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Brit in Snit with Mama Over Book

9/8/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So as we told you yesterday, all that dish you've heard is in the Lynne Spears book about sex and drugs –- ain't really there.

But Britney is still PO'd about the book because it blames everything on Brit's ex-managers, says the New York Post and makes Lynne look like a saint. The paper says she's only talking to her daddy Jamie, who's got her on an even keel, as everyone could see last night at the VMAs.

Spears' rep says the report is "false."

MSNBC Loudmouths Dropped from Anchor Chair

After all the sniping and slap-fighting, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are out as politics anchors for election season. They'll be replaced by David Gregory.

The big move comes after Matthews and Olbermann have been accused of pushing a left-wing agenda too hard and have throttled each other on-air -- like when Olbermann made a mouth-flapping gesture with his hand during a Matthews rant at the DNC. It's totally embarrassing the network, say multiple sources.

Heather Mills – "Biggest Bitch on the Planet"

Not that we didn't know this already, but someone thinks Heather Mills is a kinda terrible person.

Mills' ex-rep Michele Elyzabeth tells a London tab the one-legged wonder "not only misled me, she misled the entire world." Unclear what the subterfuge might've been, but it seems to involve "false stories about Paul McCartney" and bugging Sir Paul's phone calls.

This is good stuff: Elyzabeth says Mills wore latex gloves while playing a cribbed message so there couldn't be any trace.


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What do you look like?    

How come no one is ever taken off the air for being too right wing? Oh, that's right, we've been living in a fascist state for the past eight years.

2202 days ago


Olbermann was fired from ESPN. The real reason has been a well kept secret. His obsession with Bill O'Reilly is freaky. The least proffessional person at NBC and the least qualified.

2202 days ago


Why is this site truning into The Drudge Report? Stick to clebrity gossip and let Drudge do the right wing political gossip.

2202 days ago


There was a right winger on MSNBC that got fired approx. a year ago & he's also on Talk radio. I never watched him & can't think of his name. It was about time MSNBC finally did something but I do think O should get fired period as the guy is an a**.
It's hurting NBC image because although Tom Brokaw is a liberal, he's objective & so was Tim Russert.

2202 days ago


Good that Matthews and Oberman have been slapped. Both of them, especially Matthews have been so in love with Obama that they actually make Fox news look fair & balanced. Matthews has ruined Morning Joe when he appears on that show too. MSNBC needs to stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid, As for Oberman,he's just an obnoxious prick. Matthews should just quit his MSNBC/NBC gig and become a spokesman for Mr. Perfect Obama.

2202 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Yeah on MSNBC's moving out Olbermann and Matthews. After Olbermann's apologizing to the audience for having to sit through a 9/11 Tribute montage shown during the RNC, and how inappropriate it was (the week before the 7th anniversary), I realized how truly biased his reporting is. He basically blasted the Repubs for showing it, as if not bringing mention to it would have been appropriate 5 days before the anniversay. He gives ME a tingly feeling my head's about to explode listening to him! Matthews...well I guess he can get his thrills off Obama from the sidelines now! Have yet to hear O'Rielly (a commentator not journalist) ready to climax over a candidate.

2202 days ago

N. Stevens    

I will join the choir in saying that Olberman is obnoxious and Matthews is a little slanted. It is fine to have a show where it is all about your opinions, but do not pass it off as a news program. David Gregory is professional, balanced in reporting and hard to hate - good move MSNBC! That being said... I watch FOX anyway.

2202 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

18. Why is this site truning into The Drudge Report? Stick to clebrity gossip and let Drudge do the right wing political gossip.

Posted at 10:41AM on Sep 8th 2008 by Phil

Phil , why don't you take a hike along with Matthews and Olbermann. If this was about Pres. Bush, you'd be all over it like flies on sh!T, you moron.

2202 days ago

Let it go!    

Olbermann, was the sole reason why I would NOT watch MSNBC.

2202 days ago


Someone explain please, and i mean seriously. WHY is it OK for Fox News to be totally right-winged media but NOT ok for MSNBC to be from the left?

2202 days ago


There are few TV journalists left that have appropriate presentation and manners. Too many of them turn things into a slug fest. I am happy to hear that they are being replace by David Gregory. I am not a fan of MSNBC but I might begin to watch it now. Could we be so fortunate if they gruesome twosome never return.

2202 days ago


are all these comments serious? I love msnbc it has personality! and I don't find it near as bias aa fix news. But I guess we all hear what we wanna hear

2202 days ago


I'm a fan of Olbermann, but even I caught what was going on at the DNC between him and Matthews. Does Matthews talk too much? Hell yeah. But Keith shouldn't have gestured to him--that's what the stage crew is there for, to tell Chris to wrap up his comments. But in no way, shape or form was Keith out of line for apologizing for the airing of the GOPs 9/11 video. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for constantly ruling by fear. John McCain does not want a timetable for withdrawl from Iraq, however the Bush administration has already signed on for it, which begs the question--what war is John McCain watching? He doesn't support our veterans, yet he continues to speak Noun, Verb, POW. My husband is a Vietnam War veteran and he's heard enough.

So good for MSNBC and anchors like Olbermann and Matthews who continue to call out the GOP on their failed policies.

And, since the passing of our beloved Timmy Russert, is it any surprise that things got a little out of control without him? No way.

2202 days ago


Sun, some of the commentators on Fox tilt right, but the news itself IS fair and balanced. Here's a test you can do. Go to CNN or MSNBC's web pages. Anything bad on Bush or McCain/Palin will also be on Fox's web page. However, anything negative about Obammerama/Biden will not be on CNN or MSNBC. For instance the USA/Today Gallop poll that just came out with McCain/Palin up over 10 points above Christ...I mean Obammerama. Anyhow, can't wait to see you Libs crying and screaming about another election being stolen on Nov 5. You do remember Clinton won 2X with less than half the popular vote....we never acted like grade-schoolers. Anyhow, have a good day.

2202 days ago


Thank you explainer. It would've been better without the unnecessary bashing/name calling, but whatever. I don't even watch MSNBC, so i don't know what quarrels those have been into. I did hear that Tucker Carlson was cut short for a similiar reason (network being more about lefties) which i thought it was stupid.

2201 days ago
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