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Kanye Out!

9/11/2008 4:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is finally out of jail.

West posted bail and left the LAPD's Pacific Division just minutes ago.

Story developing ...


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Scott Dred    

Not only does Kanye West look like Urkel, he can't sing! His voice and music were created in the studio. He is nothing more than a studio-created little Frankenstein.

And lastly...Kanye West was born from the fat folds underneath Aretha Franklin's breasts and underarms.

2201 days ago


kanya will sue you paps are disgusting

2201 days ago


He doesn't have to sweat this or any other arrest really, when Barry Obama steals the election he will "pardon him, Little Wayne, O.J., Little Kim, give One-Two-or Three Pach the Congressional Medal of Freedom and all the other gangsta wrappers" oppressed by The Man these past 200 years. That is the "Change" Obama is going to bring about and the "healing" he intends.

2201 days ago

lost in lalaland    

OK, the Kanye story is mildly interesting. But, nothing else has happened anywhere in TMZ world today? You're putting me to sleep, I may lose my job if I'm caught sleeping on my desk.

2201 days ago



2201 days ago

yolanda blackshear    

I feel Kanye did right the damn papas are very annoying I mean he told them he did not want his picture takin why couldnt they just respect that the paps have know respect

2201 days ago


Yesssssssss! You can't keep a good man down!

2201 days ago


Look at that face..ISH..He makes me want to slap his retarded face..blubber lips with his pants hanging down by his ankles, IM COOL MAN ..DOG, Know what I mean??? Talkin about Ya Ya Ya Yo YO YO.....If he only knew how SAD and pathetic he really really is..Money does not matter when You have NO CLASS..Ive never heard him sing?? Fame and cameras go together unfortunately...hid bodyguard did not protect him..why does he HE need a body guard????? HE MAKES ME WANNA PUKE

2201 days ago


Every 1 is Entitled to there own Opinion , if want to be left alone that is his own decision not a paparazzi fan, and to be put in jail that's not fair, if any thing he should have got a fine for that, it will be a better day for you tomorrow kanye
from Chi Town

2201 days ago


I am one for celebrity gossip-I mean, Hello, I'm on TMZ like the rest of you. But when should a line be drawn between celebrity news and paps stalking celebrities? We don't know what that photog said to Kanye before he went off. All you see is Kanye turn around and go off. (Which he rightly deserves.) At least most of you highly opinionated haters have the internet to hide behind and say hateful things. Celebrities are people to-they deserve privacy, to be able to walk throug an airport, go to the beach, go shopping with out hounds like TMZ up their butt.

I love Kanye and will continue to buy his records. Just because he speaks the truth and you people don't like it doesn't mean he deserves to be called racial slurs. For the record-Bush does hate black people! Somebody should've said that long before Kanye did.

2201 days ago


Kanye want's to be famous and he cant deal with media. Plus I think he's gay and frustrated because he can't come out the closet.

2201 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Kanye is a wuss. There's no way Urkle Jr. would do that unless he had backup. And guess what? He's on my list.

2201 days ago


Obnoxious no-talnet idiot!

2201 days ago


Kanye West has about four good songs, and the rest are crap. He's a whiny bitch--he moans when he doesn't get the recognition he thinks he deserves, he moans when he gets attention from fans and paps on PUBLIC PROPERTY, thinks he's entitled to destroy thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, etc. I just hope the public doesn't realize how much he sucks, his career dives, and he has to move back to Chicago, 'cause I really don't want his ass back in my town.

2201 days ago


TMZ Has Gotten Out of Hand. I believe The y are just stalkers and all you Kanye haters out the Go suck Someone elses nut & get off his. Tmz Staff Is filled with people who couldn't get better career including you Harvey Levin you fool weren't you on peoples court?

2201 days ago
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