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Brooke Hogan: Girl Got Beat!

8/11/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Hogan's makeup has never looked better! The un-incarcerated, married or divorced Hogan just changed her MySpace photo to this.
Brooke Hogan
Looks like Brooke feels life behind bars with little brother Nick would be better than dealing with the shenanigans of her family on the outside. We might have to agree with her on this one.


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Wow, how bizarre! Good way to get publicity but whatever.

2173 days ago


frist i hope

2173 days ago


Classy gal.

2173 days ago



2173 days ago

Howard learned to lie from his mom    

Maybe Brooke should be in John's place instead so she can feel what that is like. Stupid Bitch!

2173 days ago


Just when you think there is ONE decent Hogan left, she goes and does a stupid thing like this. *sigh*
Ya Brook, I'm sure JOHN would rather be where Nicky boy is too, instead of COMATOSE IN A HOSPITAL BED FOR

Idiots, all of them.

2173 days ago


She is a young beautiful white princess who is struggling.

Let us pray for our fellow Caucasian.

God will never give a white princess more than they can handle.

2173 days ago


She should be in John Graziano's place.

2173 days ago


My daughter is the best sex I have ever had,

2173 days ago

agree with Get Lost!!!    

Totally agree with you Get Lost!!!, at least her poor little brother will be out of jail someday and be able to get on with his life. His "best friend" is screwed for life now thanks to his spoiled little lead foot!

2173 days ago


Ummmmmmm........Why does everyone hate her again???

2173 days ago


There's a lot going on with this family....Everyone has a problem!!!! What's with the mom going out with a 19 year old? Was she ever robbed of her teen years? She is making a statement here...she can get any man (a much younger man) after the Hulk....Brooke, you're on your own ... so prove to everyone that you can be your own person....Good luck to your chosen career. Nick needs this incarceration to teach him a lesson....He sometimes think he can do anything because he is a celebrity...To the are a legend in the wrestling not destroy this are an idol to many....

2173 days ago

Reality TV Sucks    

Great. She finally topped that ridiculous photo of her with a grill...

Could she scream desperate any louder?
Still boycotting her show and VH1 for supporting it. I'm sooooo sure I'm missing greatness.

If I had three wishes - one would be to make her and her family go away. An alternate wish would have been for Nick to have tried to eluse police with his family's help.. That way they could sic Dog the Bounty hunter othe whole Hogan clan. It would be great. Then once Dog had them cornered in a small office building we could just lock the whole thing down, throw away the key and get rid of two annoying plastic bleached blonde families in one shot.

We could call it DOG v. HOG.

Seriously - I should start producing my own reality shows....

2173 days ago


What did Brooke do to deserve the comments that she should be in John Graziano's place? The only problems Brooke has is that she was born in the family that puts the "fun" in dysfuctional. Her mom's a cougar, her dad is a....well I'm not really sure what he is....and let's not even mention her brother. Did you see the look on her face when her dad sent her a cut-out picture of him to put in her apartment? She even said it was creepy. You can pick your friends, you can't pick your family.

At least Brooke has a better record than Paris, Unfitney, and Blohan.

2173 days ago


she looks like Britney does everyday

2173 days ago
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