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Tom Jones:

It's Not Unusual

to Wear a Mankini

8/17/2008 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Jones, known for a his long, er, singing career, let it all almost hang out while at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.



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Ms. X    

I get nightmares when I see this man. Back when I was a kid in the 70's, my mom wouldn't even try the least bit to conseal the fact that she got moist for this Aussi panty wearer.

2228 days ago


Yep, that's a little of the American Restaurant gut there, it's not age. Tom's in good shape but should avoid the restuarants for a few weeks. Omage 3, not 6 or 9 from the fryer pan. I can remember the insanity his TV show was. Chicks were throwing panties and bras on stage and he's shaking his butt and working all the emotion he can into the song delivery. I heard one reviewer say back in the 70's that Jones was a singers singer - he had it all and used it well. Who could argue with the wardrobe malfunctions showing up on stage all the time? What a hoot!

2228 days ago


I am going to try to find Tom Jones on youtube and listen to him.

2228 days ago


Elvis Presley is a bigger star!

2228 days ago

good little girl    

I have loved Tom for 38 years - he STILL HAS IT!! He puts on the BEST show in Vegas and still looks perfect!!!!

2227 days ago

good little girl    

Ms X: He's from Wales not Austrailia - maybe your mom was talking about someone else....

2227 days ago

Black Power    

Saw Tom Jones in Las Vegas last year. The man is THE MAN! He sounded great, and the band was fantastic. As a man, and this is not hard to say, I love Tom Jones. A real showman, and a gentleman.

Clint of the mountain

2227 days ago


Yuck! Vomit material.

2227 days ago


Lord, I wish I was a girl in any of his ports....Tom has always been His Royal Hotness to all women & he still has it!! Any man would be lucky to be so swooned over for so many years. You guys at TMZ will never know how that feels. So sad for you....

2227 days ago



I think I just threw-up in my mouth...

2227 days ago


Tom need a bigger Speedo to support His 15 inch Dong.

2227 days ago


OMG, Iam going puke!!!! Please save my eyes, What a fat ass??????

2227 days ago


Sir Tom still has it!! His the best singer and dancer ever; one of the best entertainers around, in other words a LEGEND. He is a very attractive gentleman. People that are talking bad of him are just jealous he can still attract young women. You have to understand that when you get old in age your body tends to get older with your age unless you know how to defy science or know the exact location of the "fountain of youth." So let the man age in peace and if you get the chance go to one of his concerts and watch him bust a move.


2227 days ago


Well I agree Tom is an incredible Talent, VERY sexy and I think He still looks great.

But for the record.. For the person who thinks that Tom is a "Devoted loyal husband" ...You are partly right I suppose in as much as he never left/Divorced his wife. They have "An understanding" And he has even discussed it in interviews before.
But believe me.... He has had more then his share of women/lovers over the years, this I know for a FACT.
He even has a child from another woman ( A daughter) But.. He does remain committed to his marriage to Linda with whom he has a Son (Mark).

2227 days ago

Let it go!    

Well lets see, Sir Tom, has lasted over forty years in an industry that is now flooded with a bunch of adolescent sounding, tattooed freaks that will not be around in forty years. Oh ya, he has also been Knighted and happens to be one of the richest people in Great Britain. Sir Tom is a one of a kind talent, that is still going strong. He just does not fit in with the usual lineup of punks and screwballs that are on this site every day. Other than this TMZ I enjoy this site.

2227 days ago
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