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Lil' Racist, Homophobic Schmuck

9/5/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Struggling to keep his eyes open, a trashed Lil' Wayne spewed some serious hate language in NY last night when he noticed one of the photographers trying to get a shot of him was a black guy.

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I am a white woman and I have friends both black and white. We all call each other "N" (I always feel a little foolish I can't write the word or say it without getting censored) No man, woman, black or white is going to "beat my ass down" for saying it. Thankfully, my black friends aren't so thug minded.

2240 days ago

Patriotic Illegal Immigrant    

I guess Carrie your close enough to use that word around them and they don't mind. Would you dare use it around any black person you meet?

And how I have given you a reason to be racist a?

2240 days ago


For you guys saying Lil Wayne has a third grade education; please do your homework and you will find out that he (after being Rich) enrolled at the Univ of Houston and received a degree. You don't understand his music because you were not a product of that environment or understand lyrics......sorry your education is not paying the bucks you want (for the record, neither is mind)

Systems Engineer (15yrs)

2240 days ago


This is why Nobama will not will in the Fall

2240 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Last comment to you BM, I never told you to go back to Liberia, I suggested you look elsewhere to live since you are so unhappy with what you have here. I have no reason to get a refund on my education, as it has done me well: I have acquired the skills and knowlege that have enabled me to critacally think and analyze...and I am well enlightened and self-actualized. Maybe your education was rote, mine wasn't.

I have no cause to move to Ireland, (how mature, Irishland), as I am very happy to be an American, with all its faults, this IS my home as well as yours. Speak your mind as well, it is what makes this country great, just don't expect me to agree or respect your opnion. I suspect you wouldn't move more because you would have nothing to rage or rail against, not whatever lame reason you gave for not moving.

Done, stick a fork in it.

2240 days ago


LOL White people are so funny (I don't understand his music), well millions of youth and a platinum record seem to understand him! Everyone at one time has made a racist comment that’s just the way it is. For all you parents who say his music is 'crap’, just remember your kids LOVE him and you're money is what made him a millionaire...LOL!!!

2240 days ago


Why is this moron sporting prison tats on his face?

2240 days ago


Black Male

Don't waste your time on 'a', he hides his ignorance behind the scarlet letter. Ignorance breeds hatred, hatred breeds racism!

I do have a question, black male, and since you didn't accept my invitation to educate me (in private)- I have to ask you here- in public.

Why is it okay for blacks to refer to one another as 'N's? If the word, itself is so offensive, when used by other races or strangers, then why would you refer to your friend as such?

2240 days ago


To are an ignorant M O R O N. What a hideously ignorant statement you made.

2240 days ago


Can't we all just get along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2240 days ago

sick of her....    

55~ I agree with you. who is to judge what one finds as being talent. I am sure a lot of the people here would not agree with me as to what I find as being talent, (like I said, i dont find it in Lil' Wayne, thats my opinion) But the fact that people are calling him less educated is silly. There have been Many actors out there who have dropped out of school and gone on to be VERY Talented. Its all your opinion and some of these comments are just as bad as what's in the video

ps.... If people dont understand the music.. They're Not listenin!

2240 days ago


The only reason I can come up with for all the stupidity that I have observed here...INBREEDING. I can't imagine why the intelligence level would be so low. Inbreeding has to be the reason.

2240 days ago


#61 Dell-- Get real. It doesn't take a genius to understand the words ho, bitch, drugs or money. His songs are like 50 million others.....they are all the same.

B.A. in Botany

2240 days ago


hey "BLACKMALE" thanks, for living up to the sterotype and ruing it for the rest of us! yeah, school...over-rated! blaming everyone else 'cept yo gansta self will get you everywhere.

2240 days ago


A little early in the day to be hammered, no?

2240 days ago
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