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Is That F&$*ing Bigfoot?!?!

8/15/2008 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy crap ... what is that?!? Two Bigfoot enthusiasts (yes, there are those out there) from Georgia claim to have found the body of a real live, er, dead, sasquatch.

Wackadoodles Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer say they will reveal the dead hairy body today at a press conference as proof once and for all that Bigfoot exists. They've released a photo on their website of what they say they found in the woods-- the body of some hairy beast stuffed in a freezer. They say the more than 500 lb, 7' 7" thing is male, has reddish hair and "blackish-gray" eyes and human-like feet, hands and teeth.

Not so fast say some, another Bigfoot website is calling out these two as hoaxters, saying their animal is nothing more than a Halloween costume topped with animal entrails.

Is it or isn't it?? The truth is out there.


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I agree with Dobbie    

That is the fakest BigFoot I've ever seen. Couldn't they at least glued hair onto one of their buddies to make a more convincing Big Foot... I wonder if they've realized that they will have absolutely NO credibility anymore (what little I'm sure they had) once it comes out as a hoax. Haven't they ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

2268 days ago

John Mayer    

Well blah blah if your ex-boyfriend looked like that it doesn't say to much or you now does it?

2268 days ago

aka dj bitch    

If you look at it's bones you can see that it's plastic and well the face that just gives it away you can tell that it's fake.

2268 days ago

News Flash: Bigfoot Body Stolen!!!    

Guaranteed, the bigfoot body will be "stolen" just before it is due to be released for scientific examination. Rival bigfoot tracking groups will be blamed. The two hucksters will say they will spend the rest of their lives tracking down the "thief or theives", ala O.J.

2268 days ago


lol lol Yahooo! They finally caught it!! Wow! lol Our family will miss you Aunt Bonnie! :( ha ha hee hee lol

2268 days ago


This isn't Bigfoot. It's half-man, and half-bearpig.

2268 days ago

From VaBeach    

Frankly, I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner. At Robins Airforce base in GA, a ship from outerspace has been kept in deep freeze since being transported from an enormous crater in NC several years ago. At the NC crater site, the ground was leveled and a large home was built for a NC Senator to conceal it. Unfortunately, a female alien was overlooked at the site and hid for 2 years, until she was discovered by John Edwards and they procreated several of these creatures, that range from NC to GA. The reason the creature can't be viewed is that it's been flown to an undisclosed location.

2268 days ago


I have been keeping my eye on this for awhile. Before the press conference I was very, very skeptical. I felt there was about a 50/50 chance of it being real or a hoax. It was weird because our entire office stopped working to watch it on CNN. I find it strange a major news network such as CNN would give these guys any airtime at all. They seem pretty serious about the fact that they have this "bigfoot" on ice. Everyone wants to know why if they have such a thing won't they just show us...Well I've been thinking about that and if I had found such a thing I don't think I would just give out alot of information either. If they just allowed anyone in to see it and photograph it then it would soon be stolen or taken away from them. If it is real it is there find and could be worth millions of dollars I am sure. So the world will wait until next week and the ball will drop and we will all know the truth. Until then they have to accept anything critics have to say. I mean BIGFOOT on ice is a little hard to believe.

2268 days ago


Thank you chicken. :)

2268 days ago


It has to be the missing wife of the Wookie!!
Have they check to see if it has a snatch or Wookie berries!!

2267 days ago

angel gonzales    

ha i cant believe you guys believe this!!!

2265 days ago
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