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Senator Bristles at Bristol Spears

9/3/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't go comparin' Lynne Spears to Sarah Palin, at least to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. True, Lynne and Sarah both have had to deal with knocked up teenage daughters. Both live in the hinterlands. Both have 70's hair. Ridiculous, says Orrin.


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Big Bear    

Jamie Lynn and Bristol are just alike. Two little sluts who could not keep their legs together. Both girls have working class fathers. Brisol's dad is a fisherman and oil field worker and Jamie Lynn's dad is a fry cook. Both the young ladies will have another unwed unwanted pregnancy within 2 years!!! Both young ladies have had mulitple sexual partners at a young age.

2241 days ago

Knock It Off    

Thank God It's not going to be K FED'S babies.

2241 days ago

Old Enough    

Jillian in New England

Are either Clinton or Edwards minors? Both Jamie-Lynne and Bristol are MINORS! BIG difference don't try and compare the 2. It's comparing apples to oranges and for the record cheating on ones spouse is never acceptable in my book. BUT you can't mention Edwards cheating on his wife without mentioning Giuliani ~ his wife was actually IN THE HOSPITAL while he was out with cheating on her.

FULLY educating yourself about birth control so that if you are going to have sex you can protect yourself from BOTH pregnancy and STD is a RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Having sex after only absentenence education is irresponsible! Lynne Spears isn't out there telling people to only educate their kids on absentenence but Palin is and being on the national stage means EVERYTHING that she and her FAMILY do will be an influenence on teens and tweens. NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE!

2241 days ago


oh and now i hear the Palins are gonna drag the baby daddy (Levi) to the convention with them tonight. i guess in the attempt to make things look like it's all good with the two kids. what's funny is everyone can see it's all an act. the american people are smarter than that. its all so transparent. and to say the two "kids" wanted to get married before the pregnancy is a bunch of bulls*it. why the hell would a 17 yr old and an 18 yr old just wanna get married. they're too busy thinking about having fun at that age. unless of course there's an unwanted pregnancy involved and your scandalist gov mother is making you do it.

2241 days ago


how can you be out there teaching abstinence only and your teenage daughter gets pregnant! guess Bristol didn't get the memo. and to not talk to your kids about practicing safe sex is TRAGIC. oh dayum that's right, she doesn't believe in condoms or birth control either.

2241 days ago


Again, these posts are nothing but Republicans professing their weakness and thin skin. Give up now, losers. You're not "conservative." You're just pathetic people who are so weak in principle that you need constant affirmation for your stupid beliefs and to bolster your weak principles. If it's not in the law, you are not smart or principled enough to commit to it yourselves. Unless you have someone constantly patting you on the back, letting you know that you are special, you just cry, and whine, and bicker, and moan and beg for apologies. It's the most pathetic display I've ever seen put on by such a large group of people.

You're not conservative, you are weak. You are offensive to a land that labels itself "the home of the brave."

Vote Ron Paul.

2241 days ago


I dont think she is vp worthy,there is so many other women he could have choosen !!
She is too normal,she doesnt have what it takes to be president if the worst happen.
and you know he is OLD

2241 days ago


"Hinterlands" such as Alaska provide you with much of your precious oil. We are not a foreign country, you know . . . or maybe you don't.

2241 days ago


You treat Palin's daughter as she committed a crime. It happens everyday so live with it. She didn't hurt anyone except herself because it will be rough going for her as she is so young. Fortunately, she has a good family & will be there to support her like good parents do.

2241 days ago
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