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Jonas Bros

Lords of the Purity Rings

9/11/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand be damned! America's favorite Evangelical Christian dandy boy band virgins, the Jonas Brothers, showed off their sexual abstinence bling in London on Wednesday.

Their bodyguard, Jordin Sparks, was nowhere in sight.


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Russell Brand is made of AWESOME!

2229 days ago


These Boys have had these rings for years and years. Get over it. They know it's personal, and can take a joke.

If you're threatened by their abstinence, you probably deep down feel like a slut. Your problem, not theirs. Reassess.


2229 days ago


To all the losers who are against the rings - First of all if more people took a stand against random "do it if it feels good" sexual acts we wouldnt be staring at a worldwide AIDS pademic - as well as a HUGE rise in STD's. OH and I guess all of you media jerks have fogotten how you slammed Jamie Lynn for her teenage pregnancy? Well maybe, just maybe if abstinence ( or safe sex at least) had been part of her upbringing she wouldn't have had to grow up before the age of 18.
Celebrities should be promoting more purity instead of adding to the problem. No one wants to say they are part of the problem by flaunting sex without consequences. When was the last time someone in Hollywood stood up and said anything even remotely responsible? Adults and Kids alike can learn something from these teens -- its too bad most of you are too stupid to see it. Keep screwing who ever, whenever you feel like it- God knows stupidity is just as dangerous as anything else. All things are preventable, unless your an idiot.

2229 days ago

FoXy RoXy    

Leave these adorable boys alone. Is it anyone's freaking business what they do or don't do in thier sex lives? Let them continue to be good role models for young people. Not every teen or young person has to be some nasty std ridden skank in order to be cool! I applaud these boys, as well as Jordin Sparks. It shows they have real CLASS. I'm not sure a lot of people even know what that means these days.

2229 days ago


If they stay true to their morals, I think it's a wonderful thing. I respect them for that and they are beautiful young men.

2229 days ago


I think it's great these young people are saving themselves for marriage. I applaud them. There's too many skanks in unholywood. I find it refreshing. Kudos to Jordin Sparks. The untalented Brit needs to stay on his side of the pond. I found him to be disgusting.

2229 days ago


Purity rings are just a subterfuge for those who are unable to get laid.

2229 days ago

you really should...    

For all the people so sick of the corrupted, std-ridden, moral-less Hollyweird lot, what are you doing posting on TMZ??

And now we know why Miley Cyrus dumped the Jonas Brother and is so NOT jealous of Selena Gomez being with him! He wouldn't give it up and she wanted it! Miley is definitely following in Britney's footsteps!

And all the little "mouseketeers" promised "virginity til marriage" and only Jessica Simpson (not an actual mouseketeer)actually kept to that promise...but look at her now? She has been a total slut since divorcing Nick Lachey! Not just John Mayer and Tony Romo, she recently admitted to having had MANY secret lovers besides her famous relationships after Nick!

Abstinance/celebacy do not work. Education does! Sarah Palin is the Poster Woman of Christian Moral Superiority GONE WRONG and even she couldn't keep her daughter from getting knocked up!

And kids should be looking to their parents as role models and no one else. If you are a parent and EXPECTING these Hollywood/Disney celebrities to be the role models for your children that you are not, then you get what you deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of the world will also have to pay for your poor judgement through welfare and food stamp programs for all your uneducated kids having babies out of wedlock or even in wedlock but can't afford them!

All sex does not equal STD's or SLUTS!!!

Is Jennifer Aniston a slut full of STD's because she has had sex with, according to Wikipedia, 9 guys? Only one of whom she was married to? The All-American girl next door? According to many of your posts, it does!!

Think before you post!! And step up and raise your own children and stop leaving it to Disney and then crying foul when your kids turn out messed up!!

2229 days ago


Oh yes that's right, I have to watch my profanity on this site. OK.
What f---ing ever. They're quite the dandy smuglys, and the're foppish looking to boot.

2229 days ago


so how is it that they are purity rings
when it was well reported on Miley Cyrus's sexy pics
were taken for Nick Jonas when she was dating him
so how is THAT pure?

2229 days ago


Six months from now we will find out these boys have been screwing like bunnies and everyone will be shocked, and all the news stations will run the story every hour, and Larry King will devote an entire show about them screwing like bunnies, and the girls (or boys) who got screwed will be doing interviews, and one of the boys will be a baby daddy, and... You get the picture.

2229 days ago

HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    

I think that the puirty rings are great great great..

2229 days ago


Can someone PLEASE get these fugly little turds some clothes that fit??

2229 days ago


Since when is virginity a bad thing? Or is it the fact that it "may" be tied to Christianity? Probably. I see so much religious hate here, TMZ/certain posters. I thought it was a bad thing to hate on someone's religion or color (oh, wait, excect if the religion is Christian. That one does not count...right TMZ?).

2229 days ago

L Baker    

I am very happy to see intellegent and talented young men stand up for their values and not be afraid of the "backlash" of the ungifted. Only the jealous ridicule those who will stand up for themselves and not allow those people to pull them "under" with them. Jordan Spartks also will be rewarded for her stand. You will see what I mean about being pulled under by the remarks being made by her weight. Nice and intellegent remark. Shows their intellegence. Don't you want to be just like them?

2229 days ago
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