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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
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Independent for Barack    

Who cares if he's christian or not. Seriuosly, religion causes more harm than good in this world. I'm also assuming all christians think non -christians are going to hell. Get over yourself.

2201 days ago


My question is why the a Palin vs Obama thing? Isnt McCain the one running against Obama? I think everyone is losing sight f what this whole thing is about . . . .

2201 days ago

mrs. jones    

C'mon Barack. You can do better.

I wish Biden would call in sick and Hillary would be on the ticket.

2201 days ago


Leslie please educate yourself before you come on here and make an A** of yourself.
He is not muslim, he is christian. Stop reading your spam email forwards and do some real research!!!!

2201 days ago


# 17 - Casey J is my hero. Palin is a pathetic joke. She'd wet her panties if she had to go up against the Russians and the Chinese government. McCain would soil his depends.

2201 days ago

al loanese    

wow......obama should keep his big mouth shut....this is appalling and he is giving republicans all the ammo they need.....that was such a chauvanistic remark, that how can anuy woman vote for this creep.....let alone listen to his screaming all the time. mccain & palin are the ones...not this desperate man.

2201 days ago

Missing Reagan    

Yes it is a common saying.

No, it is not the same when McCain said in regards to Clintons healthcare plan.

Hilary NEVER used "lipstick" in any of her speeches. Palin just did and with Obama using it considering how much play the Palin comment got, shows extremely poor judgement (not that he had any good judgement) on his part. Without a teleprompter, Obama is lost in the wilderness.

The MOST interesting part is when Obama said it, his sheep behind him applauded and laughed. While Obama may not have meant it as a slight, his sheep clearly got the remark.

Another interesting part, Obama is taking a keen interest in Palin...a VP candidate. Wi

2201 days ago


First off there is no way you can read the entire speach and not understand that he called her a pig and that he called McCain an old fish.... Even the audience understood that! To come back from there and try to back up and say oh no that wasnt what I said is almost as stupid as the interview shown here. Obama came off as a blithering idiot! The man does not know when to shut up or how to smooth over his open mouth insert foot moments!

2201 days ago


whether anyone agrees with Palin's politics is not the issue. The issue is that Obama intentionally and willfully called the woman a pig and McCain and old fish... These are not acceptable and yes he does owe them an apology because he is supposed to be a role model and an adult and he needs to show all kids including his own that that behavior is not ok. He did the same crap to Hillary and anytime she complained at his immature behavior the media branded her the evil instead of calling him out on his behavior. The difference of course is that while it may have worked with the democrats Obama's do as I say not as I do policy will not work against the republicans. If the democrats want to win this time around they need to find another way!

2201 days ago


Obama left "mama" Hillary high and try and now America will go for:

Palin LOVE

Obama and Mama go bye bye

2201 days ago


There are a whole lot of pigs with lipstick out there. In the end, a pigs pooter is still PORK.

2201 days ago


ditto what Sheri said.........

2201 days ago

Love not Hate    

I can't believe how many racists use this site for there disgusting comments. This country is in big trouble. United we stand, divided we fall. Remember that.

2201 days ago


And so begins the Obama Political Career Dead Pool. Anyone want to guess the exact date Saddam Obama throws Joe Bidden under the bus, and names "Hilary" as his new running mate. My projection is by 27 Sep 08, late breaking news will feature Howard Dean and Saddam Obama explaining(you pick which one):
A. Joe Bidden is withdrawing due to health reasons.
B. Joe Bidden is withdrawing due to health reasons due to his wife and family needs
C. Oprah doesn't like Joe Bidden
D. Joe Bidden has entered REHAB

The magically media sheen is falling, and the son of 2 devout marxist parents is finally being exposed for what a lying, manipulative POS he really is.

2201 days ago


palin = trailer trash

2201 days ago
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