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Diddy -- If You Diddn't Hate Him Already...

9/1/2008 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What a breathtaking moron. While most of America is struggling to make ends meet, Diddy is seriously acting like he has made the supreme sacrifice -- flying commercial. He acts as if this should make front page news...his wish is our command.


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jenna elich    

#31 its not about being "black" im sure some of us bloggers are black
its about "hating" and having a big mouth
Diddy is a hater with a big mouth-he needs to #1 get in the studio or #2 spend some time with his kids

both im sure he hasnt been doin since these videos keep poppin up-mr black ed mcmahon

hes not mc hammer-mc is a good guy without a big mouth-at least hes prayin

2245 days ago


Diddy is really screwed up in the head. He's acting like he ain't never been broke before... I can't believe he's actually complaining about flying coach. Diddy needs to get his head outta his ass. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK... I cannot believe Diddy actually compained about going commercial when so much else is going on with the damn economy.

2245 days ago


90% of these rapper/producer douche bags will be filing chapter 11 one day. Blow all your money on Cristal and jets diddy to impress all your worshipers and keep up the baller image. That worked out really well for by boy MC Hammer. Way to "keep it real" Diddy. Please spare us the crappy remixes, your sub-par rap skills, and your horrendous stream of mind numbing reality shows. Now, he is trying to crack the acting world. Please stop Diddy, or Puff, or Sean or whatever the F you are calling yourself these days. You are nothing buy a whiny ass drama queen.

2245 days ago


Um - did he say forf - as in second, third, forf?

So first - He can't speak his native language, second - he wears dead animals as clothing, third - he called the saudis his brothers (I really like that one), and forf - he can't say the word 'blog'. And he's rich becaus ethere are actually people out their even more stupid than he is.

Nuff sed!

2245 days ago


Oh yeah, "our boy"?? our boy can't seem to put together a coherent sentence. As far as his acting career.. I saw him in Raisin in the Sun. He SUCKED! He was the worst thing in that movie. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this hack? Poor baby has to fly commercial. Too bad there wasn't a terrorist attack on that flight!! lol (just kidding!!!). OMG, what are we to do, when our mediocre "celebrities" have to fly like the rest of us. How's the reality check Piss Diddy.

2245 days ago


What a Jerk!

2245 days ago


Geez people. Take a chill out. The guys just saying those things to make news. Don't keep falling into his trap.

2245 days ago


what an ignorant person. he thinks that he is above everyone else. how could he complain when so many people are doing without so many things? he is so not appreciative of his life. can you imagine if he lost some money or if people stopped buying his stuff?

2245 days ago


Hey 'Sad but true' - NEWS BREAK - yourself a**hole. I'm cancelling out your vote.

2245 days ago


hey sad but true--since sues4 is cancelling out your vote I will be the one putting McCain/Palin ahead by 1.

You really are a moron. :)

2245 days ago


No "black" male or female I know listen to or idolize this punk. I got sick of the idiot pouring out expensive champagne in all of his pictures with that stupid look on his face. He does not represent me or my fellow brothers and sisters. He should be ashamed of himself and help his community instead of throwing away money.

2245 days ago


Hey "Sad But True"; Barack is not running for President of Black People, he is running for Preaident of the USA, so I'm pretty sure he cares what white people think. I don't think the 13% black population is going to be enough to get him elected. I'm probably going to vote Obama, but reading your bitch ass statement I might vote McCain just to spite you. LOL. And, I don't think the black popuation wants you speaking for them, because you sound like an idiot. Are you really on the Diddy bandwagon? That's pretty sad man.

2245 days ago


He has no chin and no class.

2245 days ago


it's getting harder to defend most of those individuals (rappers) nowadays

2245 days ago



2245 days ago
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