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Shakes Her Ta-Ta's

at Letterman

9/12/2008 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yoko Romo was actin' a wannabe-country fool last night on David Letterman. And when she wasn't cackling that insanely annoying laugh, she was all about gyratin' her jigglies up in Davey's face.



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Stupid is as stupid does.

2197 days ago

Melon Head    

She may be dumb but I hear she gives the best head in Hollywood!!

2197 days ago


Nothing is cute about this dimwit. Romo must b thinking with the wrong head if he is seriously shacking up with her.
The woman has no brain!
Letterman was speechless at times,lol, I mean how do you even talk to someone who is that dumb.

2197 days ago


Stop it ! LEAVE JESSICA ALONE ! she's smart and pertty and sings really good and her boobs OMG her boobs thay have their own area code talk about some jamming jigglies some sick ta ta's big ass love bags ,what was I saying oh LEAVE JESSICA ALONE!

2197 days ago


Did Jessica say..."...sometimes it FEELS like you could see." referring to a groin cup?

2197 days ago


Yes, America. Jessica really is that stupid.
Last night left me with my jaw dropping and wondering what it must feel like to be totally blank beteen the ears.
This woman is unbelievable,

2197 days ago


Not a big Jessica fan, but that was great!

2197 days ago

so cal via texas    

i cannot think of too many people that give texas a bad name as much as she does.. i am from dallas and let me tell you.. she never talked with that texas accent before, always tried to be "hollywood" and never gave a *$&% or even mentioned the cowboys.. and now she latches onto tony romo's leg, wearing cowboys jerseys, hats and sweatshirts every second she isn't trying to sing.. combined with trying to talk with that wanna-be southern accent while defecting to the country music scene since she couldn't make it in holloywood with her pop music and bad acting.. i like country music and she is beyond embarrassing! i wouldn't download one of her songs or buy a cd if my life depended on it.. there is no bigger cowboys fan than me and i think tony romo has talent.. but him dating her and rumored to be living with her now seriously makes me question his sanity and choices.. there must be a serious screw loose in that head of his to not only date her, but to finally break up with her only to let her come crawling back.. tony, you've lost some self-respect!! you're better than that!! you're the QB of the dallas cowboys.. act like you've been there before!!!!

2197 days ago


She is such an idiot! If Romo had half a brain he would dump her.I still love my Dallas Cowboys but can't stand Jessica Simpson!Dump her Tony Romo.....she's gonna make your life just a miserable as she did her ex-husbands!

2197 days ago

Moan Ica    

I wonder ...... did Daddy teach her to jiggle like that?

Or was it her Christian preacher?

2197 days ago


Just goes to show you, "BUGS BUNNY" is a real AIR HEAD. Wish she would stop calling herself coutry, she gives rednecks a bad name.

2196 days ago


Why do ya'll keep saying crap like new to country and so called country? You do know she is from Texas right?

2196 days ago


Tony is slipping down the ladder. Carrie Underwood is beautiful, polished, genuine and extremely talented. Jessica Simpson is imitation everything---blonde, chest, accent. Thank gawd Anna Nicole Smith is no longer with us, or she might have ended up as Tony's next choice once he can no longer take Jessica!! There's still always Heidi Montag, I guess.

2196 days ago


What a total ding bat! I bet her bra size matches her IQ!

2196 days ago


God she's annoying.

2196 days ago
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