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Reggie Hates Kim's Media Whorishness

9/2/2008 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's finally happening. Reggie Bush is getting sick and tired of Kim Kardashian's ego-maniacal obsession -- the paparazzi.

Maybe it was having to sit through Kim's "performance" in "Disaster Movie," but Bush was in no mood to deal with all the crap that comes along with dating a Kardashian as they left the theater last night.

Kim -- she loved it.

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happy day    

one mans trash is another mans treasure, she will be nothing but a f doll her whole life she doesnt even realize it yet, thats so funny,

2243 days ago


What do you expect, Reggie? You knew she was a whore (oops, I mean media whore) when you started dating her fat cellulite riddled ass. Now you're upset because she's shown herself to be a total attention whore & media clown? She's been like that all along. If you don't like it (and, like all of America, are disgusted by her porno film no talent ass), DUMP HER. She's too in love with the camera to notice anyway...

2243 days ago


All you jealous people - Kim is in SHOW BUSINESS - DUH! If Reggie can't take it, he should let her know now, so she can quit wasting her time on him and vice versa.

2243 days ago


That's what u get when u date a whore. Deal with it.

2243 days ago


I don't think her behavior in this clip is as you've suggested -- and even if it had been, if you're going to chase people down I think they're entitled to act however they like. I also think your guy filming this, like most of the people who try to engage the celebrities to get them to say anything, made an ass of himself claiming he was "from the hood" like that was supposed to mean Bush was going to talk to him like they were old friends. That was stupid. Do your people have any training of any kind at all? Idiots.

2243 days ago


Only a chick with low self esteem would want to have a huge fat loose butt like Kim and be famous for porn and a big loose butt. Reg is ugly and boring and I doubt he will marry no talent media whore butt girdle wearing Kim.

2243 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Who's Reggie Bush?

2243 days ago


To # 3, everclear, jealous? Hell no! She is in show business? Yeah right. she has a sex video of a dude pissing on her. That is real show business. The so called reality show stinks. Got news for you ever clear, there is nothing to be jealous of concerning any of the kardashians. Especially Kim. If anyone is jealous it must be you.

2243 days ago

Linda Eastman    


Knowledge is power and a good education is priceless. Kim is rich because her mom married a rich lawyer that helped get OJ off for murder. Then Kim made more money by doing porn and being on her families boring reality show. Other than that; Kim is not smart, she is self absorbed, has an ugly big fat butt, and boring. I have a great career that will last until I am ready to retire. I am an attractive female and can rely on my brains and talent and not just looks. Beauty fades and dumb is forever.

2243 days ago


he needs to leave her . i like how he doesnt like all the attention like Kim does .
get a real girl. someone not in the business.

2243 days ago

Kim Rocks    

get a sense of humor Reggie Bush..... The only time these famous people look for attention is when they are promoting something. Well not all because Kim is a attention whore, she wants to be famous that’s why she’s always out and about looking for attention from the papz..

2243 days ago


he's just after the bootie

2243 days ago

Here comes the Loser Right Wing Bitterness    

Shouldn't he be somewhere practicing so that the Saints don't suck as bad this year as they did last year??? Why is this clown out in Cali seeing movies???

2243 days ago


It's about time, damn it. Next time Reggie, get you a chick with more class than ass! Stay away from the plastic barbie wannabe's. Her cottage cheese can't even be hidden under a girdle. And for someone to be so proud of having a fat, flabby, fake, cottage cheese filled ass, what's the point. You knew she was a dumb ass, no talented media whore, you knew Brandy's little brother urinated all over her and you're probably still smelling the stench, you know people see her as a cheap, disgusting wannabe porn star, which is actually what she will end up being, with no real talent or morals. Hell, look at the rest of her family. You know she's going to make an even bigger ass out of herself on DWTS. Just like she did in Disaster Movie - calling all bimbo's!!!! She's a locker room joke at best and only when the media is involved. Do you really want anymore embarassment? Dude, you can't turn no ho into a housewife. Ask her first husband!

2243 days ago


Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Reggie isn't going anywhere. And why should he. She's beautiful, smart and judging by that sex tape, she'll keep him happy in bed.

2243 days ago
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