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Collins - No Jacket Required, No Shirt Remaining

8/18/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought Paul McCartney got sucked dry by Heather Mills.

Phil Collins' ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, definitely has a leg up on Heather, milking a $46 mil divorce payday from the soft-rocker, according to the Brit tabs. It's the biggest payout of its kind ever in the UK, beating Heather's payout by a cool $2 million.

Note to Phil -- being single sucks less. He's paid out more than $80 mil in support for his 3 divorces.


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tard in the hood    

hahahahaaaa! haaaaaaaaaa! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

2254 days ago

Tara S.    

Anyone stupid enough to get married 3 times deserves to pay that much in the settlement.

2254 days ago



2254 days ago







2254 days ago


I dont really have much sympathy for Phil.....I heard him a few years back on a radio interview and all he could do was brag about how young and hot his wife was.....he came off as a real jerk! Guess its the karma game...

2254 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

just another day in paradise eh phil???

i have seen him in concert as a solo artist with genesis and also as the drummer for robert plant he is a fantastic musician!

ROCK ON PHIL!!!! you dont have to be married to take little phil out HIT AND RUN PHIL!!

2254 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

This chick is addicted to ecstasy!

2254 days ago


Wasn't there a blind somewhere a while back that hinted abuse? Perhaps that's why she got whatever she wanted???

2254 days ago


Phil was married longer to his wife, so she deserves 'more'
Heather was a beyotch for just 2 years.

2254 days ago


Let's think with the Big head rather than the little feller the next time.

2254 days ago

Stephen Park    

and wasnt he cheating on her anyway with that newsreader chick, is it dana turner??

this swiss girl he just divorced, they been married quite a while and had 2 kids, and she is a nice girl, never seen her in the press or anything, maybe they just grew apart, ag etc?

but heather was just a whore hooker liar cheat bitch (allegedly) and no way deserved what she got

in fact how many people actually even KNEW phil collins got divorced?!

2254 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

Too bad Phil didn't make these bitches sign pre`nups!! What the hell is wrong with some men these days? Wak the F up already` and yes!! I'm a female!!!

2254 days ago


Apparently no pre-nup? Sheesh...when will these guys learn. As a woman, I'm actually disgusted with the fact that Paul and Phil's wives got so damn much money. They didn't earn it....the guys did. I feel really bad for the men, and can only hope that next time, they sign a pre-nup. I used to be against pre-nups as I thought they immediately started a "separation" of the two people, but now, if that's what guys have to do to cover their butts, then so be it. I'm all for them now!

2254 days ago


Spousal support is a joke. Why can't these women and men get off of their a**** and get their own job and money. I am so glad I live in a state that does not do spousal support. Even if my ex husband was told to pay I wouldn't want his money. These women are so F***** lazy and bit*** it is crazy. Although I suppose it would be nice to live off of someone for many years and when you get tired of their a** b/c they are always on the road and probably cheating b/c your so damn lazy to take the other to court and still be able to live the lavish life. Nah I think I would rather take my working life. Staying at home to be a mom was torture enough (not the being with my kids, the whole bored thing). So get off your lazy asses and lets hope these laws change so that the fat people, or in hollywoods case lazy bit**** who just shop for a job will finally have to lose weight and learn how to make their own dime.

2254 days ago

Pun Intended    

I love the intentional pun about Heather's leg...too funny!

2254 days ago
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