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The Woman Who Beat McCain's VP

8/29/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's VP Governor Sarah Palin hasn't lost the election yet, but she did lose the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant to Maryline Blackburn, coming in second.

According to her website, Maryline "is a singer with a wide spectrum of performing experiences." Maybe she'll perform at the RNC in St. Paul on Monday.


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To # 18 Rena

Your comparison was very interesting and thought-provoking. With so much ranting and snide comments, it is tiresome to read many of the comments. It's like trying to figure out how to mediate a snot-slinging argument when the only action going on is snot-slinging. No discussion, no facts, no proof of anything. Just a room full of flying snot. Try sifting through that and finding the pony.

2246 days ago


EVERYONE READ.......The running next Vice President Sarah Palin....maybe the same woman in the old Adam Ant Video..."Goody Two Shoes." Check it out...TMZ I dare you to do a side by side Photo.

2246 days ago


this hilary supporter is for sara palvin.

2246 days ago


#29 (GET ALONG??)Please enlighten us. What are her accomplishments? Since her name is not well known, could you help us understand? OR DO YOU REALLY KNOW....
Why would you make this about color ---She's a Female---who is not known. PERIOD!

2246 days ago



2246 days ago


wow, the winner was homely compared to Palin... Palin was far prettier.

I'm so amped about this nomination tho.

She has a son who is a true hero having chosen to go into the armed forces, she has a child with down syndrome she refused to abort because she believes in life, she is a union supporter, her parents worked in elementary schools as a teacher and principal, her approval rating in the last few years is 80% in alaska which is more than any politician usually gets, she is willing to stand up for her party, and against her party when she feels they are wrong.

And the best part is, now the liberals are attacking her lack of experience (Even though she has more executive experience than obama.)

Well guess what? Obama picked a VP with experience to save his ass. McCain didn't have to because he has enough experience.

And enough with the old crap. McCain is only 72. My great aunt is 96 and still going strong... I had an uncle die in a car accident at 49. So age isn't a determining factor of longevity.


2246 days ago

Poor Celeb    

Hey TMZ. Might want to zip your fly. Your slant is showing. Not very pretty, either.

2246 days ago


count me in.
a hilary supporter for sara palvin...

2246 days ago


Thanks to the republicans choosing this person to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, the desperate fools have practically gift wrapped the election for the democrats.

Biggest mistake in political history.

2246 days ago


I agree with #39 that this is the biggest political mistake in history. The voters won't take her seriously as a potential President. She'll need a good showing against Biden in the VP debates. This is even more damaging for McCain than it would be for Obama due to McCain's age and health history. Let's see. She was mayor of a small town and then governor of one of the the smallest(population) states for just 2 years, but she's going to be a heartbeat away from being President of the United States?

On the other hand, she does have being a hot mom going for her.

2246 days ago


She has a very interesting personal and political history. Looks like she's not afraid to clean house regardless of party affiliation. She apparently gave birth in April to a Downs Syndrome son, even knowing that her child would be afflicted. The part about where she and her husband eloped and then found out they had to suddenly get some witnesses to their marriage was humorous. Finding random seniors at a retirement home and asking them to bear witness shows determination and a sense of humor.

If I lived in Alaska, I'd probably be in the NRA also. There's some damned behemoth moose and grizzlies up there and I wouldn't want to have to depend on my pitching arm to throw sticks hard enough to bring one down if he took a hankering to my hide.

2246 days ago


The political commentary will drag down the Republicans rapidly, but both McCain and Palin will be destroyed in the debates. ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED! If McCain is at 42% now, he'll be no higher than 32% after the debates, and that means that only hard core far right Republicans will still hang on, but not out of loyalty to McCain and absolutely not Palin, who is PURE IMPOSTER relative to the VP position.

2246 days ago


If you have any pictures of Michelle Hobama in a bathing suit please do not publish them. I'm afraid I would have to rip my eyes out!

2246 days ago


I am so proud to see a woman chosen for this position. This woman embodies what woman in this country feel and that is the power and grace to become something important. She is someone that I would like my daughter to look up to as she grows up. This is a big day for women who, up until this last century, have been second class no matter what color their skin. I am so proud and excited!

BTW some may be asking about her experience..Seriously? Should that even be a question? Your candidate is still wet behind those incredible ears!

2246 days ago


Some of you are absolutely correct! How could a homely man or woman possibly be an efficient leader?! I mean it's like anyone would vote for homely men for president, I mean look at how drop dead gorgeous Abe Lincoln was or how about Woodrow Wilson....what a fox! Yup! Never ever should anyone vote for someone based on their political experience or their values, NOPE! After all, this isn't called the MS Vice President pageant for nothing! LMAO!!!!

2246 days ago
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