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Mother Pucker

9/1/2008 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In Hollywood producers give actors lip....and so do cosmetic surgeons. We're just sayin'....
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2207 days ago



2207 days ago


First!! I don't get why women do this to themselves. Lips don't look good all injected with junk... makes em look like puckered rectums. Everyone seems to be trying to recreate Angelina Jolie's lips, but hers are natural, and look natural. That can't be recreated. But oh do they try... and by the look of these pictures, they've failed miserably. (that one of Goldie looks like she's got hair running all through her lipstick. Gross.

2207 days ago


not a fan of the TROUT POUT

one thing however
Lisa Rinna's lips are the same one's she's always had!
my cousins lived up the street from her family for about 3 years and as a kid she was teased a lot abut her lips
it wasn't "in" at the time of course!

funny how people are now paying for what she was teased and made to cry about as a child

don't know if everyone in the photo line-up had the injections but the majority obviously did-and most had even more done

2207 days ago


My god. Are you sure that thing is on a face?

2207 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

We;re all born with one anus; why pay a surgeon to reproduce that on one's face ??....Ewwwwww....Anus-Lips

2207 days ago


The biggest problem with lip injections is people don't know when to stop. You can spot injections a mile away when the upper lip is bigger than the lower lip. Our upper lips are naturally smaller than our lower lips, and together they can be aethetically pleasing. Having those big overblown upper lips is a sure sign of a very bad lip job and makes you look like a fool.

Another tip off is that there will be a faint shadow along the upper edge of the upper lip, almost like a mustache (look at Shauna Sands). Also, oftentimes the inside of the upper lip starts showing (look at Jeff Lewis). And lastly, people who lisp should be examined like that host on Shear Genius, whose lips are so pumped he trips over them when he speaks.

2207 days ago

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