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Russell Brand -- Working Girl

9/8/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's alleged comedian Russell Brand at last night's VMAs (left) -- and Joan Cusack as a Staten Island secretary in the 1988 film "Working Girl" (right).
Russell Brand and Joan Cusack
One of them was pretty funny.

We're just sayin'!


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An awards show is not the time or place to bring up politics. I am so sick of that crap. Besides, doesn't really sound like he's done much to contribute to society. I got some of his humor, but I was so distracted on him being out of breath and barely able to get the words out of his mouth that I could hardly pay attention to what he was actually saying.
Pink looks great and definitely had the best performance.

2214 days ago


Are you all really that stupid ?
Just because you don't understand his humour (yes that is the correct spelling, considering it is our f_____g language) does not make it unfunny!
Maybe a few "Yo Momma" jokes would of sent your tiny little brains into hysterics ? , and as for the Jonas brothers come on ! Every single one of your child stars end up a crackhead , drunk driver , sex tape star , in jail or all of the previously mentioned !
Maybe if you took two steps out of The Good 'Ol USA and away from your media driven sad lives you would realise that you are in-fact the largest collection of complete and utter morons alive !
And no i don't want fries with that !
Have a nice day !!!

2214 days ago


make one political joke ok but on and on, please wonder if they would let Americans go to London and blab on and on about how the people running their goverment suck!! I don't even like Bush but enough stupid talk. what happened to just singing. there is so much I can look like a bigger wh*re than you look everyone seems to favor nowdays. The performances where lost in all the visual crap the whole show had a stupid and cheap feel about it We watched a half hour then turned it off.

2214 days ago


Here in Canada we LOVE Russell Brand,
It doesn't hurt that the man is both unbelievable funny but sex-on-a-stick attractive as well.

2214 days ago


Can you imagine Alobama's delight hearing that this boy (and I use this term very loosely) Ruthell likes him so much???!!
Alobama needs another FREAK miscreant on his short list of friends / supporters like he needs another wart on his ass. While you could buy 100 Ruthells to the pound in his homeland, to put him on a stage here in the States really takes some bollocks by MTV. And since it's been many years since MTV has had any bollocks, and I mean it, there is not a bollock among them, the only way MTV can get any attention nowadays is to drag the back alleys to find something like a Ruthell Bland.

2214 days ago

Kate in MD    

I have been watching the VMA's since I was 5 years old. I must say they last two years have been the worst in history. This year in particular was horrible. I had great expectations for Brand. However, he bombed. He was not funny. I wanted to watch a music "award" show. If I wanted to be lectured on who to vote for I would have watched CNN. MTV should be ashamed of theirselves for allowing the dialect about Palin's daughter. And, all the other political rants. Please tell me what morals Russell Brand has anyway? Or what experience he has in politics? Exactly, none. I was even for appalled at his constant nagging on The JOnas Brothers. My nieces idolize them, and I think the promise ring idea is a wonderful thing and those little boys are great role models. I am guessing MTV execs were going for the shock factor? I think it was a big back fire. I can honestly say, I won't be watching the VMA's anymore. I will just wait for VH1's end of the year big show.

You people are right, Sarah Silverman would have done a much better job...

2214 days ago


I think the very fact that the VMAs sucked AGAIN THIS YEAR is an easy way to blame it on Russell. He was a little off the mark, granted, but that show would have blown even without him. I don't why they even have the show anymore. I don't know why anyone would want to host it. I dont' know why the hell I watched it - only for Russell and I learned my lesson. MVT has just completely gone to sh!t and there is no way around it. Seeing Slash getting tongue-tied was the best part other than Pink and Christina - at least it brought back good memories of him being completely trashed on the AMA's back in the day. Don't blame that pile of steaming crap on Russell, he had little to work with. I think next year I'll invite MTV to hold the VMAs in my garage, there would be more room! And maybe next year, the presenters will get some sleep the night before, nearly all of them acted like they had a few too many ludes before attempting to step onstage. The show SUCKED in most ways. I'm a Russell Brand fan, obviously, but he jumped on a sinking ship by agreeing to host that turd.

2214 days ago


14. im canadian and i watched him last night...sorry to break it to y'all but he was funny, p.s i knew then a bunch of u freaks would take offense to this

Posted at 12:41PM on Sep 8th 2008 by republicans can kiss my uknowwhat

You're Canadian? Come one, don't make it THAT easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2214 days ago


He's a skank ... just like Brit

2214 days ago



What do you mean I wonder if "THEY" would let us go to London and........ Stupid statement. We don't control what people say just like you don't in the USA. Don't blame the English for Russell !

2213 days ago

Louisiana Girl    

#88 Since this an American site...we spell it humor. If you don't like it go to another site. Russell Brand sucked just like you do. We don't need the British to come over here with their mangled teeth telling us who to vote for. It seems to me they have their own problems with Brown. If you all are so smart, why was he elected? I hope Brown f**** the whole country up. Brand's HUMOR sucked. This is America use American HUMOR. When in Rome, do as the f****** Romans do B****!!!! Get your f****** teeth fixed!!

2213 days ago



2213 days ago


He was BRILLIANT absolutely HILARIOUS, seriously America don't take
yourselves so seriously all the time he was funny and there were
plenty of members of the audience laughing along, if it hadn't been
for him the show would have just been awful and FYI had higher ratings
than 07 and 06, he pushes peoples buttons that's what he does, the
fact that you've all reacted the way that you have just proves he's
done his job!!!! Hope he comes home soon and presents next years Brit

2213 days ago


This is just another indication of the demise of the entertainment industry. This Brand dude is a walking joke and has no business telling Americans what's up. Also, the awards given to Brittany are a joke. Her music and career are in the toilet and there was absolutely no inspiring talent even hinted at on the VMAs. What a disaapointment.

2213 days ago



2211 days ago
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