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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
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You can lead a Republican to the facts , but you can't make them think.

2202 days ago


I don't know what to make of this conversation.

2202 days ago


Consider for a moment that he did not write his speech that day. It seems to me it was written some time ago and he didn't proof it before he spoke. Goes along with he is just a puppet. Nobody is looking into hem very deeply. The focus is on Palin. For all we know he could have ties to the Jihad and we wouldn't know. All the dems are so quick to forgive when he does something wrong and jump when the slightest thing palin does is so wrong. Just goes to show they are blind. The smartest thing Palin did was to call for an outside investigation in troopergate. Now all she has to do is say I can't comment on an ongoing investigation and she is off the hook. The investigation will end most likely after the election. All I can say is Ha Ha. don't forget she has the right to remain silent.

2202 days ago


It might be a common expression and yeah McCain said it too. But Obama knew what he was doing and thought he could get by with saying it! He's a no class arrogant prick! I can't stand to hear him talk or even look at him! My reason is he's always acting like he's a GOD the damn savior we've all been waiting for....Obama STFU!!! No one is that damn good or can fix the white house like you preach. Even if he does get into the white house it does not mean everything he say's and does will get passed. I want this election over with already and for him to crawl off with his tail tucked between his legs! I just know this election is gonna be horrible...We will hear Obama crying's too close to choose/ the votes are wrong and i won't step down. You all just wait and see....

2202 days ago


I believe he said the remark to invoke Sarah Palin. Maybe he thought he was being witty. He should leave the jokes to others and deal with politics. But then again Andrea Mitchell this morning on the Today Show stated for fact during a report on his lip stick comment that Barrack Obama clearly wasn't referring to Sarah Palin. So there you go.

When you are inexperienced in politics you make mistakes speaking publicly. Like when his wife said this was the first time in her life she was proud to be an American.

2202 days ago


Obama 'mis-spoke,' and he doesn't have good sensse enough to shut the hell up about the topic. After his appearance on Letterman and talking about his comment about Palin, enough apparently ISN'T enough. As he slips in the polls, instead of buckling down with self-discipline to regain lost ground, he jokes about it, taunts. THIS is Presidential conduct? He's losing it... great news for McCain and Palin!

2202 days ago


He was actually giving a shout out to the woman from Star Trek for enabling him to get elected to the Senate which enabled him to run for president

2202 days ago


#87 Ron D you left out option E Joe biden has just been shot.

2202 days ago

RRT MD    

Mr Obama's "lipstick" comment was meant as a direct insult to MsPalin or it was an incredibly stupid remark. Since Mr Obama is a skillful politician, I tend to believe the former rather than the latter!

2202 days ago


TO "BB" post #88
Yep, I take good ole fashioned trailer trash any day, Didn't the democrats elect and re-elect that trailer trash Bill Clinton twice? Wasn't this trailer trash youe God before Barrack decended from the heavens to the Barackopolis in Denver to be annointed Since we are talking pedigree why don't we discuss a black supremist rascist Chicago ghetto dweller spawn of 2 communist American hater parents. Plus add in his friends of Rev Wright, Father Pflegler the all mighty white apologist, William Ayers, M. Marzook, Louis Farrakhan,Allison Davis, Tony Rezko, Nadhami Auchi, and Rashid Khalid and you have one anti-American communist. Lookthese names up if you want to see how tainted your man Obama really is

2202 days ago

Palin scares the crap out of me    

This "County First" slogan stinks. How about "We the People" first for a change.

2202 days ago


The difference between Palin and a pit bull is nada.
Both will attack unprovoked.
Both will bite the hand that feeds them eventually.

2202 days ago


Barack!!!!!!!!! Mccain is so freaking old!!!

2202 days ago

oh please    

This country is going to get exactly what's coming to it if the decpetion of the McCain-Palin ticket win.

2202 days ago


Think for a moment if B Obama were to offend some other culture with his lack of control with his mouth. He could very well start an international incident. But of course going on David Letterman to explain his side of it will fix everything. I love how the Dems have their fingers on the pulse of America. They are just in it to have a token black up in high places just to show how cool it is to be vogue. Obama should just say sorry if I have offended you, but that’s not a road he wants to take kind of like Clinton. I can’t say I am 100% in favor of the war but given that I remember back 7 years ago when everybody was wanted revenge and calling for some blood. Everybody was for war even the Dems in congress we wanted blood we wanted to hold someone accountable no matter what. We held Bush accountable, forgetting that is was the Clinton administration that slept while the people who hated us plotted to harm us. Now we have blood on our hands the taste of war is not so sweet we don’t have the stomach for it imagine for a moment if FDR felt that way we would be doing the goose step and every Jewish person in the world would be dead. The world is a very dangerous place and no place for someone who has mixed emotions about Islam. McCain and Palin embody want we stand for. When the founding fathers crossed that ocean they were trying to get away from the government that was choking them. Having Obama in power will only create a more oppressive government that looks out for themselves by pandering to people who take advantage of everything. Smaller government, free enterprise, lower taxes these are the things that make America great. Not breaking the backs of the small businessman and women that only fosters the Wal-Mart’s and big box stores. When small business fails so does America. Obama’s plan only hurts small business and fosters corporate greed. Banks and Wall Street are for Obama because they stand to get rich. In regards to Palin make a mole hill into a mountain it will be a mountain. The more you talk the more attention you draw to yourself and show how it matters to you. Obama can’t even control the radicals in his own party they are out of control. Worst thing he could do is sidle up to the Clintons. Rule for Obama to follow just keep your mouth shut for the next sixty days and stick to the issues McCain and Palin are way out of your league.

2202 days ago
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