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Hot Halle, Hot Boyfriend and Hotsy Totsy

9/9/2008 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We the people of Hollywood, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice for flawless children, ensure domestic tranquility...


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This wasn't a good picture of that baby that's all. But she is absolutely gorgeous. I like the one from dailymail better.

2180 days ago


Ony thing "Ugly" about this are these comments. People that say she is ugly are ugly themselves. Get a life. People that are picking apart this baby sound like they're about 10 years old anyway. Beautiful people don't say ugly things like this - only ugly people do.

2180 days ago


i think the baby is beautiful she deffanatly has her daddys eyes they are a pretty family

2180 days ago


beautiful all the way

2180 days ago


Halle and Gabriel are beautiful people.I like Nahla's name. Nahla is a darling girl and has her Dad's gorgeous eyes!

2180 days ago


People who talk about someones baby being ugly are truly stupid and unhappy people. You dont judge somebodys child by the way they look. Who they hell do you think you are to say a baby is FUGLY? (JAKIE) I'd like to see your baby pics. also, NOTTHEMAMA who asked you to be the spokesperson for how much Halle would get for her babys picture? I dont recall anyone asking your parents about you! NONEYO your just a damn idiot for that comment.

2180 days ago


I still say that Nahla isn't all that cute whether or not she's shot at a different angle. That's MY personal opinion though. I think there are cuter celebrity babies out there. August - mom is Mariska Hargitay, Violet Affleck, Suri Cruise, although I think her dad is a wack job, Shiloh Pitt...there's plenty of babies out there that are wayyyyy cuter than Nahla.

2180 days ago


I also thought her baby would look more white, being only 1/4 black. I think she is a pretty baby and they are a beautiful family.

2180 days ago


cute little baby but THE MOM needs to Marry THE DAD..IM sick of all these babies INNOCENT babies with SINFUL, STUPID parents..Get married halle b and stop worrying about Your money and getting burned..IF YOU R NOT Married DONT have a Baby GOT THAT..Living in Cool Hip sin Hurts the baby you selfish woman..Kids at school do not like it when their Mom and Dad are not married..The hildren are embarassed and hurting..They want a regular life not a Hollywood life

2180 days ago


Dont get me started on white babies when their a few months they have the biggest waterheads you ever seen. Plus their born bald with thin little strands of hair looking a bit mongolodish. Latin & black babies as well as Asian kids look distinctive when born. If you ask me all white babies look alike as angelina jolie described big slbbery gooey blobs lmao!

2180 days ago


It's not the baby's fault but because the dad is so genuinely gorgeous, (Halle has had so much work done on her face it's hard to remember the original) I would have thought cuter. If it was a little boy it would be really cute - shame! And very oriental looking, hmmmm!!!!

2180 days ago

carnella butler    

I agree with #33. That was just a bad photo. Check out the picture at

2180 days ago


Wow look at all these Bias opinions spread most likely from prejudice inbreeds its ok the baby may not be beautiful in your eyes but guess what your ugly as hell in the rest of the worlds if you got to insult a kid. Besides i'll fill you in most not so cute babies grow up into beautiful adults and vice versa. So all of you judging this baby must of been on some Gerber baby modeling status and now you all just look like the crack of someones AZZ LOSERS!!!!

2180 days ago


GET REAL....Yes the baby is cute but HER Parents are very selfish..halle needs to get married so her baby will not be called a bastard..Yes MARRIED..Children need normal things and they like having a REAL MOM and REAL Dad ..YES IM sick of selfish unmarried women having bastard children..ITS not fair to the little children..All this bull crap IM cool hip and I live with my boyfriend is WRONG..Married Get married and not to the same sex either..NOBODY thinks about the kids..The kids have to deal with the crap and pain..I dont mean to offend anybody, Im sorry- this is my opinion..I love Kids and I see them suffer too much..Darling little Nahla with blu eyes..The Dad has more same blood or 1 race so the kid looks more like him as Miss Halle has many races

2180 days ago


Wow Hambone you are an ignorant racist.

2180 days ago
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