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Wino: It's My Party, I Won't Show Up If I Want To

9/14/2008 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseThe surprising news: Amy Winehouse made it to twenty-five. The not-surprising-at-all news: She didn't show up to her own birthday party.

Wino was supposed to celebrate the big 2-5 at the Jazz After Dark Club in Soho London, according to the Sun, but just like one of her many concerts -- Ms. Cracky never came.

Amy Winehouse missing a party? Now it's time to start worrying.


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Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

This is a really sad story that has been going on for so long. Way too long. Do you think she could ever turn it around the way Britney is working to? I could only wish that for her.

2238 days ago


one of the first. She looks so horribly aged in that picture. She's not going to make it to 26 at this rate. I can't imagine poor 'Blakey' would want to stay with her if she looks like that.

2238 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

I don't know a whole lot about Amy but she sure does look bad for her age. I thought for sure she was was wayyyyyy older. Who in the heck is in her circle of friends and/or family? I cannot see being a "friend" and watching her go down the road to self destruction. Someone needs to step in and get her some kind of help before something REALLY, REALLY bad happens to her. Every time I read about her she's doing something worse than the last time. tsk, tsk, tsk.

2238 days ago


This is the work of CRYSTAL METH or ICE – METHAMPHETAMINE and it is INSTANTLY addictive! It ravages its users in a very short period of time. They age really, really fast - their teeth rot. The way back is EXTREMELY hard. Only 6 in 100 make it.

Amy is not just talented, she is beautiful / warm / intelligent with or without talent! People refer to her talent and say "what a waste". but she is FAR MORE than just a talent!.....

..... Happy 25th birthday Amy! Please choose life over death. If you do I'm sure that ALL the doors will open for you to get the help you need to give you a future & a hope. The way back will be hard, but it IS possible. And you've got the chutzbah to make it if anyone has!

Do it for the people who know you and who truly love you. But most of all please do it for yourself! You have EVERY RIGHT to live a long & beautiful life - why should you be robbed of that?

Love & prayers,

2238 days ago

pattie in cali    

can people just leave her alone, its like a bad movie, people just love to see others going down, makes me think what kind of people are they, do they have troubles, some of us need to look deep in our own lives, STOP PUTTING DOWN OTHERS, check your own life, see what you can do to make things better, AMY we wish you all the best, GET REAL HELP, GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL OTHERS LIKE YOU, find the peace, i hope you save your own life, i don't like train recks, and i don't like those who love to see others who are introuble. stand tall, stand proud.

2238 days ago


As to the longest comment, I haven't yet gone to the link but hope it is a realistic one that uses the already proven disease model, and still, there are a lot of assumptions made by even assuming she is suffering from alcoholism or any sd d/o, none of us know the facts that pertain to her, and those so-called journalists who liken themselves to be so clever instead sound like someone here had a huge loss of actual writers and so has as their mainstay "journalists" a group of teen-agers who are so self-involved and proud of what are really morbidly cruel remarks to sell a paper that they should have a mob trail them, inspect every aspect of their lives, not know that so-called journalist, make judgments, come up with vicious little titles for them, criticize every aspect of their life, again with no knowledge, and let them see how it feels. And as for the quality of this garbage, that old adage about a bunch of monkeys in a room all with a typewriter eventually being able to write Shakespeare, I am sad for the chimps, because many of them here would be unnecessary and lose some income. Only one chimp, with an eye patch, crutch, and broken arm as well as a known past head injury would be able to, by themselves, use their one good foot to create something better than this practical joke they play on us and call it writing. Newsflash to that "journalist," you are not clever, you do not come across that way, you have no business calling yourself a journalist, writer, or even attempting to try to use the First Amendment (that's to the United States Constitution, see I've even spelled it for you) to try to justify this projectile vomiting you've done, and it's my sincere hope that any writing instrument or keyboard you attempt to touch simply disintegrate like sand into your hands to save all of us from having to sift through the garbage can of trash you produced here. If you had any understanding of your lack of any talent or humanity, you would do the world a favor and choose another occupation, preferably one that keeps you away from writing tools. I'd be embarrassed for you, but I am too disgusted, I didn't finish readiing the trash, but I am looking forward to the improvements this one-eyed chimp would make to your so-called contribution. I wonder, how much do you have to pay them to let them publish this stuff you partially chew, then spit out onto a screen? And the only good news is that you will never be treated like a professional writer, because you are not and don't deserve any title except judgmental plod with too much time on their hands and who neither knows nor cares what facts are and what boundaries are. Again, I'm all for a group tracking you around (though I suspect you sit alone in a tiny basement at your parentss' house with no social life if your biohazard you call writing is really who you are, which, based on the number of real writers I know, is very much the rule rather than the exception), giggling with glee at really stupid statements you make. What you put up there is really the best you can do?) and doing to you every single thing you feel you have a right to say about her, because I think the world would utter a collective cheer to see the tables turned on you.

2238 days ago


WOW! I have never heard of Amy until I started watching TMZ for the last year and I always thought she was in her late 40's. This is what drug & alcohol abuse does to your body...How sad

2238 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

She's only 25 years old?? Unbelievable. I've seen sixty year old bag ladies who look in better shape. On my short list

2238 days ago

Dan Tanna    

Isn't she dead yet? Naasty skank

2238 days ago


She was planning her funeral!!

2238 days ago


The best thing that could possibly happen to her is her to OD about 1 more time and just die, get it over with. That is the track she is on anyways, and she is no good for anything else....So long Wino

2238 days ago


Big Surprise - but, I do love her music (what little there is). I trulyt hope that her head starts to clear up and snap out of whatever funk she's in. Who am I kiddding - just wishful thinking!

2238 days ago


apologize for the typo............Cheers!

2238 days ago


SHES 25, you guys are messin with us right?????? HOLYCRAP! I figured her to be in her mid 40s. I am only 4 years older then her, raised 8 kids, 5 were adopted and I don't look nearly as aged as that broad. I can imagine for her 30th, assuming she makes it that far, she's going to be on a reality show getting things stapled back to where they were suppose to be, needless to say her whole face is going to need a redraw. My mom is in her mid 40s and looks no where as bad as this woman does. She needs to be the poster child for what crack can do to ones appearences and be shown all over schools, that's enough to scare a crackhead straight.

2238 days ago


She should be committed to a mental institution

2238 days ago
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