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Mackenzie Phillips Bailed Out: Take Two

8/28/2008 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Bijou Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips' half-Scientolosister, showed up to the jail in Van Nuys this afternoon to post her sister's $10,000 bail. As we first reported, Bijou tried to do that yesterday but Mac was having none of it -- telling Bijou she preferred staying behind bars.

Guess a night in the pokey changed her mind.


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Me Me    

She was given so much -- much more than the average person -- money, fame, family -- and look what she makes of herself.

2210 days ago

Hardworking but broke    

It is a shame, but you know what? At least her disease has been a PRIVATE hell for her. We don't see her running around with no underwear or being thrown into 5150 holds... we don't see her beating he girlfriend on public streets, or driving drunk and getting into accidents. Have some sympathy for someone who had a rough start to begin with (considering her parentage) and has obviously PRIVATELY struggled with an addition for most of her life. I feel for her.

2210 days ago

Hardworking but broke    

... struggled with an ADDICTION most of her life...


2210 days ago


I wish Machinzie the best with battling her demans. Don't be too hard on the lady, she is a good person.

2210 days ago


I wish she would just hurry up and die of a drug overdose, I'm sick and tired of always reading about her "struggle" with addiction.

2210 days ago


I've seen the needle and the damge done, every junkie's like a setting sun..... Neil Young

2210 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

...this is a sad story and the picture says it all, I feel for all people who r struggling with drug addiction.

2210 days ago


OMG, now they can go home and get high together. The authorities should have sent her straight to a rehab facility. Now, she really has a reason to shoot up, it's been a stressful ordeal for her. Might as well get high, can't and won't do anything else. I mean let's all be serious here for a minute anyways, the girl was transporting quite a bit of stuff, do you really think she is up to the task of giving it up? Instead of fighting for her life and the life of her son, she'll give in, give up and overdose.

2210 days ago

just wondering    

hey John, Douche bag - YOU HAVENT HEARD TONS ABOUT THIS WOMAN YOU IDIOT - her nightmare has been very quiet. Shes not in the public eye.

2210 days ago


john posted:
" I wish she would just hurry up and die of a drug overdose, I'm sick and tired of always reading about her "struggle" with addiction." to be you, eh?

2210 days ago

Mark in San Fran    

I hope Bijou took her straight to rehab. This is really quite a sad story. One can only hope that getting arrested yesterday is the best thing that has ever happened to her, if that event will mark the turning point in getting her off drugs.

2210 days ago


Drug addiction is a terrible disease. Every day is a struggle to stay clean. I wish Mackenzie and all those who are struggling with an addiction to continue to take it one moment at a time and keep trying to kick the addiction.

2210 days ago


#2 - the reason you haven't seen her doing any of these things (and she very well may have) is because she's a NOBODY! The Paps don't chase after her. Are you that stupid or what?!?

2210 days ago

mrs k    

what is the matter with you people? have you NO heart? she isn't hurting you. her problems aren't yours. wishing she would OD and the other equally hateful comments - i just don't get it. you people have UGLY insides and i bet the outside matches. rather then wishing addicts dead why don't you just try doing something positive yourself - like volunteering or taking a bit of exercise and getting off the computer...

2210 days ago


This picture of McKenzie Phillips says it all. Look at the pain in her eyes. Those of you who can look at that picture and still say such ugly things about her, well you have no soul. What is wrong with the people who come on here day in and day out only to say such hateful things. Those of you who do that need counseling and need to ask yourself why you have so much hate. I feel bad for McKenzie. She is obviously suffering from a terrible disease. I hope she gets the help she needs.

2210 days ago
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