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Palin Babydaddy - Redneck to Redstater

9/3/2008 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who will be the father of Gov. Sarah Palin's grandkid is getting dragged into the fray – he's going to the GOP convention today.

Levi Johnston, who will be marrying Bristol Palin, left Alaska yesterday and will be joining the Palin fam in St. Paul, just in time for the Gov's big speech tonight. According to Levi's mom, the couple decided to get married before the big revelation of Bristol's pregnancy.

Johnston was a star forward for the local high school hockey team, the Wasilla Warriors.

Raffa Mooched Thousands Off Anne H

Before he got pinched by the Feds for conning investors out of millions, Raffaello Follieri was sucking tens of thousands from his ex-GF Anne Hathaway's bank account.

A new story in Vanity Fair (as the NY Post reports) says Anne paid Raffa's rent -– all $37,000 per month of it – for months, until his lease ran out, and he had to move in with his parents at their Trump Tower pad. Anne also helped Feds nab the con artist by luring him back from Europe when they were ready to pop him.

It was just six hours after Hathaway dumped Follieri that he was busted by the Feds, says the mag.

Oprah Guru Hiding Messages in Meg Movie?

Oprah Winfrey loves new-age guru Eckhart Tolle –- and he could be popping up in a new chick flick, courtesy of the actress who introduced her to Tolle's teachings in the first place.

As FOX News observes, the new Meg Ryan movie "The Women" has a scene in which the Meg character learns to overcome her cheatin' husband's ways by visualizing the sentence "What do I want?" Which just happens to be one of the cornerstones of the Tolle philosophy.

Party Favors: Elton to Lily: Knowledge is Powder! ... Dept. of You Have Been Forewarned: "Idol" is for the Birds ... "Entourage" Boys Go Mile High with Virgin

Elton John and Lily Allen were presenters at the GQ Men of the Year awards in the UK last night, and apparently when Lily slagged Elton off for being old, he told her, "I could still snort you under the table," stunning the audience. ... Now we know that "American Idol" truly is reaching its logical end: An outfit called WebVet is doing a Song Bird contest that will put a bunch of winged creatures into a singing contest. ... Tomorrow is when "Entourage" premieres its season five – on board a Virgin America flight to Las Vegas. The flight will kick off with an appropriately lush reception at JFK.


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Of course she wouldn't say that her son is a deadbeat dad. she's going to get to go tot he whitehouse for scheduled visits.

with secert service as the mediator.

2242 days ago


Baby Daddy.... Oh the rewards for knocking-up not only one young teenager (Bristol Palin) but another young teenager, too! Right-wing Christians are so f***** up. They are judgmental about anyone outside their fundamental beliefs and praise their own for misguidance and irresponsibility.

It was okay for the media to beat up Senator Clinton but it's not okay to say a word about this red neck woman from Alaska who leads a double or hypocritic life. . The Republican Party has become an absolute joke in America with their double-speak and double-lives. They'll do anything to win and will cheat, again, during this election cycle.

She's not my idea of a real leader or a real woman....she's another blood thirsty (killing of animals) and warmongering Republican who was born into the wrong body just like the he-she that gave birth a couple of months ago.

2242 days ago


I feel sorry for Levi Johnston. Not only is he going to lose his freedom at much too young an age, but his unborn child is being waved like some kind of symbolic banner by the religious right. If he were my son I would want him to try to be a good father, but postpone marriage until after college, even if he chooses to stay with Bristol Palin.

2242 days ago

White House    

So Plain and the Do as I say, not I do Republicans, want us to lay off the Palin family values and her daughter, but they're going to drag the babydaddy to Minnesota for political purposes? What a fricking joke!!! I hope someone is keeping an eye on him while he's there or there might be 3 chicks knocked up.

2242 days ago

Old Enough    

I feel sorry for Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin but this is what happens when you are only taught absentince. If they had been taught to use effective birth control they wouldn't be forced into marrying each other at such a young age. As for Sarah Palin - I think that she needs to get off her soap box and look at her life and the life that she's helped cause for her daughter. Luckily it was a baby the kids produced and not an STD. What type of life are they going to have? Neither of them currently have jobs and it costs money to live or are they going to be living off our tax paying dollars? Sarah Palin is against government subsized health care and for competition among insurance providers which is what we currently have and have how many millions of children without healthcare. Once Bristol either turns 18 or graduates high school she will no longer be qualified to be on her parents health insurance unless she goes to college and how's she going to do that and raise a baby? So what happens if the kid gets sick? Do you really think that minimum wage jobs that either Levi or Bristol would be qualified for is going to pay enough to support the 3 of them and give them health insurance at the current costs? Or are these 3 going to be living of our tax dollars. I think this is an AWFUL example to have out there for teens and tweens and this family should NOT be in the national spotlight.

Barack Obama said we shouldn't be talking about the private lives of the candidates and especially not their kids but I don't see Barak or his family out there calling for absentince before marriage. I think this is a HUGE difference between the 2 different parties. The Dems don't try and tell EVERYONE that they should live a hypocritical life style while the Reps do. Their Anti-equality of gays and women needs to be STOPPED! They need to stop throwing bricks since they live in glass houses.

2242 days ago


Shotgun wedding, Levi you have no choice, Palin will have your family fired from their jobs!!!

2242 days ago


Did Sarah Palin ever consider the emotional welfare of these two kids? And we are supposed to believe that the children had planned to marry before the pregnancy? Yeah, right. At least let them live seperately and learn what being parents is all about before forcing them into marriage! Obviously Bristol's mommy and daddy are still making all decisions for her and treating her as a child. Well guess what? She's going to be a mommy herself! In this day and age, at least outside of this little community in Alaska, women are marrying much older and like to focus on school and maturity. Let her grow up and raise her child the way so many single moms do today. She'll be fine but leave the two kids alone!

2242 days ago


Uhm....about baby daddy.....exactly what office is Bristol Palin running for? We all live in glass houses, and therefore should not be throwing stones. Leave the children out of the race!!!!

2242 days ago


Feel sorry for Levi-oh please. It takes two to make a baby and the responsibility falls on both parties! I am so damn tierd of reading all the judgemental statements regrading Bristol, Levi and Sarah. Who the hell are most of you to form an opinion on someone that you have never met? It sickens me to know that there are so many judgemental people in this world.

Babs, "the Republican Party has become an absolute joke with their double-speak, double-lives". Does the name John (pathetic) Edwards ring a bell with you? Or, how about Obama who, sat in a church for 20+ years and listened to a racist pig and denounced his church and the pastor ONLY after tapes of the so called "good preacher" surfaced! I guess you have amnesia! God help you if one of your teenagers becomes pregnant!

2242 days ago


right wing, left wing. religious right or atheist- I hope that 1/2 of the people posting comments never live in a glass house. I also hope that none of you face the heartbreak of knowing your child chose, by plan or impulse, to do the very same thing you tried to warn them about. They hand out condoms for free many places, and yet STD's rise. Does that mean we should stop sex ed because that must "not be working."

The fact that Sarah Palin supports abstinence and yet her daughter got pregnant is ironic- but it hardly makes her the world's worst mother who blew off or messed up her daughter. Is every parent of a child who did drugs, went under-age binge drinking at a college party, or foolishly went drunk driving a horrid parent, or a hypocrite? Good lord, my parents should be hung from the rafters for my college years. Are any of you who did any of the above willing to call your own parenys rotten?... or simply naive about their teenagers actions?

This is just a feeding frenzy. How about laying off and sticking to any issues? We stop slinging mud about her & her daughter, we stop slinging mud about the hypocrisy of Biden and his son being a lobbyist with insider acces-- and we look at the positions of the men running.

2242 days ago


"oldenough", you're completely right in your assessment. Who will be paying for Levi & Bristol's life? We will.

This is what Republican politicians do; line up at the public trough and tell everyone else to quit whining and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Complete health care for them - good! Complete health care for the rest of us - Socialism!!

As for Sarah; she is a Taker. She has taken advantage of every government dollar she could get her hands on, then lied about it. She has taken advantage of whatever little bit of power she could get, and misused it to bully others. She is taking advantage of her children and uses them for props to prove that she's some uber-Christian Hockey mom. She takes advantage of her family, expecting them to care for HER new infant while she jumps onto the glamour circuit.

She has a special needs child at the most critical age for bonding to his mom and his mom is not going to be there for him more than a few distracted minutes at a time.

Not to mention the fact that she is a liar as well as a hypocrite.

She is against programs to help new moms, but her child will get all the financial support we tax payers can provide.

I think time will show that she leaves a trail of chaos and messed up people behind her as she barges thru life, only thinking of how she can next position herself.

2242 days ago


Lets just face people...this country is screwed. lets just hope it's better in 2012.

2242 days ago


Just because Palin doesn't belive sex education should be in school doesn't mean she didn't teach her daughter. Condoms break people, life happens. Who's to say these kids don't want to get married? Many, many people have started families young and still had a successful, meaningful lifes. Yes, I think it will be hard to start a family under this kind of microscope but nothing is impossible. You Dems preach that all the time. :)

2242 days ago

Insert comical name here    

The blatent sexism being displayed in the media and by the American people is disgusting. Women should have the freedom to choose whatever side of the issues they want to be on and not be subjected to these type of gutter attacks in either event. As far as the kids go, the media should have the decency to leave them out of it but I also despise the way the candidates on both sides feel obliged to drag the kids along on the campaign trail. Shouldn't they all be in school?

2242 days ago


Jersey girl, There are lots of us out here who manage to raise good kids who understand the lessons that these two kids didn't learn. I have three grown kids, no trouble with the cops, no pregnancy, no stds, no drugs, no heavy drinking. My daughters are professionals, one is a veteran. My son is an active duty Marine.

They aren't perfect and neither am I, but they wre taught the imperative of being honest, to oneself and to others. They were taught ethics, not some hypocritical abomination of Christianity that Jesus wouldn't recognize.

It isn't just the teenage pregnancy that gives me pause about Sarah Paling. The fact that her political actions are at great variance with her political stances is of great concern to me. the fact that she has already lied about things which are very easy to check is another. But I think what bothers me most is her actions regarding her new baby. Who is mothering that child while she is gallavanting around? Not her. This is not a normal 40 hr work wk job she has accepted. And if she wins, the child will have even less of her.

In a normal infant hardwiring of the brain continues throughout infancy and early childhood. Babies who miss out of the bonding with their mom lose something irreplacable. Sure, Sarah has people around her to help, but that's all they are - help. Fact is, this is her baby, and he's a special needs baby. His could have special medical issues. Moms who are there for their kids frequently notice problems long before anyone else, because they are there and know their infant. Sarah won't be there. She will be in the most high pressure, demanding work environment there is. She is happily willing to give away the time with that infant that the infant needs to thrive.

That's the ultimate hypocrisy of the Right. Always telling everyone else how to live, willing to make their opinions law, but always exempting themselves. Just like Cindy McCain's frequent drug related felonies that she wil never be punished for. The law does not apply to them. Hell, their own standards don't apply to them.

2242 days ago
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