Hulk in the Hole

9/4/2008 3:02 PM PDT
Legal papers have just been released in the Hulk/Linda Hogan divorce case, and poor Hulk is getting poorer by the month.
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According to the documents, first obtained by the St. Petersburg Times, Hulk pulls in $56,708 a month. Problem is -- he's spending $104,451 a month, which means he's in the red each month by $47,443.

Don't feel too sorry for Hulk -- He puts his net worth at $32.4 mil.

As for Linda, she says she spends $7,258 on clothes, $7,502 in maid service, and, of course, $6,100 a month on vacations. Linda drops $2,464 on pool and lawn service (not including the pool boy) and $1,374 in pet expenses. She's currently pulling in $40,000 a month in support.