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"Million Dollar" Holmes

8/17/2008 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Million Dollar Listing's" man-shagadelic real estate douche bag Chad Rogers (left) -- and former actress turned Scientolomom Katie Holmes (right).
Chad Rogers and Katie Holmes
One of them sold their soul to the devil for money.

We're just sayin'!


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This guy is such a nerd trying so hard to fit into the lifestyle he's built up for himself in la. He's failing badly. Who told him that haircut was cool? Seriously, the poor guy is so desperate to shake the nerd image but, with this dumbass haircut he's so obsessed with, he's doomed. And he just doesn't get it. Dude, everyone at home - and on the streets of la - are laughing at you and shaking our collective heads that you just don't get it. I don't know how that girlfriend of his keeps a straight face looking at him. Sure, he provides a nice lifestyle for her - I get the money draw - but, man - she needs to go into acting instead of design.

2203 days ago


I watched that Million Dollar Home Listing show once and found it to be disturbing. The young man on the left is using that hair to hide - something is going on there. He is too concerned about winning his father's approval - his father's approval isn't and shouldn't be worth much because the father seems to be an piece of crap. This young man should know by now the Beatles look went out in the 60's. He is hiding behind that hair. Wake up - your father isn't worth it amd stop hiding behind that bowl cut. It looks terrible.

2203 days ago


I admire what he does because I am a Realtor too, but one thing that I am sure of is that if her worked at my office My Broker would have never allowed that haircut!

2203 days ago


Katie's look has gone from a sweet, feminine, young just old, She looks so much oldet thqn she is. Guess that must have part of her deal with the Devil!

2203 days ago

have ya ever noticed    

Has anyone noticed similarities between Chad Rogers of Million Dollar Listing and Ryan Buell of A&E's Paranormal State? Ryan doesn't have the outdated haircut but their voices and "intensity", for lack of a better description, seem so similar to me. On Chad's hair...same deal with women getting stuck in a rut and sticking with a hairdo that once worked, keeping it years beyond it's expiration date. An updated haircut would do wonders for him. A recent show showed Chad at a salon and his stylist wanted to update his hair but Chad wouldn't let him, so don't blame the stylist! Sometimes familiarity and sticking to a precise routine are important to perfectionist type people.

2203 days ago


Only he is WAY more girlie. He looks like a 12 year old girl and is probably just as boy-crazy.

2203 days ago

Local Reporter    

This guy looks like a total quief.

2203 days ago


MAN, grow up get a better her cut.. please!!

2203 days ago


There are people in the World who are simply just douchebags...he's definitely one of them.

2203 days ago


Followup to #20. The stylist did try to get Chad to update his style and after he refused and the stylist was done Chad then grabbed the hairspray and proceeded to spray and cement it into the ridiculous shape it is. His control over his haircut stems from his issues with his excuse for a father. This is my new favorite show now that the Flipping Out season ended.

2203 days ago


He looks like the guy named Coconut Head on some Nickelodeon show my kids watch.
I've always said that when my sons get older, they can do whatever they want with their own hair (mohawks, dye it green, grow it long, whatever) , because it's just hair and they should be able to express themselves. But....I think I'd have to put my foot down and ban this one.

Katie looks very cute, but it seems like every month or so she gets it cut a little shorter. It's weird.

2203 days ago


I watched this show once just wanted to see some cool homes, get decorating ideas had no idea it was about these weirdos. The episode I watched was the one wear Chad's stylist TRIED to get him to change his hair, told him it was outdated, etc. Chad refused. Then they showed him having dinner at his parent's house. He eats like a 4 year old!! Chews with his mouth open, holds his fork like a little kid. Absolutely NO table manners whatsoever. The other two aren't much better. This is who's selling homes in Beverly Hills??!! I can't believe anyone would trust these guys to walk their dogs let alone sell their mansions.

2203 days ago


that hair cut is the ugliest on girls !! and shes one strange person. not Tom but her!

she also looks so old . i dont care for this fake girl with her fake laughs and smiles.
someone throw her a pill !

2203 days ago


Which one's the girl?

2203 days ago


This haircut worked on the Beatles because they all looked their age at the time and I think it was a little bit shaggier. Why a 30 year old man who looks younger than his age would want to promote that to the point where he looks like he is 12 is baffling. It is like he is stuck in a personal time warp. I don't know if he is in therapy, but if not, he really needs to be. I would never want him to represent me if I were selling property, but then I don't live inn LaLaLand.

2203 days ago
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