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Matt Damon: Palin's No Wall-E

9/10/2008 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

To Matt Damon, having Alaskan GILF Sarah Palin as VP would be like having another "Underdog" -- aka, a "really bad Disney movie."

There's only one problem with that theory: Underage pregnancy would never fly at the Mouse House.


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TMZ Fraternity    

See when white people are successful the understand what this country needs...But the white rednecks and whites from small towns and fat white housewifes are afraid of anything different than what they know in their redneck world!!

2202 days ago


Who knew that Matt Damon was sexist and such an angry guy?!? Does being a hockey Mom make Palin stupid? Does being a Christian make her stupid? She's been a mayor and a governor. What has he been? A college drop out and an actor. Woo-hoo! I guess I've seen my last Matt Damon film.

2202 days ago

N. Stevens    

When will Hollywood learn that most Americans do not give a s**t who they endorse. In fact, attend a Republican rally and Hollywood endorsing Barack only adds fuel to the fire. I love how all of a sudden experience matters.. very funny coming from the left. Oh, btw, where did Damon get this whole '1 in 3 chance McCain won't live through his term?" Where is he getting that figure, what are the chances of a POW going through what John went through and live to tell about it... furthermore, what were the chances a year ago that the nominees for President would be Obama and McCain?

2202 days ago


I think Matt doesn't understand that Sara Palin has more security clearance than Biden and Obama have together. And for him to mention Russia is quite funny. He must not realize she probably has more information on Russia than all the people up for election. Does he not realize she is in charge of the Alaska National Gaurd including the Kodiak Missle Launch Pad. which is w/in miles of Russia territory!!!! BAD MATT, I am dissapointed he doesn't know more, yet is willing to speak about her publically. Get the facts dumby.

2202 days ago

A Mom    

Come on! Matt Damon was right on! Palin as president....geez! Lets face it the American public votes terribly and are so stupid. Vote for views, not the person!!!!!!!!!!

2202 days ago


Well Matt, she didn't ban books, she does believe in dinasaurs, and she has infinitly more governing experience the your prop Obama.

Any other questions?

It floors me that Obama backers continually try to bash Palin's experience when Obama has so little of it. Actually it doesn't. The party of tolerance has been telling Palin to get back to you kitchen and take care of your kids since McCain picked her. Hypocrites!

2202 days ago


It's sad when even a 'tard like Matt Damon is right. She's a christian nutjob.

2202 days ago


Matt is right on and I agree. I don’t understand how people can get behind someone so quickly when all you know is that she is qualified to be a city counselor in a small Alaskan town and the Governor for less than 2 years of Alaska, talk about an administration that is little experience and knowledge in foreign policy. It is a frightening thought that Americans would be ok with her becoming President in general let alone the times we are in now. Think a little America about what you want in a President. I for sure don't want a soccer mom running this country.

2202 days ago


Matt's a good actor, but I don't put to much value on his political views. If he were giving tips on acting, I'd listen to what he's saying. Otherwise, it's just his opinion, which he's entitled to, but opinions are like a-holes, Matt, everybody's got one.
Overall, I think he's a good guy. He's just caught up in Hollywood's ultra-liberal mindset. Look at your presidential candidate, Matt. If you objectively compare Obama's experience to the Republican VICE-presidential candidate's experience, your argument is moot. Also, if you want to learn about her, get on this thing called "the internet" and read about her. Not just from the left-wing sites you have favorited - from credible sites that don't have an agenda.

2202 days ago


I love liberal hollywood. And also love how not one time did Matt Damon mention that Barack Obama had been in an office 140 days when he announced his run for presidency. And guess what? he's actually running for president, not VP. And a 1 in 3 chance that McCain wont survive his first term? Come on. You obviously havent seen his mom. I'm just really tired of these idiots acting like they're are somehow experts on the subject just because they make 10 million dollars a movie. Apparently that qualifies you as a political science professor. I'm all for freedom of speech but don't act like your opinions are somehow more relevant than mine, just because your a running joke on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

2202 days ago

damon is right    

This is ridiculous. Since when would being a Christian, or a mother, or the mayor of a town of 7,000 qualify a person to head the United States? Of course these qualities would not exclude a person from office, but they certainly do not qualify. The sexism rant is misplaced here - save it for a more appropriate forum. This is about quality of experience, not gender, or religion, or any of these other silly conservative jabs. If you are so confident in your VP candidate, why don't you let her stand on the real issues (and possibly come forward to answer some questions - or are we too cowardly?) istead of propping-up a silent candidate with this sensationalized pity-party. If Palin us so competent, why is she not speaking for her self or her take on the issues?

2202 days ago


Okay, he says that the pick of Palin was political. Um? Isn't this politics? How else would you pick a running mate? Call your BFF? I can just hear it "Um, Hi, Ben? Will you be my running mate? Pleeeeease, I'll be your friend forever".
I'm so tired of Hollywood blabbing about politics. Go make a movie or something.

2202 days ago


What I know about Obama scares me more than what Idon't know about her so I am willing to take my chances. No one cares what hollywood thinks about anything so why don't they go back to there fantasy of a life and shut the hell up.

2202 days ago


I wish celebrities would just stfu and do their job. I could really careless what they think, They can afford to have a dem in office because they pay high priced accountants to make sure they can use every loophole in the tax code. As far as the first comment.... feel threatened much?

2202 days ago


He is totally right, it is terrifying that people aren't more upset about this pick.. This is the future of the united states, this is our freedom, a country founded on religous freedom and freedom of speech, now there is a REAL possibility that some right wing extremist who wants to ban books, teach creationism in public schools and abstinance only sex education is going to be in charge? This was certainly a political move, made to kill two birds with one stone; get the white women who were committed to Hillary (because to the GOP, women won't care what she actually stands for, the fact that she is a woman will apparently be reason enogh to vote for her) and of course the base of the republican party who never really warmed to McCain in the first place, because he did have a reputation for bipartisanship, and until a few years ago, was prochoice.

2202 days ago
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