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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
Barack Obama: Click to watch


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The problem was that he used the expression on the heels of SP's use of the word lipstick. It's all about perception and if anyone listens to this live, they will hear VERY loud cheering when the comment was made. It was clear that the majority of the crowd was directing it to SP and it should have been Obama's duty to explain that this was not what the reference was about. So whether or not he "meant" it didn't matter when the crowd perception was that it was directed towards SP.

2176 days ago


This country is full of idiots. Lazy asses who use sound bites to make important decisions in their life. Research yourself and listen to the full speeches. Duh! THIS GOES FOR DEMS AND REPS. This election is a FREAKIN' big deal. Get off the celeb sites for a good 30 minutes a day and read about BOTH sides. Not little 3-5 minute clips. It's important people. Don't get your knowledge from clips. Try to listen to speeches from both sides. Don't only watch Fox News (clearly Republican all the way) or MSNBC (Mostly Dem but Morning Joe guy and others are clearly Republican). Also catch a little CNN so you get info from more than one channel. Do this a few times a week for at least an hour. It can't hurt and that's being fair to all and is the most intelligent thing to do, even if you are sure you want Mccain or sure you want Obama.

What the hell is wrong with Bill O and Sean Hannity? Their minds are warped more than anyone I have ever seen. And Bill has the nerve to make fun of MSNBC?
Link to explain why I ask about Bill O:

And to some dingbat bringing up Oprah. She can back whoever the hell she wants! She had Barack on BEFORE he announced his run. She has not invited him back since then, nor any other candidate. You argument is stupid. Are you saying because she is a "female" talk show host, she's supposed to have Palin on? That's ridiculous. And are you also saying because she is so famous she is not allowed to voice her support of a candidate like sooooo many other celebs have? Give me a break. She said after the election she'd welcome people. Get bent!

2176 days ago

Leave him alone    

he actually 'cleared it up' at the end by saying palin is actually the lipstick on the pig, mccain.
but really, more than anything else...get over it!
we have 2 complete question marks during the most troubled time in my 40+ years on the planet-

because of our strict rep/dem party lines, the primaries are a joke and we end up with 2 jokers running in the end!!
we need to 'fix' our politcal set up, we are not a true democarcy when only the 'party' registered voters, rep or dem, decide who the 2 canidates are for the rest of us to vote on in november-

2176 days ago


You know... through all the social blunders and faux pas, the candidates are still just people. Their hearts beat the same as ours, and they put their pants on the same way we do.

Obama is just a man - he probably farts, scratches his balls, and says stupid things.

Palin is a woman - she probably gets PMS, shaves her legs, and has road rage.

For Pete's sake folks, every election has brought on slandering, opponent bashing, insults and debates. Are we seriously shocked that these kind of comments are made? And why do we let it bother us? What will be will be.

I am not a fan of either party's candidates in the running, but I'll take ferocity over laziness any day!

2176 days ago


MCCAIN USED THE PHRASE TO DESCRIBE HILLARY TOO. It's just a statement. She called herself a "pitbull with lipstick". Get over.

2176 days ago


A typical reversal of the biggest joke to ever run for office! LOSER!!!!

2176 days ago


As an old drunk I am amazed at all of this fuss being made over a woman who looks like Peggy Hill. Biggest claims to fame is that she got up at 3 a.m. with her father and shot and skinned moose in order to make moose stew. Even old drunks have hearts. It's 9/11 in the entire world. Time to remember: Bush stole one, won one. Don't give this one to him, too.

2176 days ago


I'm sick of the liberal "sound bite" that Republicans are cheaters, etc., and will do anything to win. Obama is the biggest liar, cheater, and manipulator on the PLANET!!! He's just so slick he's got many people fooled. Not me, sucker! I see right through him like the cheap piece of gauze that he is! As far as his appearance on Letterman last night, where he claimed that "if I were meaning the pig/lipstick comment that way - she would BE THE LIPSTICK", is as insulting as the pig reference - which means she is just gloss with no substance - kind of like what people have been saying ABOUT HIM since day one. And they're right! I also saw Michelle out stumping and talking about the PTA. Can't they find anything to talk about that McCain and Sarah Palin didn't bring up at the convention? Michelle and the PTA, my aSS. Michelle's MOTHER is raising HER kids while she sits on boards of hospitals and campaigns for Barak!

2176 days ago


Funny how Obama's speech pattern is awful white sounding when talking to someone like Letterman but behind the podium, he sounds more like Martin Luther King. I think it's intentional and another indication of what a fake he is.

And why does this guy never acknowledge his white side? Or at least stress that he is of a mixed race. Nope, to him, he is pure black.

And please be aware, I am not a McCain supporter either. Especially after he announced Caribou Barbie as his running mate.

I think we citizens of the USA are doomed if these are the only leaders we have to pick from.

2176 days ago


Sarah Palin is not a maverick. She is a renegade.

2176 days ago

Bite Me !    

He jealous of Palin's success and her beauty. He wish his wife like that, but too bad.
"lipstick on a pig" mean to his wife.

2176 days ago


Enough of the pig jokes already!

2176 days ago


Personally, I don't care what one candidate says about the other. 75% of it from both sides is either taken out of context or fabricated. Any propaganda that is marked as "endorsed by John McCain" and mentions Obama, I ignore it and vice versa. What I DO pay attention to are their own take on the important issues....war, the economy, taxes, health care, etc. The mud slinging, unfortunately, has become a common part of each and every election in this nation. It has turned us into a country that is split down the middle. What happened to the UNITED States of America? Every four years we sure don't seem very damn united! Please, just pay attention to each candidates agenda MINUS what they have to say about the other candidate. Do it for yourselves, do it for your COUNTRY. An educated voter is the ONLY kind of voter that should show up on election day. If you are an emotional voter, please, stay home. Yes, I know it is your right as a citizen of this country to vote but please don't abuse it. Make an educated decision, for all our sakes.

2176 days ago


HE DID NOT CALL HER A PIG. He was clearly talking about John McCain's claims that HE is the man to bring change to Washington--when he supports the war without end, when he wants to make Bush's tax cuts for millionaires permanent, when his answer to the energy crisis is "drill, baby, drill!", when he has NO education policy, when he wants to set women back generations by opposing Roe v. Wade and equal pay for equal work, when he has voted the way George W. Bush wanted 90% of the time. When THAT is your record (and it is--look it up) and you say you are gonna change Washington, you most definitely are putting lipstick on a pig. Obama is absolutely right.

I know a lot of people are afraid of voting for the black man, but the alternative will be MUCH MUCH worse. If you want the next four years to be exactly like the last eight, go ahead and vote McCain. But don't say no one warned you when you can't afford to pay the heating bill and gas up your car.

2176 days ago


He is hot, you have to give it to him and he is so smart on top of that. I had a naughty dream about him one night. He is so fine. McCain is old, bald and butt ugly. Obama is a Harvard Law school graduate and lipstick pit bull is a beauty queen,enough said.

2176 days ago
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