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Roseanne to TMZ: Tell Me How My Ass Tastes!

8/19/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RoseanneRoseanne is pissed over public reaction to her blog blasting Brangelina -- and somehow it's all our fault.

Roseanne feels she was justified in calling Brad "vacuous" and Angie "evil." She wrote on her blog today, "The media's images of [Brad and Angelina] are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool."

Roseanne capped off the rant with an offering of sorts to us, saying, "Taste my sandy buttcrack, tmz!"

We'll pass, butt thanks.


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Go sing the anthem in the toilet with a pipe up your stupic cow.
You are not even worth responding about.

2254 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Actually, all four of you suck. Brad, Angie, Rosie and TMZ are all poison and are alowly killing all that is good about this country.

2254 days ago



2254 days ago


yes you all are the reason this country is goin to hell in a louie vetton bag...right it has nothing to do with child rapists or child killers,or molester,pedophiles.polygamists,rapists,drug dealers, none of those reasons its all because of TMZ and Jolie and Pitt for sure Roseanne..thats the reason according to #88 comment yap makes sense!!

2254 days ago


While I loved the Roseanna show and still enjoy it on Nick at Nite, she is totally crazy about everything she has said in the past 2 days. Uhhhh Rosie? Ummmm who was the one who began the conflict in Africa since the Reagan administration? WOW, it was Bill Clinton! Did you just think you could skip over 8 years of "Slick Willy" when making an assinine remark like you did? It is obvious that Brad and Angelina's life choices piss you off because you could never hope to be so giving. You critisize them for giving the money they made on pictures of Shiloh and the twins? What have you given Rosie? When was the last time you gave of your time to help in orphanages, third world countries, etc? You said Angelina should endorse Obama because he is brown like her kids....... so is a pile of steaming cow poop, does that qualify the cow poop to be president, because it is brown? I admire Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for their tireless work with the starving and poor populations all over the world. How dare you call their children "dunces" who will "take their fair share"? You didn't think about that while you were paying hundred's of thousands on fertility to become pregnant with your last child. I think if you and the other Rosie shut your pie holes, the emissions of pollution will go down significantly. Stop making up political history. You lie and are nothing but political liberal propaganda to lie about a party that has no idea what this country needs. Rosie, you've been cancelled, taken off the air...... go to Cuba and sing their anthem in public and spit on their land. You should feel at home there..

2254 days ago


This is the most attention she's had in years....she is not relevant in Hollywood or the world of entertainment any longer, so she lashes out at people that are. Very sad. She's clearly off her meds - sounds like a friend or family member needs to step in and help. Who or why anyone votes for anyone is none of her business....and I'm voting for McCain, just so she knows. So are most of the democrats I know.

2254 days ago


Roseann --I was wondering if You could loan me $21,000..I need to buy a new car as mine broke..I am a senior citizen with some problems right now..I will HONESTLY pay You back slowly with Interest..We all have our opinions about famous people...Rosie did open doors for Women doing Stand Up Comedy...We all have big mouths or we would not be into answering tmz(stupid and ridiculous) There is way too much ANGER-HATE-Jealousy-Misery-evil speaking- mean spirited unhappy people giving their 2 cents worth of anger and crap .. Focus on the good things in people or the 1 good quality and their positive and GENEROUS ways The World is FULL of KNOW IT ALLS and it makes me sick...

2254 days ago


Having worked in the medical field, I have developed close friendships with some of the patients that would come into my clinic. These kind hearted people either had displaced families or were themselves displaced in their native countries including the Middle East. Some of which were the lost boys of Sudan. Often times they would describe to me their fortune of meeting Miss. Jolie who was there to help aid and understand their situation. This wasn’t a stunt for fame; Miss. Jolie was described as someone who truly wished to understand and one who emotionally connected with them. Her visits gave them hope and positively impacted their lives for a better future. Her selfless acts and efforts which were confirmed by these victims who experienced it first hand have made me to admire Miss. Jolie a great deal and give me the courage to do my part what little I have.
For the past seven years Ms. Jolie has worked on an emotional and physical level with field staff from the UN refugee agency and met with refugees in more than 20 countries on five continents. On top of which she physically and financially supports the following foundations: Afghanistan Relief Organization, Alliance For The Lost Boys, Cancer Scamander Movement, Clinton Global Initiative, Daniel Pearl Foundation, Direct Change, Doctors Without Borders, Global Action for Children,Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Millennium Promise Alliance, Millennium Villages, ONE Campaign, Peace One Day, Reporters Without Borders, Sophie’s Gift,UNHCR,UNICEF,UN Millennium Project,Yéle Haiti Foundation. These are real foundations fighting to aid humanity.
I am not one to give my thoughts all the time, I am analytical and review both sides of a situation. So when I hear about gossip I accept it for what it is… gossip. Let’s face it; the majority of us will read a gossip magazine while waiting in an extremely long line at the grocery store or even the doctor’s office to pass the time. It is much more fun to talk about who’s dating who then to keep your mind on the sound of the drill in the upcoming root canal procedure you are waiting to have.
Everyone has a right to freedom of speech but they also have the right to choose. Those who are in the celebrity spotlight have the power to impact the lives of others more so then those who are not. This is a heavy burden as we all are human. However in a world that is separated by indifference, what makes a statement is what people do with the time they have. When they are “poor” or “rich and famous” do they take action and use their influence to make others aware of the chaos that surrounds us? Or do they trash talk others and add to the chaos?
I am not going to even begin to say that I know Rosanne Barr and Angelina Jolie personally. However what I will say is that I know Angelina Jolie by solid proof of her actions to make this world better regardless of how small or big the impact may be. I can’t say the same for Rosanne Barr besides insulting many just to try and get a laugh and verbally attacking someone she knows NOTHING about over a non violent choice of a presidential candidate. It is my personal opinion that at the very least Ms. Barr owes Miss Jolie and apology. Also perhaps Ms. Barr should spend some time with the charities and foundations that Miss Jolie supports to better understand her and become less ignorant. I know I learned a lot in researching the charities and speaking with people are not only apart of them but are victims who were saved by them. Race doesn’t make great leaders action does.

2254 days ago

foolish ppl    

i completely agree with #88. they all suck. rose, brad, angie and ofcourse tmz. i'm also wonderin y ppl care so much abt who angie want 2 b president. she doesnt even live here; and if she did live here, here choice would never influence my vote. who is she anyway? i hope they remain in france. rose needs 2 move 2 france aswell.

2254 days ago


Rosie, may the GREAT Donald Trump stick his fist in your fat ass mouth. You are SO sickening!

2254 days ago


"The media's images of [Brad and Angelina] are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool."

That's why you are still on "The View" right? Oh wait, they gave you the shaft, huh???

Rosie - It appears that you never got over the traumatic experience of not being popular in school, so now you are making up for it by picking on people much smaller than you. If you were to put Brad and Angelina together, you would still out way them by at least a truck load of lard!!!!

As for telling you how your ass tastes, why don't you ask your girlfriend? It's got to taste better than the other two options....!!!!!

2254 days ago


Hey Merta-

I suppose Angelina is part of the UNHCR for publicity too? And she goes to war torn countries to help refugees why? Brad Pitt is helping Hurricane Katrina victims because he wants the publicity? And them together are helping Iraqi and American children better themselves why? Because they want to help people. What the hell have you done? Why don't you do some reading on projects that they have going and then lets see where you stand. Look at the pictures and videos of Angelina in Sudan and Darfur. How many other celebrities go off to these other countries to help the people there?

2254 days ago

tmz is the pits    

CaliforniaNative1969 #100 Just as vile but the wrong Rosie.

2254 days ago


Thank you to #95 & #99 for the information. I will give money to the Jolie/Pitt foundations.
Thanks to the Rosie(s), I now know who to vote for.

2254 days ago


So, this sad tiff made me actually go and read Rosanne's blog. Even sadder. the TMz version makes it sound more coherent than it is. She might think of herself as some sort of anarchist fighing hypocracy and the political hegemony, but she actually is just a sad person who used to be famous typing badly, speading negativity and piggy backing off Brangelina's fame.

There is a vast difference, Rosanne between ctitical thinking and just being critical.

Oh and all the Brangelina haters. tell me this. When did either of them smear anyone on their blogs? Oh yeah, never......

2254 days ago
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