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We're Really Afraid to Write this Headline...

8/30/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... and we're really scared to write text for this video starring Shawn Johnson. But you gotta watch it ...


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Your not afraid your just a bunch of nothing jack asses that have nothing better to do with your selves but pick on our countries finest.

2215 days ago

Big Bear    

Susie we are just having a little fun and maybe you ought to try that some time. You must have a bug up your behind to write the way you wrote your comment!!!!

2215 days ago


This video was fine because you didn't insult her, you just showed a dumb commercial...

2215 days ago


I dont get it. That was just a video of 2 teenage guys and a cute puppet rat eating tacos.

2215 days ago


Hahahaha. OMG. What is up with gymnasts sounding like they have been sucking in some helium?

2214 days ago


FYI - I don't think the Hamm brothers are gay. Actually, one of them is getting married soon. Just because a guy has a high voice doesn't mean he's gay.

2214 days ago


My God, anyone who is mad at TMZ for posting this is an idiot. They should just remember that Shawn Johnson had to agree to do this herself, and I bet she knew what she was saying. TMZ is just reporting the facts so people need to settle down about her. She does look like that cute little mouse and she does have a "popping taco".

2214 days ago


I'll eat her taco

2214 days ago


that is friggin' hilarious! Makes my toco pop! She needs to fire her agent!

2212 days ago



2211 days ago


Whoever wrote this for a 16-year-old girl should NEVER be allowed to write another commercial again. He or she should be banned from television forever- actually should be tarred and feathered. TMZ should find out who wrote it and go after them. They should get the same public humiliation that poor Shawn had to endure. TMZ can you hunt him or her down and make THEM comment on this? What could they have been thinking????? It is a disgrace.

2211 days ago


As much as i love Shawn Johnson this ad is cringeworthy, i gotta say though i sorta like watchin ads like this that dont take themselves too seriously, Lmfao imagine if people really talked like that whilst eating or even doing anything. LOL

Just sat in your house with a friend and speaking like that! lol Hey i love ortega crunchy shells with blah blah blah lol.

Beat That BRO!!!

2186 days ago


Okay, so you alledgedly removed the Shawn Johnson-Topo Gigio comparison. If you did, it's about time, but if you didn't as some of the other commentors have mentioned, I can't say I'm surprised. But this one takes the cake! It's bad enough that you would insult this beautiful darling of a girl by comparing her to a rat, but now you're dignifying this poorly-written commercial with airtime so that people who may not know who Shawn is might form a severely flawed opinion of her by insinuating that she is somehow sexually aroused by taco sauce. Including yourselves, I see at least four individuals or groups who have seriously dropped the ball here when it comes to truth in advertising and in putting her in this awkward position. First, the writers of the commercial should give back their pay for writing such a lame script to begin with and for not proof-reading it for things such as double-entendras, which, when placed in the hands of sleeze like yourselves, become the makings of defamation of character. How could this get through to the final script (probably no revisions) for a commercial that would have been seen by millions during the Olympics if it hadn't been yanked for probably this very reason? It's inconceivable that NBC would've allowed it to air if the ones in charge of decency and sensorship had any knowledge of sexual inuendo, which I'm sure they do. It was a badly-written ad anyway, so that point is probably moot. The second one to blame in this unfortunate situation is, of course, Ortega. The company itself should have destroyed any and all copies of this ad before they were leaked out just for the simple fact it was cheap and substandard, but even more importantly because of the negative impact it could have on Shawn's career. How could they not realize this sort of thing would jeopardize Shawn's reputation as a clean-cut, innocent young lady and embarass her to no end at school and other places where she might get teased and ridiculed and even harrassed by boys who believe everything they see and hear? Simply shameful! Thirdly, Shawn's own agent (her name escapes me at the moment) should bear some of the blame here as well. I know she has a job to do in getting Shawn endorsements and such, but her job also should require her to shield Shawn from potential professional and, consequently, personal harm. I'm afraid she let her down in that regard. Lastly, programs such as yours, which do nothing but report negative and controversial "news" stories, have once again proven that you're only in this business to hurt people's lives, reputations, families, and careers by capitalizing on misfortunes and misunderstandings. Although a great many people you report on perhaps deserve the negative press, this is one person who definitely is not one of them. I'm not blessed enough to say I know her at all personally, but I am extremely confident I am spot on when I say that Shawn Johnson is a sweet, hard-working, genuinely wholesome young woman who probably did not expect this sort of reaction to a badly-worded line. It's not her fault that there are so many filthy-minded people out there who jumped on the band wagon and misused the word taco in a context that is completely inappropriate, particularly when referring to adolescent girls. So, when she signed on to do the spot, it more than likely never crossed her mind that an initially innocuous sentence could be twisted into something so nasty and vile. I pray this has no ill effects on her life or her reputation. She did us all proud in China, and we all hope she decides to go on to London in four years and does even better over there. If I'm right, I don't think anyone who already loves her is going to think anything bad about this, but it's those who didn't see the Olympics and is just being introduced to her that I'm afraid will see this stupid commercial and think she was cashing in on a dumb ad with x-rated undertones. If you read this and you're one of these folks, please don't get the wrong impression about her. All you have to do is google her (I'm sure those same lame-brains will take that one and run with it too) and you will see just what a precious girl she really is and just how much the country adores her. As for Ortega, you don't have to worry about losing my market share.....I've always been an Old El Paso guy.

2186 days ago
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