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Jessica Rips Carrie: Romo's Not Hung Up on You

8/21/2008 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The other hot blonde fighting over the NFL's luckiest bastard, Tony Romo, just turned up the heat -- calling Carrie Underwood a boldfaced liar on live radio.

Jessica Simpson just went on "Woody and Jim" on 107.5 in Nashville, telling the morning crew she and Tony laughed at Carrie's published claim that Romo is still calling the Idol champ -- and adding that everything Carrie insinuated is completely untrue.

And if that wasn't clear enough, Simpson spelled it right out for Underwood, "If Tony wanted to call her ... or wanted to be with her, he would."


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I HATE CARRIE UNDERWOOD! She had everything handed to her. All she does is look good in her airbrushed way, and sing what other people write. She knows it too. She's a plastic fake idol.

I prefer Jess.

2222 days ago


Be careful Jessica, you have no idea what that man is doing, Carrie may make you look like an ass!

2222 days ago


If you guys would actually listen to the interview and stop letting perez hilton feed you bull sh*t, you would know that Jessica says she is just kidding about checking his phone.

2222 days ago


Did Jessica forget Carrie dumped Tony? So Tony can chase Carrie all he wants but Carrie doesn't want him.

2222 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

Why these two would be fighting over Tony Homo is beyond me.

2222 days ago


August 26, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law

Jessica is primary evidence that it was the greatest mistake of the 20th Century

2222 days ago


Carrie has a million times more talent and grace and tact than stupid Jessica the floozy!!! Get a life Jess.. and seriously get a real job.. you don't know how to sing and now you are a disgrace to country music!! Carrie's music blows your bubblegum crap out of the water. GO crawl in a hole with your creepy dad!

2222 days ago

Sterling Damon    

This is bad news Cowboys fans (me being one of them). The Cowboys will not win the Super Bowl, or even make it there, even with billion dollar stadium, until Romo dumps both of these bimbos and hooks up with a nice girl from Waxahachie (preferably a local townie with some roots showing from badly bleached hair, gum smackin', holes in wranglers (tight is ok), tank top, F150 driving redneck girl. All the better is she is plus sized. Until that happens, he's just selling jerseys.

2222 days ago

Mike B    

She said she went thru his phone records. That's right I bet he only has one phone.

Wake up Jessica!!

2222 days ago


Carrie Underwood wouldn't lie. If Romo calls her and she says he does, then what is the big deal? The big deal is that the nitwit Jessica just doesn't believe her guy would call his old girlfriend. Hahahahahhahhaa. Carrie Underwood should be too smart to talk to Romo, and Jessica is too stupid to risk losing someone like Romo. Jessica should go back to wondering about chicken of the sea, doing Romo and polishing her toe nails. Carrie should realize that she is so much smarter (not to MENTION more talented) than Jessica and that if Romo wants an idiot at his side, she should just hang up on him and leave him to jessica.

2222 days ago


That interview with Carrie was done over 3 months ago. Maybe he was still calling her occasionally as friends back then but Carrie has said in interviews that were done more recently, but came out before Allure, that she doesn't talk to him anymore. Magazines always pull statements out of context in order to garner the most buzz so who knows what she was really talking about. Carrie has also been known to say a little too much like the Chase Crawford text message break up statement. I'm not a huge fan of either of these girls, but IMO Jessica is really showing her immaturity by perpetuating this and trashing Carrie like they're in middle school. Making fun of her for being a vegetarian, etc. is just childish and ignorant.

2222 days ago

texano girl    

Jessica stood right there in that interview and LIED TO ALL OF AMERICA. She knows good and well that interview was done
in MAY. She is leading you all to believe it was now in AUGUST. She is such a LIAR. You saw her stand there and say
no Tony is not calling Carrie. Well of course he's not NOW. But did she bother to mention he WAS calling her in MAY!
No because she is a WITCH AND A LIAR TRYING TO FOOL YOU ALL. Tony was calling Carrie in MAY when Tony was single. He and Jessica were split up in May. It was only days and Tony was already calling Carrie when he was supposed to be thinking about their relationship. So obviously Jessica is p*ssed and embarrassed her BF would do this and this is the only way she can get by is to drag Carrie's name through the mud like Carrie is saying he's calling her now. You see what type of person
Jessica is? Get that publicity at the expense of anyone to stand there knowing Tony was calling her in MAY and lie in the microphone to these DJS AND AMERICA. She said if Tony wanted her he would be with her. NO FALSE. Carrie said not interested. Carrie didnt want him. He was rejected and went back to Jessica. Jessica is just so embarrassed over the whole thing and Tony too because he got caught chatting up his ex. Carrie Underwood is no liar. She is a sweet girl with a wholesome reputation. I know all of what I typed here to be true because I know them and this IS what happened.

2222 days ago


jessica is so worthless and annoying... Instead of talking about
Carrie Underwood she should probably focus on making music that
doesn't suck.

2222 days ago


Carrie rocks! She has no reason to lie....the interviewer brought up the subject of Tony Romo. Jessica is insecure, has no talent and continues to look/sound more stupid when she talks to the media.

2222 days ago


Joan Rivers once told a story on Stern about what a bitch Carie Underwood is and I can't stand her ever since. Jessica is a total airhead but Carrie is a bitch. Better an airhead.

2222 days ago
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