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Hefty Price Tag on Heath's Hearth

8/28/2008 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The apartment where Heath Ledger died is available for rent, and apparently someone thinks the tragedy is good for business.

Ledger's three-bedroom loft is on the market for $26,000 a month. The Broome St. loft has its own private balcony, original Corinthian columns, and a wood-burning fireplace.

Heath paid around $22K a month before he died there 7 months ago.


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I don't think it's bad karma - what happened to Heath in there was an accident, so i doubt the place is jinxed.

2217 days ago


Why is it bad karma to rent the apartment? Why shouldn't the guy who owns the apartment be able to get is money for it? That's why he owns the place. Bad karma would be if he said it was haunted by Heath's ghost and sold tickets to attend a ouija board seance or something like that!

2217 days ago

your mother    

Bad Karma? What? Is the landlord supposed to just let it sit empty for the rest of time? As for the bump in price. that often happens when something was owned or touched by a celebrity....and most of the time, people will pay for it. If I owned something that a celebrity once had, I would profit on it too if someone was stupid enough to pay for it.

2217 days ago


Bad karma? the guy who owns the appt. has not been collecting rent since Heath died. He's lost money in those months. Why the hell wouldn't he rent it out again? So someone died there. It happens in a lot of places and new tenants move in. We just don't hear about it cause they're not famous. Get over it. He's dead and that's it. We all miss him and his acting, but life goes on.

2217 days ago


Bad Karma would be if the land lord only up-ed the rent because someone famous died there. If he's trying to recuope his lost rent from the past 7 months or because the cost of living has sky rocketed... that's fine. But don't expect a pay off cause of a celebrity death, that would be BAD KARAMA

2217 days ago


It's not a f-n shrine or temple, the guy died. Alot of people die at home. When selling my grandmother-in-law's house we had to disclose grandpa died in the kitchen. It's a law here in california to disclose that kind of information. If a celebrity died in the house, we'd probably get more offers. It's just business and the landlord shouldn't have to suffer because a few fans are butt hurt about it. You think Heath Ledger's ghost is going to be haunting the apartment? It's not bad karma to sell the apartment, housing sucks in New York. It's good karma to sell the space to a family or someone who actually needs it.

2217 days ago


Just one more example of how these so-called "celebs" are completely out of touch with reality.

Too much money, too little brains.

2217 days ago

the short chick in the back    

I thought Michelle Williams & their daughter were currently living there... Maybe she is the one selling?

2217 days ago


It is not uncommon for the rent to go up in Manhattan when a apartment is vacant. It's business.
There is only a certain amount they can raise the rent when it is occupied so when it becomes available it goes up.
I doubt Heath Ledger has anything to do with it.

2217 days ago


I'm surprised anyone can afford it. I don't make $26k a year working two jobs!

2217 days ago

OBAMA for Presidant!    

People move into places where others have died all the time, because he was famous it is to stay vacant? Come on, it is not like they are renting the bed that they found him in. They still have to make money on the appartment.

2217 days ago


No Michelle and Matilda live in Brooklyn in the house that she and Heath shared when they were together. When they split up she stayed there w/Matilda and Heath moved to SoHo. My sister-in-law lives in Brooklyn and she said her rent changes every year so between the fact that its been unoccupied since Jan and rent goes up all the time, its no wonder the owner is going up on rent. At least I hope its not for the 'celebrity' reason...that would be awful.

2217 days ago


No way bad karma. In NYC you're pretty much guaranteed that someone died in your apartment in the past.

2217 days ago

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