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The Woman Who Beat McCain's VP

8/29/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's VP Governor Sarah Palin hasn't lost the election yet, but she did lose the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant to Maryline Blackburn, coming in second.

According to her website, Maryline "is a singer with a wide spectrum of performing experiences." Maybe she'll perform at the RNC in St. Paul on Monday.


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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the comments about not taking her seriously for being in a beauty pageant. She competed in those pageants to win scholarships so she could GO TO COLLEGE. Get your freakin' facts straight, you liberals.

2214 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Palin is even less qualified for the position of Vive President than Geraldine Ferraro was and look at how well that worked. I would never have an abortion myself but I refuse to vote for anyone who would take that right away from other women. Joe Biden as Vice President has far more qualifications than this woman does. He has been a Senator for 36 years, is now the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and thus has the experience that McCain has been claiming Obama lacks. His father was a car salesman and so he will pull in the blue collar and union vote. His elder son serves in the Delaware Army National Guard and is due to deploy to Iraq in October 2008. and those are just a ew of the reasons why he will make a good Vice President.
What voting blocks will Sarah Palin bring to her ticket? A few women who would vote for any ticket that has a woman on it, sour grapes because Hillary is not going to be President or Vice President, but no woman who voted for Hillary because of her position on the issues will. And, of course, she will bring the state of Alaska (it would be really sad if she didn't)This woman is the antithesis of Hillary Clinton. McCain already had the die-hard conservative and pro-life vote and the veteran vote so exactly what voter block is she adding to the ticket?
Remember, The Vice President must step in to serve should something happen to the President. Who would you rather have? A senior statesman or a woman with less experience than George W. Bush who has managed to nearly destroy the country in 8 years? While McCain is a healthy senior citizen whose family tends to live long lives: my father's mother lived into her 90's, he didn't make it past 67; My mother's mother was 94, my mother died at 83. So long-living ancestors does not necessarily translate into long-lived descendants.
I think McCain made a very bad choice in his vice president which will hurt him come election day.

Go Sox

2214 days ago


@ Rosie: Alaska is NOT the wealthiest state in the nation. Not by far. New Jersey and Maryland are the wealthiest states in the US, although Alaska is in the top 10.

My friend from law school lives in Alaska- born and raised. She says that they have to pay people to live there, or most people wouldn't bother. Don't know how true that is.

2214 days ago

name withheld    

How is it McCains fault Hillary was not picked??!! That would be Obama's deal, you moron. by Kimmie

How does it feel to be a stupid *bitch* who can't read? My friend

2214 days ago


Haha she will loose to a black person 2 times

2214 days ago


I'm voteing for Obama and whats his name .. (wish it was Hillery tho)

2214 days ago


Whats MaCain thinking? .. Next

2214 days ago


Whats McCain thinking???!? Is this a skit on Sat night live or something?? .. I'm voteing for Obama

2214 days ago

name withheld    

As a woman and former republican, I am personally offended at this most unqualified choice for VP. A woman who is best known for her fight against the federal government to destroy our planet. If she thinks we need oil now, how does she think it is going to look for us in 25 or 50 years? It seems such a careless ploy to turn women voters McCains way. This man is mocking women

2214 days ago

Sir Simon Derek Chesterhampton    

It doesn't matter what any poser here will say. The Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain with The Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin are the favored and winning choices for The Presidency and The Vice Presidency over anyone serving with, involved with and connected to Obama. Nothing lesser is happening, and this comes as a surprise to no one.

2214 days ago


Polar Bear,

so you know the woman by simply looking at her photo? You jackass!!! Have you ever been to that "pristine" and 'vulnerable' little place in the deep dark corner of Alaska known as "ANWAR". It's a god forsaken place that has little or no wildlife to speak of. We're talking about an area the size of San Francisco. It's a bearen waste land that needs to be drilled now!!!!!! Or would you rather continue to pay those peace loving arabs close to a trillion dollars a year for the oil that we need. We will eventually find a more efficient way to power our vehicles but until then, we need drill domestically. You are the knuckle draggin fool!

2214 days ago


sara palin is strong,beautiful and smart.
i'm leaving the party of the empty suit puppet obama.
should have picked hilary for his vp.

2214 days ago


I find it hilarious that most of the dumb ass HIllary supporters who are falling for this, can't correctly spell SARAH PALIN besides it being the main headline. Her name is not Sara Palvin. And if McCain dies I feel for our country under this womans leadership. No Experience. Just a pretty face.


2214 days ago


Maybe Palin was talentless, just like her experiance.

2214 days ago


Ok, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Tina Fey from Saturday night live?

McCain 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2214 days ago
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