely dark to begin with. The picture you have for somparison is not a clear picture. When doing a photoshoot for something you have to remember that lighting has alot to do with it even if youre wearing makeup!! I dont think Loreal is being negative towards African American people. I think its her natural skin. I think its just the bright lights that are used on photo shoots

2270 days ago
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