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Who's the A-Hole On the Block?

9/3/2008 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonathan Knight just wanted a cigarette -- but taking a smoke break in front of a pack of bloodthirsty autograph hunters ended with one of them calling him an "a**hole" right to his face.

The autographazzi were overbearingly brutal when he didn't sign -- but Joey Mc had Jonny's back.


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Leave it to the gay one to be all uppity.

2241 days ago


Has beens. Never were talented. Should have never been in a spotlight brighter than a backyard flashlight. Just another manufactured celebrity promoted to be bigger than life but smaller than the rest of us all along.

2241 days ago


The KNOTB are a**holes? Or are the "brothers" swarming them and aggressively getting in their faces the a**holes?

2241 days ago


Perhaps the fact that Jon has sufferred from a pretty severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks in the past could contribute to him not wanting to sign autographs/talk to the fans at that time. Don't be so quick to judge people!

2241 days ago


alright. brothers playing the race card. how telling. IF they really gave F*** about the people they sell autographs off from they knew that the knight family adopted a black boy... so john and jordan grew up with a "brother"...

if yall ask "can you sign me an autograph" there's two possible answers: yes or no. so dont get all bitchy when someone has reasons to not support you ripping em off by selling autopraphs. kudos to john for that!

just sayin...

2241 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey "autographazzi" are keepin it R&R (raw & real)...

2241 days ago


Poor Jon...

He shouldn't have to sign anything if he's not up for it....He just wanted a smoke break. What's wrong with that??


2241 days ago


If that's the way autograph hunters act then I wouldn't want to be famous! Jon has been absolutely lovely to REAL fans who asked POLITELY for his autograph through this whole reunion. If people act like a**holes then they can expect to be ignored.

2241 days ago


I think the A-HOLES are the guys getting autographs to sell them (not for themselves). I'd say the A-HOLES are the paparazzi. I'm sorry, but when people start acting like complete and utter jerks like that, Jon, Joey and Robo are NOT the a-holes. Wait, I'm not sorry. Jon, Joey and Robo handled it quite well for being treated like DIRT... And paparazzi/autograph sellers wonder why celebrities think they're trash. THAT video is a perfect example of why. Rufus, Esquire (yeah right)... Congratulations, how does it feel to say things over the internet that you'd never dare say to someone's face? TMZ you can add those two to the list of A-HOLES. They'll fit right in with your camera crews.

2241 days ago


Looks like the A-holes on the block are the "brothers." It's so easy to cry racism when you know nothing about the person you're screaming it at--such as the fact that Jonathan Knight has a black brother. If you're so concerned about being judged for appearances, then maybe you should be a little more thoughtful before jumping to conclusions about someone. And why the hell would you want his autograph anyway if you don't know anything about him?

2241 days ago


And tell me again these has beens ,you would think be happy that anyone even notice then ,yet alone want a autograph,putting these celebrities? making them think their s**t doesn't stick,is the real problem,meanwhile America goes the route third world status right before all of americans eyes ,and they don't have a clue,cause their to busy putting all their energy in empty stuff with empty people superficial Americans.

2241 days ago


"The autographazzi were overbearingly brutal when he didn't sign -- but Joey Mc had Jonny's back."

Thanks for telling it like it is! Those guys were brutal! And go Joe for standing up for his friend!!!

2241 days ago

Local Reporter    

Uhm. The guy is agoraphobic. That means he doesnt like being out in the open and suffers from serious anxiety in public places. Yeah, I guess having a serious disability makes him a bad person... NOT.


I will be the broad in the front row sporting the I

2241 days ago


I was going to wait until I got home and I could watch the video because I can’t watch it at work. However, I just can’t keep my mouth shut – you want to come down on me for it – come on you haters it’s all cool. Those who have called them has beens – washed up all the other names us fans trust me we appreciate hearing them so much and we have a question for you – when was the last time you all sold out f*****n concerts because after you can all say you that have done that which they are doing currently doing then I will waste my precious time and listen to all you damn arguments. So tired of you haters and you really need better ways to make use of your time seriously. I try to realize that I should just feel sorry for you but it just gets too damn hard sometimes.

That said now let me understand because I can figure it out from the comments a rude obnoxious buffoon was pestering a poor man who has clearly been more than polite to fans that have approached him politely and has 20 years of fans saying they are amazed how sweet, generous and down to earth that he is. Let me ask you something – I can answer it for whoever wants – ever had an anxiety or a panic attack – ever once haters if you did you would know that all you need to do is the thing that calms you down before everyone is the free world knows that you are having one. That was what the poor man was doing – could have been the only cigarette break he had possibly all damn day long – and was feeling stress and anxiety – what do we do oh lets hound the poor man and be brutal and then call him an a**hole. About the race thing I am so not commenting on it because if it was said which I have to say because I did not see the video yet - then don’t go calling that person in no way a fan and they were just trying to sell the autograph or was just an attention seeker because as has been said already – that is not the case when it comes to Jonathan and his family. So please TMZ don’t call the person a fan they weren’t – they were an ignorant attention seeker that is in no way an actual fan of New Kids or of Jonathan. No real fan would have done that to him or to any of the guys – we value too much the way they treat us which is with respect and love and we give it back to them.

Last thing – I know I did not watch the video but just realizing what Joe did and I believe the security guard also – I love you Joe always watching you brother for life back – that is what all 5 of them do for each other they watch each others back, they have been. Maybe some of you haters can realize that they are just normal, really good, honest hard working guys who are doing what they enjoy doing, which is entertaining people, and figure out something else to do with your time. Autograph hounds next time give the man a break – he deserves to have a cigarette break same as you and realize that he is just normal, sweet, nice amazing person that may need a few minutes to himself if his day has been crazy. Like to see how you react if someone did that to you.

Also, one more thing I know I am really going to catch hell but I figure I already am going to be raked over coals - I should let myself go down flaming to the barrels of hell. Whatever gender Jonathan prefers male or female that is his business and his right to keep it private – please don’t bring that to a post like someone did just before – I mean it had nothing to do with it – he needed five minutes to himself – every human on the planet needs that at least once a day and he got abused for the right that we all take for granted so just let the guy keep as much as his privacy as he can – he deserves it. Thank you.

2241 days ago


Who's the a hole saying Joey ypu;re guarding the racist oh please!! their brother who has always ben with them is african american. it will never end bringing race into it. First they shouldn't be so agressive with the situation those are the things that make jonathan knight have panic attacks so it was easier for him to walk away from them and besides since when did the brothers get into new kids so please stop faking the funk and trying to play racism becuase real racists would have them hung from a tree no matter where they were.

2241 days ago
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