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Lindsay: Things May Appear Larger Close Up

8/14/2008 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only fake set in the Lohan family is the parents.

One mag intimated the 14-going-on-37-year-old Ali had a little work done "up top," pointing to a single frame shot recently (below).

Big sis Lindsay railed on a MySpace celeb blog that mag stands for maggot, claiming the notion that Ali had a boob job is "perverted." Lindsay added, "My mother taught us to appreciate what we've been given!" Wait, they were taught things?

We have video of Ali from the same event where the photo was taken (left). Judge for yourself.


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It's two pitctures of her on the same day. She's wearing the same shirt, same necklace, carrying the same purse, hair is styled exactly the same. She's bent over in one shot, posture-perfect in another.

What a perfect example of how the camera LIES.

2259 days ago


#29 - I hate to say it but alot of garbage is on E!, there isn't a decent show on their except for Talk Soup. I still don't understand way they allow this family of tarts this much time on TV. Their 15 mins of fame is over!

2259 days ago


#1... i highly doubt ANY doctor would give breast implants to a 14 yr old child.....b/c when your only 14 boobs are just starting to develop (usually)
#2. her sister Lindsay has big boobs so....those kind of things can be genetic

2259 days ago


she's just well developed, that's all. her sister's got big boobs, probably runs in the family. i had boobs that size when i was her age too. i also don't think she's showing too much cleavage either. there's also nothing wrong with a bit of makeup or dying your hair at that age. i've worn makeup since i'm 12, and permed and dyed my hair too and i'm halfway through a doctoral degree. she's a good looking girl and there's no reason why she just dress in a sack just to please some ueber-christian americans.

2259 days ago

Doris M.    

I can't believe you people who are saying a 14 year old shouldn't dress like that. HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE LATELY!?!?!?!
Heck 12 yrld girl's look like that! Get real....the only thing I think about this girl is...she's prettier than her big sis.

2259 days ago

make them go away    

Big or small she is still one ugly ,white trash,can't sing,thin lip,butt ugly girl!I mean old lady!

2259 days ago


Who cares? Look. By the time she turns 18 she'll be up on stage throwing a liplock on some girl. Like mom, like sister.

2259 days ago


you can tell from the photo that she has just filled out a bit over the summer. bigger theighs, tiny tummy and a bigger chest. she used to look like a twig but puberty has hit!

2259 days ago


Her mother is a complete disaster, and I honestly feel sorry for the girl. As far as her breasts are concerned, she is only 14, and she has obviously gotten taller since the start of her show. Before taping she wasn't even 5 feet tall, she is obviously taller now so she is hitting puberty, it makes sense her breasts would get bigger, even that fast. So it could just be normal development, she is definitely taller, so why not?

2259 days ago


This is a shame. Where did Dina learn to parent? A 14 year old with a new chest or a push up bra is sick. Clothe your children and stop trying to sell them! A reality show? Why so you can get old dirty men to drool about your 14 year old year daughter so you can make money? Sick very disturbing! Get a real job and learn to parent properly

2259 days ago


My god, these people really, truly have no idea of how the rest of us see them. They are for real-delusional. My mom may be a bit of a nut but she lives on this planet. What self-respecting mother would repeat the same mistakes with her younger daughter. Oh yeah, that's right, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

2258 days ago


Its a water bra alright. It's called SALINE!!!!

2258 days ago


She's 14!!! Anyone ever heard of a growth spurt or a push up bra?? That's what happens to some girls at that age..I remember when Britney Spears was accused of getting implants...and she obviously doesn't. I don't think any legit surgeon would do that knowing she wasn't even done developing yet. Leave the little girl alone!!!!

2258 days ago

Jessica O.    

I don't thinkshe did have a boob job, but why is the world SO obsessed with celebrities getting plastic surgery??? If I went out and got a nose job or boob job, no one would give a sh*t!! They are people just like you and me!!!!

2258 days ago


Dina Lohan is disgusting and comes across trashy on her show, as for letting a 14 year old wear a big push up bra, that is insane

2258 days ago
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