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Lil' Racist, Homophobic Schmuck

9/5/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Struggling to keep his eyes open, a trashed Lil' Wayne spewed some serious hate language in NY last night when he noticed one of the photographers trying to get a shot of him was a black guy.

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Yea, personally, I think Lil Wayne, is a loser !! His music is crap, he was clearly drugged up, that's why he couldnt keep his yes open ! There is just nothing about the guy that I like or think is appealing in the least. He's a loser !

2239 days ago


oh geez, here we go "black, white" "i can say this, you can't say that," blah, blah, blah, no matter what the color rules, this dude is wasted. as a celebrity, he should elavate himself as one and present himself with some respect and dignity.

2239 days ago


Simply said if you don't like the music don't listen to it. This America and everyone has the right to chose what music they prefer. Who are you to say what is exceptable. And trust your opinions really don't matter when the man is a millionaire. Maybe you should try to come up with an album that sells a million copies in one week. Don't hate him because he made it big. And please don't make it a black or white thing because there are a long list of white musicians that need to go to rehab.

2239 days ago


Yeah lil wayne sucks. "what happend on that block"...funny....g unit reall talk.

2239 days ago


Lil Wayne is a poser . Lil Wayne didnt want to answer the question about him gettin chased in North Hollywood .

2239 days ago

Patriotic Illegal Immigrant    

Course the N word is more offensive.

Nice vid Yvie, anytime you see young kids doing something like that its always touching. Even more moving when they are minorities too. I don't believe in the Educational system but I believe that we need to believe in these kids. Like he was saying.

"As far as private conversations- you're a smart man- I'll let you figure it out" Oh no i'm not LOL, I'm not gonna be the one to comment on that vid.

2239 days ago


calm down, idiots! If black people want to call themselves the N word so be it. Who gives a rats ass! You're just looking for excuses to whine about not being able to say the N word.

2239 days ago


what a dildo...

2239 days ago


You people are very strange.i listen to his music but dont agree with some of his "ethic's" but that doesnt mean i will judge him base on a quick glipse of his life.people do things in this word for diffirent reason.the masses are slaves to the media. what diffence is dirty sneak-thiefin-polotican, to a rapper that raps on what he feels and see's in the enviorment.At's least he's not ommiting what he abuses. majority of people have some sort of addiction they hide behide those finger's they use to access the world wide internet. funny how the N is banned but it's creator's never take reasponsiblty for it. racist ,poor judgment and arrogance with only create you own demize nerds and pot rule the

2239 days ago

Leon McCreary    

I dont really like Lil Wayne. One or two of his songs are ok, the rest are garbage. His skills as a rapper are marginal at best and a good lyricist could take him out in 30 seconds. However the real issue here is his use of the N word. As a black man I understand why other black men continue to use it as it has occasionally come out of my mouth too over the years.

However, a while ago I realized that using the word only perpetuates the stereotypes we struggle to get away from. So I stopped using it myself. I don't openly condemn other black men for using it, but the world is changing and the use of that word is becoming more difficult to justify even coming from a black man. Just a couple years ago no one would dare condemn a black man for using the word, but it seems today now people who use it are being called out.

So what I suggest to all black people is to quietly STOP using the word even amongst your own. Maybe if we stop everybody else will too. Just a thought.

2239 days ago


Not believing that homosexual and lesbian acts are a natural thing to do does not make you homophobic. If that's the case what do you call lesbians and gays? They don't think that heterosexual relationships are normal. The proof: If they thought it was they'd be doing it. Maybe we should start calling them HETEROPHOBIC!!!!!!

2239 days ago


Can anyone please clarify exactly what he said? The video was kinda low and I couldn't hear him!

2239 days ago



2239 days ago


Black Male
I would like more of your intellectual stimulation...
Glad you like the vid, I wasn't impressed with the content but rather with the delivery. I am in awe that a 10 year old boy is able to stand before thousands of people and motivate/move/inspire them.

As for Lil Wayne- who am I to judge?

Let me know if you're interested.

2239 days ago


and I will say it again..this is why Nobama will not win in November

2239 days ago
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