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Nick Carter: I'm a Huge Sell Out

8/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Nick Carter's ex Paris Hilton has been thrown into the middle of the Presidential election -- he doesn't know anything about it. Why? He'd love to tell you.


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I think that he said the true the more importat is the bsb

2263 days ago


Yo My Dearest Amy (#13)
Listen honey I'd be all pissed-off too if I was 30 years old and still living at home. I bet it sucks that you are only allowed out on a date when the church holds it's annual "Sadie Hawkins Dance." Are you still hiding the men's underwear ads from the Sunday newspaper under your bed? I bet your parents are still upset that you scotch-taped all those BSB/Nicky posters to the walls in your room........huh? Why all the hating about Paris Hilton? Do I smell the ugly scent of jealousy in your words? Are you upset that Paris was doing a little too much horizontal bopping with Nicky.........Mmmm? It'd piss me off too if some hussy was humping my dream-come-true while the best I could do is rub his album cover all over me pretending it's the real thing. I guess those battery-operated devices you ladies like so much just ain't getting the job done. But as far as Nicky-boy is concerned why can't you delusional women just start taking your medication again? The BSB's are so far off the radar screen they have to go overseas to milk what is left of the teeny-bopper thing. Oh I know one of you whacko Nickettes are gonna scream about Nick's solo album and how he's talented and a star in his own right, Ooh I wanna hear over-dubbed, over mixed, karaoke music sung by a no talent publicity whore. As for Paris Hilton..........I'll bet her "sex tape" outsold all the BSB/Nicky albums combined, You know you'll never see Nicky in a sex video: what company would sell a video of Nicky doing barn-yard animals???

2263 days ago


Wo TMZ noting more to do than remind him of Paris. I agree with Amy and Anners, BSB are still going strong in moste part of the world (to name a few lets say Canada, Germany, London, Japan...) They have sold more album than any other boy band and they still selling albums. Nick still have a lots of fan that have grown up with him... I was 12 when i started to like the group and Nick particurlaly ans i'm now 25 and still loves him as well as the group! The guys and their music have grown up with their fans. And for this particular video I just think that he is just being an happy and nice looking guy telling nothing wrong except that he does'nt care about his ex-girlfriend that he was with for a couple of month and about who half of the world if not more does'nt care either!

2263 days ago


Nick's looking great! I wish him and his family all the best!

2262 days ago


I don't understand what Nick said that was soo wrong. So he's busy touring with BSB!!! Nothing wrong there,Aaron his brother is doing well nothing wrong there.

2260 days ago
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