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Other Nerds Say Nintendo Jacked Their Joystick

8/21/2008 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WiiThat Wii wand you're waving around like a madman at your friend's party might not be Wii-motely Nintendo's after all.

At least that's what a tech company in Maryland wants you to think. It's suing Nintendo for jacking the joystick and other patents it says it developed before the Wii blew up. They don't specify damages in the Federal lawsuit, but given how many gazillion of these things Nintendo has sold, we're guessing it'll be a lot.

Nintendo didn't comment.


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The Wii's been out for almost 2 years and now these guys realized this? Timing is everything, but apparently not to these guys.

2251 days ago

snotty snob    

Actually, they realized it before and have been trying to get Wii to change the wand and now it's come to this. These people were trying to take the high road, but you can't do that with the idiots at Nintendo apparently. Game on!

2251 days ago

snotty snob    

That copany, Hillcrest, developed the wand to help disabled kids do their exercises in a more interesting way. My daughter used "joysticks" from this company to help overcome a birth defect and they are wonderful people. Their equipment forced a child to do a certain movement over and over again while playing the game. This movement was basically the child doing physical therapy. They just didn't realize that's what they were doing. If you had a child that had to do an hour or more of PT everyday for six months, you would see the wonder of this product. Many, many, many hours of work and tries had gone into perfecting this item and Wii stole it. Nintendo had been told about it and ignored the requests.

2251 days ago


Isn't this like the 2nd or 3rd time some company has tried suing Nintendo saying they "creating" the Wii-mote not nintendo

2251 days ago


Kids, make sure you patent your garage inventions.

Anascape Ltd. v. Microsoft Corp., 06cv158, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas (Lufkin).

2251 days ago


Everyone just wants a piece of the Nintendo pie. If it was their design they should have spoke up right away. It's a corporation that sells all over the world, and the main branch in Japan. All of the different consoles have toyed with the idea of motion sensing. Nintendo just took it farther and now people want to cash in that had similar ideas.

2251 days ago

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