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Sarah P.

Haven't We Seen You Before?

9/3/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alaska Governor turned VP nom media sensation Sarah Palin is a huge inspiration to a lot of women. Turns out, she's been inspired by a lot of famous women too.

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I'm not a liberal but I am afraid alright. Afraid that this country may have to endure 4 more years of Republican "leadership"!

2239 days ago

edward every    

Boy, women politicos are only allowed if they are Democrats.

Great message!

2239 days ago



2239 days ago

Big Bear    

Comment #12 CRC. Palin was the mayor of Wasilia. The mayor of Wasilia also was dog catcher and drove the trash truck on Mondays and Thursdays. Palin ran for Lt. governor and lost in the primaries. Palin has been governor of Alaska for less than 2 years. What has she done that is such a big deal as governor?? She is good breeding stock!!! Looks like her daughter is going to breed in great numbers also!!! I will admit Obama is not any better but at least he is a Muslim.

2239 days ago


TMZ is now putting their liberal spin on their agenda and on their gossip. Enough is enough, Your repugnant attacks on a fine woman and her family are the end of the line. I am sick of the media trying to manipulate my thinking, though I am sure it works on most of your ignorant readers. Why don't some of your readers try to get an unbiased, true take on the facts surrounding this woman? They have access to the internet if they are reading your crummy site for their news and making decisions based on your liberal agenda. Hate mongers!

2239 days ago


She is Anastasia Beaverhausen!

2239 days ago


This is too funny. We need a laugh after the daily McCain/Palin embarrassments. Now McCain is DEMANDING the media to leave Palin alone. Like anybody is paying that idiot any attention. We're too busy laughing at his VP pick. Oh, and her husband wants Alaska to move from the United States. Oh, brother!

2239 days ago

danny c    

"Disgusting" is exactly the right word for her and her family.


2239 days ago


Thank you, TMZ! From the first second I saw Palin I said she looks exactly like Peggy Hill.

2239 days ago


Why is it so hard for men to accept that Palin is just as qualified as Obama? I seen the trash rioters trying to ruin the Republic convention and beating a police officer, do we really need dems running anything? They are very very desperate and can't even control themselves.

2239 days ago


I DARE YOU - ONE-SIDED IGNORANT MEDIA....I DARE YOU TO GIVE AN EQUALLY SCATHING REPORT ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. YOU'D NEVER DO IT. YOU'VE BEEN TOLD WHAT TO THINK. Hollywood supports Obama because he's "fresh and cool", and you all of your focus is on bashing the other, QUALIFIED candidate. Agree with his views or NOT, but he's more qualified than Obama.

2239 days ago


Yeah, a real role model. Doesn't believe in sex education, birth control, and has a 17 year old unmarried pregnant daughter who is going to marry the daddy. How sweet. AND, she calls this pregnancy a 'cause for celebration'. Ummm....isn't that giving the wrong message to teen girls? Unbelieveable. I mean, we all make mistakes and I'm not judging the kid, but honestly, is this woman willing to risk her children's safety (has she ever heard of AIDS?????) because of her own moral compass? Wonder if Mom will believe in birth control for her daughter after child number one is born? I'll bet she does.

2239 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

She has NO ACCOMPLISHMENT"S she can't Govern her Own Family, Iam not scared of her in the least she is a rightwinger and all treat her just lthe you rightwing nut's trated Hillary, she deserve's NO RESPECT, she is a horriblw Mother who threw her unwed 17yr old pregnent daughter under the bus for her own political future, I think It's scarey that you WING NUT"S call this FAmily Value's YOUR ALL HIPPOCRIT"S she isn't even fit to be A mother let alone in the number #2 spot, and she is a pyle of CRAP

2239 days ago

Lelsie B.    

Sarah P ROCKS! she's intelligent, good looking and can hang with the big boys (i'm sure they wouldn't mind either). Show me a liberal female who even comes close to her in any of these catigories. Sorry TMZ you loose again. :D

2239 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I'd give Condoleeza Rice SERIOUS thought for vp.

2239 days ago
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