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Oprah Supports Obama, Rolls Like McCain

8/25/2008 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah WinfreyIt's official...Oprah is going to the Democratic Convention -- or at least she'll be in the same city -- and she will not be staying at a Holiday Inn.

O is shelling out $50,000 to rent a house in a Denver 'burb, according to the Rocky Mountain News. That's even a lot for the Hamptons -- but Denver, Colo?

Her reps are still mum on whether she'll appear on the floor, but unless she's in a contest with McCain on racking up the most homes, it seems pretty clear.


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Quit knocking McCain because he owns some houses. Why are people so jealous because of his success? He accomplished the American dream that we all would like to be proud of him for it. And by the way...I am a Democrat voting for Obama.

2163 days ago


I'm glad you can watch the convention either on TV or online this time. There's a great set of DNCC (and RNCC) links on They have links to the official schedule, the official sites, the protest sites, local Denver and Twin City media coverage, where to watch them online, and links to blogs reporting from them.

2163 days ago


Why use this photo of Oprah? PLEASE..

2163 days ago


Ha, I'm a democrat voting for McCain.

2163 days ago

i hate hollywood    

i'm really happy to seethat most of the people posting on this media whore are not blind cattle and see this self riteoug media whore for what she really is. This bitch is NO DOUBT republican. I completely agree that the only reason she's backing obama is because they share the same skin color. I dont give a $hit about what this fat pig says about politics, or anything else for that matter. She's starting to get older, maybe she croak soon and we wont have to her about her and her self-riteous ways and donations any more.

2163 days ago


Oprah has a private chef and personal trainer and she's still FAT.
Money can't buy everything. No one gives a xxxx who she endorses for President.
That phony Obama will never win.

2163 days ago


Where Oprah is staying is in a "burb" (as you call it) called Cherry Hills. People who aren't from Denver still like to consider us a Cow Town, but our Metro area is surrounded by million dollar homes, Polo Reserve neighborhoods and Golf Courses. It's actually kind of ironic that the DNC is here, considering Colorado is primarily a Republican state with tiny spots of Democrats - mostly around Boulder.

It's kind of a zoo here right now, I couldn't take my usual route to get to work - I'm right in the middle of downtown. My coworkers (all Republican over 50 years old) and I are going to stroll through downtown, just to see if we catch sight of any celebrities. Cheesy, I know, but hey while they are here, why not? :) On the plus side, our city has never looked so good!!

2163 days ago


"Mcvein can't even remember how many houses he owns.Just can't stand to see a black person with so much power.The 1950-60's are over blacks are coming up--move over or get rolled over "

Move over or get rolled over???? Really??? That is why I won't vote for Obama. I keep hearing "just wait until our boy is in the white house" or "whitey is going to get pay back now'". I don't like him, his grandiouse plans, his wife or his VP.

2163 days ago


P.S. McCain does not own the houses. His wife or her corporation does. Most held in trust for their children. He signed a pre-nup, so I doubt he keeps track of her business.

2163 days ago


Enough of John McCain's houses. Most of the homes are owned by Cindy McCain (who gives away millions of her money to charity, quietly, I might add) and her family. And there are plenty of non-millionaires who own two, three, four or more homes and rent them out. I can include myself in that category. What is wrong with working hard and getting ahead in this country? Obama himself owns a $2 million dollar mansion in Chicago (6,000 s.f. for him and his wife and kids). We won't get into his dealings with Rezko, but, on second thought, maybe we should...

2163 days ago


Ok, nothing really to do with the story... but what is with TMZ always finding the most god-awful picture of someone and using it with the story they're trying to sell?? I mean, what's the point? Can't you find a picture of her when she isn't about to blink????

2163 days ago

Canyon Girl    

I'm a Democrat who WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN! Who gives a rip who Oprah, the New Age Diva supports. She's a looser.

2163 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Maddy, Maddy,

Let the Obamites rail on their race crap. The more white votes they turn off to their man the more our man gets in return!!!

2163 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I mean think about it...

Reverend Wright supported Obama too and nearly BURIED him...

2163 days ago


OPRAH..OBAMA.....not a dime's worth of diffrence...a black candidate at any cost. They can have their dog and pony show this week in Denver but should not forget the SILENT MAJORITY who will NEVER buy one of OPrah[s books or vote for her boy candidate.

2163 days ago
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