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Hulk in the Hole

9/4/2008 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legal papers have just been released in the Hulk/Linda Hogan divorce case, and poor Hulk is getting poorer by the month.
Click to view the documents!
According to the documents, first obtained by the St. Petersburg Times, Hulk pulls in $56,708 a month. Problem is -- he's spending $104,451 a month, which means he's in the red each month by $47,443.

Don't feel too sorry for Hulk -- He puts his net worth at $32.4 mil.

As for Linda, she says she spends $7,258 on clothes, $7,502 in maid service, and, of course, $6,100 a month on vacations. Linda drops $2,464 on pool and lawn service (not including the pool boy) and $1,374 in pet expenses. She's currently pulling in $40,000 a month in support.


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she's about useless

2137 days ago


for that amount ($7,502) on maid services I'd clean up after the scank

2137 days ago


These people are idiots.

2137 days ago


Both of them are Idiots!! Hope they both go broke, and that over weight daughter of theirs get a real job now that her singing career is at a stand still. Useless family. waste of oxygen.

2137 days ago


I wonder, how many THOUSANDS, Brooke goes through each month

2137 days ago


Hulk, hang in there and make certain your lawyers are working hard for you. Don't let Linda take you to the cleaners.

2137 days ago


If you DON'T work then,Yea you need 6000 a month on Vacations.

Take Half of the 6000 grand and give it to the poor guy in the hospital

2137 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Big Epic Failures! These people are dirt! And oh, money that's been well hidden in off shore LLCs, as Hulk has already been caught dumping money into when the Grazianos started talking about rightfully suing, well, that money is too well hidden for anyone else to find! Just more lies and greed from the douches known as the Bolleas!

2137 days ago

Triple Play    

Whiter than White White Trash, I only hope that their kids don't have children. We can only hope that when Nick finishes his time in jail he will come out loving his Butt buddies and stay away from women

2137 days ago

Joe Mama    

i cant believe linda only spends about half of her support. she seems like she would spend alot more than 24k a month. i hope the hulk can hang in there and win the divorce battle.

2137 days ago


I'm a female - but what I can't understand in divorce cases is why the man always gets screwed.
If the woman wants to live like that, the judge should tell her to get off her ass and get a job to pay for her own clothes, travel expenses, etc.!!!

2137 days ago


Don't rag on Linda too much y'all that is how her and her family have been living for the last 20 plus years! He was fine with that before they filed divorce so he shouldn't be complaining now!

2137 days ago


I didn't know clothes were that expensive at Goodwill

2137 days ago


Wash up and trying for more ratings. The whole family is a joke. TRy selling the house and cars dumbass and live like the rest of us with a 9 to 5.

2137 days ago


How about doing something useful with your time Linda! GO VOLUNTEER AT AN ANIMAL SHELTER, OLD AGE HOME, OR PERHAPS A HOSPICE! Go and see the realities of life and perhaps the general public might respect you a bit more!
Re: Hulk...He needs to "Man Up" and stop acting like a goof! He married her, he knew what she was like and also new what to expect when she pulled the plug on the marriage!
SUCKS TO HAVE MONEY DONT IT! TIME TO PAY UP BOLLEA! Wait until the Grazianos win their case! Bye, Bye, luxury life, hello Dollar General!!!

2137 days ago
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