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Zahara to Brad: You're All Mine Today

8/15/2008 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even with new twins, Brad Pitt made sure to spend some quality time with his eldest daughter Zahara during vacation time in France.

Brad knows Princess Z needs her alone time with daddy.


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Make It Right!!    

And Jenloonies are so articulate and well-spoken: EXAMPLE:

90. What a couple of boneheads, photo ops and all PR, the two are so full of bu__shi__T! He used to be cool not what a pinhead, I would not watch any of his movies even if it was on a plane. She is the biggest cu__T on the planet the dont watch the kids nannies around the clock do the work. Go to Darfur if you wanna do some good, or there are plenty of babies in America who need parents. It is just hip to do now since madonna did it. Dont buy theri bull. look at her dad he was going to blow the whisltle and she took him to court. If he talks he goes to Jail! Nice daughter and son in law! Losers fakes they both make me sick. And yes where are the rich NBA or where is Opray? A bunch a idiots.

Posted at 4:21AM on Aug 16th 2008 by criminals are scary

BTW, Madonna did not go to Malawi or adopt David Banda until AFTER Brad and Angelina had adopted both Maddox and Zahara. Oprah has a HUGE GIRLS SCHOOL in South Africa, and there are many, many NBA stars who have charitable organization in Africa and helping Africa, with Olajuwon, Olowokundis, and Mutombo to just name three. And from what God-forsaken source does this information about Angelina suing her dad and sending him to jail come from? Never has anyone gone to jail over slander or statements made to the press...look at Madonna's brother selling a 'tell-all' book. And of course, being as uneducated as Jenloonies are, they can't even keep up that Jon Voight and Angelina HAVE RECONCILED THEIR RELATIONSHIP! They have agreed to keep it out of the press, where family should keep it! Again, see Madonna for why celebs are estranged from family members. And, as far as updates go, Jennifer has not yet fully reconciled with her mother either! She started to, just after the divorce, but not a word about her mom since. Jon and Angelina's reconciliation has happened just in this year, 2008.


2225 days ago

Jessica O.    

Has anyone ever seen any of these kids crack a smile....? They always look confused or sad......

2208 days ago


i think it is excellent that they have adopted children regardless of where they got them that doesn't matter......however i would suggest that they learn how to care for Z's hair.....she can not just wash and go but black people manage their hair differently and true Z appears to have a managable grade of hair, she still should comb and moisturize her hair daily. and as far as them not caring for their biological children i think those statments are unmerited and are false.....blood doesn't make people parents or even a family but it is the contious choice made to be STABLE AND SUPPORTIVE FORCE IN ANOTHER'S LIFE THAT MAKES PEOPLE KIN.........they are on their job....stop hatin......

2200 days ago


Some of you people need to get real! I would carry my kid too if I had all those idiots following me around, kids are known to stray and get distracted after all. As for her hair, get over it she is a little girl who cares, I admire them for the way they are putting together a family, great parents and they have the money to raise the kids so who has the right to judge them! Your all just jealous.

2199 days ago
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