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Mackenzie Phillips


8/27/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips has been busted at LAX for allegedly possessing heroin and cocaine. She's in custody right now.

At 10:00 AM, officers responded to Terminal 4, where 48-year-old Phillips was being screened by TSA. During the screening process, some baggies and balloons believed to contain heroin and cocaine were recovered.

The former "One Day at a Time" star has had a long history of drug abuse.

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She has never been clean. This girl is a lost cause, like so many other "celebs". How ignorant to pack it right in your suitcase as if it is not going to eb detected. She deserves to be sent to rehab and then to jail, but we all know there are two kinds of justice in America, one for tehhave's and one for teh have nots. I'm expecting to hear that she has been released with no more than a warning.

2216 days ago


3. Disease, the biggest cop out perpetrated on the American public since 3 hour martinizing!!

Posted at 1:54PM on Aug 27th 2008 by ridicaris---Gotta agree with you 100%. My brother is a junkie, and he will beg, borrow and steal from anyone at anytime. Then he always has his crutch, "Its a disease." Uh huh. No, its not. Its the thrill of getting wasted and nothing more, I do wish her well.

2216 days ago


Once a junkie...............always a junkie. She had stayed clean for some time. But i guess she couldn't fight the demons inside her. Come on Mack, you can do it...............again................if not for yourself, then the ones who love you. Mainly, your son. i beat the demons............time and time again. The last time was almost THE laat time. We don't want to loose you. I'm praying for you. Don't listen to what everyone else is saying bad about you. They're just ignorant.

2216 days ago



2216 days ago


This is really sad, but hardly unexpected. In her day, Phillips had one of the worst drug problems I've ever heard of. She essentially lost her job on " One Day At A Time " because of it. What's disheartening is that she stayed clean for so long (presumably) then relapsed. Very sad. Addiction is an ugly monkey to have on your back, and like an alcoholic, drug addicts are never really recoverED, just recoverING. I wish her the best in her attempts to regain her sobriety.

2216 days ago


I am truly sorry to hear this news about Mackenzie Phillips. I just keep seeing her as the cute little kid in American Graffiti. I have seen her over the years on various interview shows...she is such a damn likable person. I was so proud that she got off those drugs and was doing so well. It is a set back but i hope she gets up again and tries twice as hard this time. I pray that she can kick the drugs for good. I wish her good luck and a happy and drug free life. She deseves it!
Michael, a fan in Washington DC

2216 days ago


At least she wasn't caught with Beenie babies.

2216 days ago


ok is this really a big shock for anyone?

2216 days ago


She had one of the more screwed up Hollyowood upbringings ever. Surprised she has made it this far. Hope she gets some more help but I really do believe some people like the drug lifestyle better than the sober one.

2216 days ago

not surprised    

Well gee, imagine that. A hard core druggie busted again. And your surprised because????

2216 days ago


write on the blackboard 500 times...."I am stupid, really stupid, really, really stupid"

2216 days ago


this is sad, like they say the disease is cunning, baffling and powerful. I was at a women's spiritual retreat years ago and she was there. to try to bring illegal drugs through security at an airport shows you how strong of a hold her addiction had on her.

2216 days ago


What a great legacy from The Mamas and Papas....

2216 days ago


Lock up all those has beens. They have no talent to begin with. They get paid these hugh salaries and still spend more than they made. Look At Ed McMan ...No money to pay the bank on his house. That is bull, as if it happen to us, the house would be taken immediately.

2216 days ago


That's really sad. She was supposedly clean for a long time!

2216 days ago
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