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Winehouse -- No Jury Would Convict

8/31/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Favorite story of the day so far ... the concert organizers that got stood up by Amy Winehouse are now threatening legal action because she stood them up.

The show was scheduled for Friday night. Organizers say at 8 PM that night, they got word Amy had taken ill in England and was unable to make the trip to a city outside Paris for the festival.

So you hire Amy Winehouse and you actually rely on her showing up. You fall for the "taken ill" excuse. Amy can present a mound of evidence showing no one with even a reality-show-contestant IQ would rely on her promise to appear as scheduled.

After the jury throws the case out the window, we expect they'll all get wasted with her.


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Black Teef    

That's a pic of Mick Mars, the guitarist for Motley Crue.

2208 days ago


Yes she had taken "ill" she is a junkie! Intervention quick!

2208 days ago


LOL Stevo your right!

2208 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She's still alive? WFT? She's waaaay behind schedule on the overdosing celeb chart! Get ta cracking, Amy. Daylight's burning!

2208 days ago


Why would anybody in their right mind expect her to actually show up.They must be on drugs also. Such a waste of talent, that she does not deserve.

2208 days ago

arte help    

See what happens when you throw away your life to drugs.

2208 days ago


Why, doesn't someone step in and commit her... before she kills herself??????

2208 days ago


Amy, Amy, are so very talented yet you have to be the most stupid woman on this earth. You have the world by the balls and are throwing it all away over drugs! Idiot! I won't be buying anymore of your albums/music...tired fo funding your drug habit. You have no respect for your fans or promoters. Time for you to dry up and blow away! Late!!!

2208 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I've said it before with another "celebrity" stand up...

What do you expect when you hire a nobody and nobody shows?

2208 days ago


why are people still hiring her for shows? she has talent obviously, but she is also very sick. imo - no one should book her till she's proven that she's actually serious about getting help and being sober.

2208 days ago


whenever i see an amy winehouse headline I SKIP IT... she does drugs we get it TMZ!!!!

2208 days ago


OH>>MY>>GOD>>Amy looks more and more like a crackhead than ever!!..Whats wrong with this girl?...She doesnt wanna go to rehab...but i think at this point they need to strap her into a rehab center and let her detox... She looks so much different than that unique, excentric vocalist we once knew...Shes a CRACKHEAD FOR GOD"S SAKE!!!!

2208 days ago

hollywood joe    

Amy Winehouse's career is over. I bought her first cd, but now will not buy anything of hers.
I'm not funding her suicide quest.
Very sad.

2208 days ago


I hate looking at her..She's soooooooo purposely UGLY!!

2208 days ago


"They tried to make me go to concert, I said no no no..."

2208 days ago
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