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Bloody Hell -- Slashed Wino Gets Sloshed at Work

9/12/2008 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse stumbled into a late night gig at the Monarch Lounge in Camden last night looking more in need of an autopsy than a night at the pub.

Decked out in scabs, scratches, bruises and barely able to stand, Wino somehow managed to stay conscious through her whole DJ set -- though it's hard to tell the difference.


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What kind of people would take her out in public like that, obviously people who do not care about her. She is going to end up dead if she doesn't have people around her who truly care about her well being.

2230 days ago


If the people around her cared at all they would do whatever it takes to get this girl some help - guess they want the money no matter what the cost. It's pretty sad that there are people in this world that will just sit back and watch someone fall apart...

2230 days ago


How can the whole world watch while Amy commits suicide and NOBODY steps in to save her life? This is so, so, so wrong. She looks barely alive and should be hospitalized immediately. It's heartbreaking to see a young, promising life with so much talent virtually destroyed before our very eyes. It's criminal that she has not been involuntarily committed for treatment. It just makes me sad - I love her music, but her life isn't a life, it's a slow, horrible death.

2230 days ago


So her handlers just prop her up and make her work?.....that is just immoral. God help that woman.....

2230 days ago


I give her 6 months max until she's under ground permanently. What a waste. Too sad.

2230 days ago


cyn... she doesn't need two years in a hospital, she needs some willingness. without the desire to stay clean she won't, trust me. and heather the fingernail discoloration is because of all the crack she smokes. those are some nasty fingernails. poor girl... amy, from someone who has been there, you CAN get better. but you have to want to. i wonder what it will take to make her hit rock bottom.

2230 days ago


WOW! She really needs help. But I guess till you think that you have hit bottom there is no point of anyone stepping in to help.
I pray for her that she gets it together before it is too late.

2230 days ago


Whatever happened to "hitting rock bottom". She has hit the core of the earth and her so-called management is pulling her back to the surface. They should have a restraining order against them and the family or some one with some sense should step in and be her guradian!

2230 days ago


She needs to give me her money and die. Quit wasting good oxygen!

2230 days ago


She is going to die within the next 12 months.

2230 days ago


I don't get the hub, bub... She looks screaming hot to me. I'd do her....

2230 days ago


What's even more pathetic than Amy's current condition? The people who are around her and in a position to actually help her AND DON'T! They should be charged with contributing to her death by their collective inaction and gross indifference.

2230 days ago


What's really sad is that apparently no one loves Amy enough to stop her from killing herself.

2230 days ago

Vida Baby    

We are killing her. The fans who buy her CD's, the music industry, the label she is signed to and her talent agent booking her gigs. She has more money than she can deal with, which she spends soley on using drugs. It is really sad that we watch her self-destruct as form of entertainment. Unfortunately, if society and her fans can't watch her sing a song on stage, you all will take the second best, watching her die. Way to go, Amy Winehouse Fans!!!

2230 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Obviously I don't have a clue who u r, what I do know is u ALSO desperatly need help, all the toxic build-up of hate and filth that ur mind creates needs to be cleansed from ur soul, I suggest u r start with a good psychological evaluation, u can get one for free, just go to ur local hspt...good luck !! seriously

ATTENTION: Luvmufr # 42

2230 days ago
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