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Mac to Madge -- Who You Callin' a Nazi?

8/25/2008 2:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain did not take kindly to being compared to Adolf Hitler.

And now he's punching back at Madonna, who seemed to compare the GOP prez nominee to Hitler and Zimbabwe's own evil dictator, Robert Mugabe. His rep told FOX News, "The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time."

Check this out: J-Mac's camp is trying to lump Madonna in with Barack: "His fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits."

Amy's In-Laws: Lock Wino Up!

Just like a-holes, everybody has an opinion about Amy Winehouse.

The latest person to weigh in? The mum-in-law. Georgette Civil, Blake Fielder-Civil's mama, tells the News of the World, "Prison will do Amy far more good than rehab ... The police know Amy is a drug addict. They should arrest her and put her behind bars." Georgette would know: Her boy is doing time now.

We told you last week that despite all the madness, Wino's not in rehab.

LiLo -- Girls Just Want to Have Cyndi

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson were back in Chi-town for a SamRo DJ gig – and they got some unsolicited advice from Cyndi Lauper.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that LiLo was "very affectionate" with Sam -- no surprise -- but got a visit from Cyndi at Crimson Lounge, where Sam was spinning. Spies in the club overheard Lauper tell Lindz and Ronson, "Just be yourselves. Be who you are. Nobody today cares about people's [sexual orientation]."


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Forget TAMI.....if she has it in her mind that HOMOSEXUALITY is an illness you certainly are not going to help her see clear in a format like this. Its taken years of conditioning from parents and her surroundings for her to think this way. Its such a shame in a country like ours that there are still people being brought up like that. She probably things its a "CHOICE" as well.

2249 days ago


#57 I go to church every Sunday. I fight for the laws of Jesus. I know God's law do you? You believe that we must love everyone as Jesus did. I find it offensive when people break the law of Jesus which is the law of chastity. Jesus does NOT approve of two men or two women lying down beside each other - read your scriptures instead of evoking Jesus's name to further you hellish ways. I'm sorry you feel it's sad for this world for misguided people who are following the devil rather than reading the scriptures and following the laws of our Heavenly Father. Shame on you.

2249 days ago


Yes! Jesus said to love one another, he also said that "Not everyone who says Lord! Lord! Will enter the gates of Heaven". Not to mention "If anyone says they love me but do not do as I say then they are a liar". Look it up! The Apostle Paul spent several months learning from the Disciple's who learned from Jesus himself!! You are right about one thing, it is a sin to hate! IT IS NOT A SIN TO HATE SIN!!! And apparently the foolish seem to think that if GOD "REALLY" loved them then he would accept anything and everything that they do! NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! In fact if you REALLY love GOD then we renounce our sins and live a life that is pleasing to GOD, not one that caters to our sinful nature. In fact the bible says "The ways of the world is an abomination to God, that is why (generally speaking) God considers the world his enemy". And contrary to popular ignorance this verse is not just talking about the big things like war, and murder, it was referring to all immorality that we humans get up to including sexual immorality. To state that if "God really love me he'd love my lifestyle" is both childish and typical of the cleverness of the willfully sinful mind. However no matter how much ANY OF US prattle all sorts of clever, and seemingly "loving" nonsense God is NOT impressed! Is there really anyone so foolish as to think we are coming up with any new arguments that God has not heard billions of times before?! REALLY?! Talk about arrogance! And punishing anyone, for ANY sin does not make God "Unloving". Especially, considering he went to the trouble of warning us ahead of time! If he didn't warn us that sooner or later there would be consequences for ANY sinful action then fair enough that would be cruel but alas he's called the bible! If some people choose to live a life contrary to what God has decreed then they have no one to blame but themselves! That's like speeding down a highway and you see dozens of signs along the road stating that the speed limit is 65mph but you decide that you don't like that, it doesn't fit with how you want to drive, so you decide to go 80mph and then get angry and indignant because you get pulled over and given a ticket! THAT IS HOW WE HUMANS ACT ON NUMEROUS ISSUES!!! And when things don't go the way we want, we sulk, and accuse God of not loving us....not to mention anyone who has the AUDACITY to point out our sin, we can't curse them out and denounce them LOUD ENOUGH!! They're OBVIOUSLY a bunch of haters otherwise they would support us in "whatever" we do. Especially if what were doing is making "US' happy, after all, isn't that what life is all about?! Oh sure there will be many clever sounding fools ready to denounce me as a "whack job" or a "Hater" etc, etc, AD NAUSEUM!!!! Actually I try to love the person and to hate the sin. Which is what parents do all of the time. Or is there anyone so foolish to think that IF a parent truly loves their child they will love everything their child does?! And if God declared something to be a sin and then failed to punish any of us for WHATEVER sin we do then he would cease to be GOD! Because that would make him a liar, and no liar can be God and the living God is NO LIAR!! Oh by the way, when I speak of punishing us, THAT DOESN'T necessarily mean "eternal damnation" or striking us with lightening! PLEASE!! GOD is a little more just, than all that!!! GOD ALWAYS MAKES SURE THAT THE PUNISHMENT FITS THE CRIME, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT WE DEEM SOMETHING A SIN! And for those who seem to be getting off literally for murder, rape or child molestation?! As one scholar put it "Justice delayed is NOT justice denied". They will get there's someday! And one more thing that the foolish seem to forget!! Heaven is GOD'S House NOTt ours!!! So HE gets to make the rules as to who he will let in.....NOT US!

2248 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Matthew, It is very pleasant to hear from someone who seems to have a clearer understanding than most of those who post about Jesus and his Father on this item and others. My objection to Tami is that she speaks in terms that make it obvious that she hates the sinner and not the sin. She speaks of chastity as being the highest good which Jesus asked of us. Does she also mean that no one should be unchaste? But then how would we follow God's direction to be fruitful and multiply. If , as she appears to be doing, one condemns a person because one disapproves of their actions then one assumes that they can never repent.
I, myself, accept that homosexuals are the children of God and He will decide, in his infinite mercy and love, how He will treat them. In the Old Testament, God is a strict father who admonishes his children many times but in the New Testament, Jesus, who is the proof of God's love, explains how God, though a stern father is also a loving father. He sent Jesus to us that we might be forgiven for Eve's original sin and only suffer because we choose to break his laws.
As you said, only God decides who He will accept into his house, which is Heaven. And only He knows how He will punish those who do not follow his laws.

2248 days ago


I can see this is going to turn into a Bible Belt lecture. Is there anyone that reads these postings not from the Bible belt? It really is a shame that the folks that live there are so sheltered from the rest of the world and close their eyes to things they are un sure of.

2247 days ago

Redneck Girl    

Poor Guy Ritchie, he has got to be the biggest sucker in the UK. How can he put up with a skank who continually embarrasses him by rubbing her flings in his face. She is one of the most vulgar performers around and a pictue of her in US magazine boarders on obscene. If her legs were any wider apart she would be in danger of turning wrong side out. AS for her comments and showing McCain's picture hanging next to Hitler, how dare she. She doesn't live in the USA any more and doesn't vote, so why does she care. Just publicity. Butt out, you gap-tooth haint.

2245 days ago


While I agree with Madonna, I believe that McCain's running mate is more Hitleresqe. sarah palin is a killer and a nazi sympathizer.... in the privacy of her own mind.

2230 days ago
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